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Who We Are

We are a seminary located in Macon, Georgia.

REPLACE THE WORLD WITH THE WORD, HERE: The King James Bible Seminary is private, Independent, Conservative, Reformed, the historic 1689 Baptist Confession is faithfully upheld. This seminary is not accredited In order to remain independent. We hold to the rich Text of the Authorized King James Bible as the Word of God, rejecting any slight of hand "translations," and feel good paraphrases that take liberties with accuracy. (See our Seminary Standard) The historic Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 is our statement of faith. Our Motto: "Faith, Wisdom, and Service" sums up our direction. The Seminary offers a Certificate Program in Biblical Studies. Those interested may use the e-mail address below to request information in this regard. This is also the historic home of The King James Bible Church, the home of Real Baptists, not being a mixture of Pentecostalism, modernism, non-denominationalism (afraid to stand for anything), Armenian-Methodism, or any eclectic pick and choose group. We follow the historic Baptist faith. The Seminary Standard can be found by clicking "blogs" at the top of our home page. Please visit our Reformer's Memorial Library also found on this site, by clicking "links." There you will find a wealth of resources for your spiritual enrichment.

SEMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT: As of 1/6/2020. Enrollment may be done only by request through our e-mail address found below, with no money up front. The course of Biblical Study is now offered through listening to the audio lessons that can be accessed on Sermon Audio. Upon completion of listening to all the lecture lessons offered, there is one graduation test. If passed, the student will be awarded a Certificate of completion in Biblical Studies. Be advised: the Test is not easy. The audio lectures leading to a certificate is open to all. There is only a $50.00 graduation fee that includes the printing and mailing of the Certificate for the Audio Program. Those desiring ordination, must be graduates of at least the program of Biblical Studies, adhere to the Baptist Statement of Faith, 1689, as well as agree with the Seminary Standard, and pass the ordination questionnaire. Be advised: we are picky! Not just anyone is ordained. Ordination fee is $50.00, and not refundable. Thank You for your interest. Those ordained will receive a PASTORAL PACKET containing a copy of the historic Baptist Creed, 1689, The Seminary Standard, and a copy of the church constitution. You may apply by writing to the e-mail address below. This is NOT intended to replace a good three year seminary, but give the student a good working foundation for Christian work. You may learn for free, without even being enrolled, at your own pace, as the Lord so leads, by using the resources freely given on this site. Enrollment in the Audio Program costs nothing up front. Those in impoverished countries and locals may request a waver of all fees, subject to approval.
A church help packet is also available, to graduates, with copies of song hand-outs, church welcome/invite leaflets, and several example lessons to those who are newly ordained, as a CHURCH STARTER KIT. cost:$30.00 USD,

The Reformer's Memorial Library has a wealth of free information listed on links for your study and enrichment. Special thanks to those web sites that make this information available to all.

A copy of our Confession of Faith, 1689, can be found in the Reformer's Memorial Library.

Our Commission:
"All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen." Matt.28:18-20.
May God's Grace be Upon You,
Myron Baughman

               ***  KJS  ***

E-Mail Address:
[email protected]
Use only this e-mail address. Thank You.

Contributors for the Blessed Children's Home, Hetauda, Nepal may contact our Brethren at: Chris and Magie Masey, First Baptist Church, PO Box 307, Gordon, GA. 31031.

Contributions to The King James Bible Church and Seminary Inc. are not tax deductible (501C4). and are greatly appreciated. Thank You.

What is the Gospel?
Be aware that there are false gospels being circulated.
The real gospel involves repenting and believing God. True regeneration involves repentance (turning away from sin and a bankrupt life) and turning to a permanent Godly life of faith.Simply put, faith is confidence in God. Believe Him. Any departure from the Gospel, as found in the New Testament, is error, and must be avoided and condemned. The Holy Bible is the "Word of Life" not found in the Quran, Book of Mormon or any imitation holy book.

See our SEMINARY STANDARD posted on the blog link at the top of the home page.

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 359 sermons online

Myron Baughman

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*The Reformer's Memorial Library has tremendous resources that are available at any time for your study and research by clicking the link section.
Students of God's Word may listen to the audio lessons on various passages at any time. Just click "Sermons" to see the selection.