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Who We Are

We are a church located in Wantage, New Jersey.

Our Aim is to…

Exalt the name of God
Edify the believers
Evangelize the lost

We understand that the primary cause of man and Christ’s Church is to bring glory to God.

Thus, we seek to edify the believers so that their lives will reflect the character and holiness of God and bring glory to him as well as blessings to the believer.

We also understand that bringing glory to God begins with saving faith. Thus we seek to share the gospel of Christ through the preached and spoken word so that people will hear, repent and entrust their lives to Christ by faith bringing glory to God and receiving eternal life.

Our Desire

Our desire is to see a community of believers growing in the knowledge and in the truth of God by virtue of the redeeming grace of Christ. We seek to see the example of Christ lived out within our church community as we sit under the preached Word of God and to see it extend beyond our walls and into the communities we live in.

The preeminence of God in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all of life is the basis of our hope. By his grace to us, we extol the throne of God, submit to his precepts, pray for his will, meditate on his Word and seek to give an answer for the hope that is within us to those who inquire (1 Peter 3:15).

Our Values

We value the life changing Word of God – the Bible. God’s hope is realized when his Word is applied. We aim to impact our members and our community with the fresh truths of the Scriptures and to address our changing culture with the timeless perspectives of God’s Word.

We value family. The family is the oldest institution and the building blocks of the church. We seek to strengthen our families by emphasizing the responsibilities within the household structure and providing means by which families can worship & learn together and give biblical instruction by which devotion to Christ will be passed on from each generation to the next and marriages that reflect the relationship of Christ, our head, to that of the Church.

We value worship and prayer. We acknowledge worship to be the heart expression of the believer’s devotion to God and the means by which the name of our Savior Jesus Christ is lifted up. Worship is not as much a matter of cultural distinctions as it is a biblically outlined method by which we approach God and extol his name. Prayer is practiced and stressed because it provides a means of communion with God and the means by which we can know and accept his will for us.

We value reaching the lost. Hope Church seeks to make God’s gospel known so that God will have unto himself a people who are purified and a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good (Titus 2:14). Our responsibility begins within our own church community and into our neighborhood and beyond our local and national borders. Thus, God’s supremacy is praised and the certainty of Christ’s hope is extended to all who believe.

We value biblical leadership and servant hood. As a congregational church, the members are asked to participate in the life and decisions of the church including the nomination of Elders who serve as lay pastors of the church. We value a biblical order of leadership and pastoral office and seek to harness an ongoing disposition of service to God and one another in all aspects of the church.

We value the Lord’s Day. We understand that the fourth commandment continues to be a vital part of God’s moral code and we seek to maintain the first day of the week as a day set aside for the Lord and his worship by keeping that day holy in our public and private lives.

  • We preach from the ESV Bible.

  • 236 sermons online

Paulo Freire

Pastor Paulo Freire has been shepherding the congregation at Hope Church in New Jersey for more than twenty years. He is a native of São Paulo, Brazil, but was raised here in New Jersey. As a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute, Pastor Paul brings a love for the study and application of the Word of God into the pulpit with him. He lives in Wantage with his wife Lisa. Pastor Paul and Lisa have three sons, Tyler (attending Reformed Theological Seminary and married to Jeanna), Micah (attending Cedarville University), and Elias, who is still at home.

When he is not behind the pulpit here at Hope, Pastor Paul can be found preaching and teaching in other venues, leading the "Abide" college and career group, training pastors through the EFCA Gateway program, and coaching his son's soccer team. While he still enjoys taking visitors into the city to see the sights, Pastor Paul is thankful to be ministering in the serene beauty of Sussex County.

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Hope Church
1441 Route 565
Wantage, NJ 07461

Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am