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We are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pr. Helio Carneiro is a licensed preacher for the Presbyterian Church of America in Southern New England Presbytery. He holds an MDiv from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and is currently working on his Masters of Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Helio has collaborated with numerous church revitalizing projects on staff at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Cambridge (MA) and currently serves as an itinerant preacher and a church planter with City Life Presbyterian Church in Boston.

Pr. Helio Carneiro é um pregador licenciado na PCA (Presbyterian Church of America). Ele possui um MDiv do Seminário Teológico Gordon Conwell e atualmente está Mestrando uma especialização em Teologia Histórica no Seminário Teológico Reformado Puritano (PRTS). Nos últimos anos Hélio trabalhou na equipe pastoral da Christ the King Presbyteran Church em Cambridge (MA), e atualmente serve como pregador itinerante e plantador de igreja pela City Life Presbyterian Church em Boston.

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Helio Carneiro

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