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Who We Are

We are a seminary located in Taylors, South Carolina.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary exists to promote an enduring Reformation in Christ's church around the world. The faculty pursues this vision by equipping preachers, pastors, and churchmen for Christ's Kingdom. For more information, visit gpts.edu.

The recordings included in the Mt. Olive Tape Library were collected by George Calhoun, the founder of the library, over the course of some thirty years. The collection reflects the personal quest of Mr. Calhoun for a balanced education in Reformed Theology. The speakers included in the tape library have been scrutinized for their faithfulness to the Bible. The messages will enable students to pursue the study of Reformed theology.

In 2006 the assets of the Mt. Olive Tape Library, Inc. were transferred to the care of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. For information about the seminary please visit www.gpts.edu.

  • We preach from the NASB Bible.

  • 5,997 sermons online

Joseph A. Pipa Jr.

From 1990 until February 1998 Dr. Pipa, his wife, Carolyn, his daughter, Sara, and son, Joseph III lived in Escondido, CA. Dr. Pipa was the Director of Advanced Studies and Associate Professor of Practical Theology at WTS in CA. There he directed the Doctor of Ministry program and also taught systematic, historical, and practical theology on the Master's level. He was also the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in America in Escondido, CA.

As of January 1, 1998, Dr. Pipa became the first President of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, SC, where he and his wife now live.

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Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
200 E. Main St
Taylors, SC 29687