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Who We Are

We are a church located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gospel of Grace Ministries believes that the glorious Gospel of Christ is central to the life of faith and fellowship of the saints. We invite you to explore the doctrine of our ministry that is presented here and to examine our gospel in light of Scripture. We also seek to expose any false doctrine that opposes the sovereign grace and glory of God Almighty. Our message is distinctly different from that of the religious, evangelical world. We believe in communing with other churches who hold to the same Christ of the everlasting gospel of grace that we hold to no matter what denomination they may belong.

  • 409 sermons online

Scott Price

Scott Price pastors Gospel of Grace Church located 18 miles North of downtown Cincinnati. Scott has been declaring the gospel of Christ to that congregation since 1999. The church is in constant lookout for other churches to fellowship with in the gospel of free grace and extends a warm welcome for any to visit, especially in June for their annual Christ Centered Conferences.

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Gospel of Grace Ministries
3371 Hamilton Cleves Rd.
Hamilton, Ohio 45013

Service Times

Sundays at 11am