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Who We Are

We are located in Malverne, New York.

Pastor Geehan was the founding pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church (FABC) in Malverne, NY. He worked as an electrical engineer with the New York Telephone Co. from 1927 to 1954. He got his engineering degree at New York University.

He founded the church in 1950 and became pastor in 1954 after attending the National Bible Institute of New York. He studied under Donald Gray Barnhouse and was greatly influenced by F.B Meyer and Martin Lloyd-Jones. His ministry focused on holiness and preparation for the the last days in accordance with Bible prophecy. Very timely for our day!

When he began his pastorate he had 13 people in his first service. The congregation grew to the point where an average of 600 attended each Sunday's service. My Dad, Arnold Stegner recorded many of these sermons.

Pastor Geehan was also protestant chaplain for Franklin General Hospital and the Malverne Fire Department.

Pastor Geehan went to be with the Lord in January of 1973.

FABC, under Pastor Geehan, hosted many great Bible teachers, including M.R. Dehaan, Lehman Strauss, Jack Wrytzen, Brother Andrew, Charles Woodbridge, Richard Bennett, and Hyman Appleman.

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 422 sermons online

Martin T. Geehan

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Malverne, New York