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Who We Are

We are a church located in Subiaco, Arkansas.

In the period roughly encompassing 1827-1840, a major division took place in the Baptist churches. The focal point of the disagreement was the doctrine of atonement as set forth by Andrew Fuller. His teachings ultimately led to a widespread belief in the doctrine of General Atonement and resulted in a wave of organizations and church auxiliaries which were set up to promote missionary activity in order to get people saved. Regular, Primitive or Old School Baptists held firmly to the doctrine of particular Redemption and objected strenuously to these innovations in practice and the doctrine from which they stemmed; and during this period they separated themselves from the churches which held to these new innovations. Nevertheless, their ministers braved many hardships in order to preach the work of evangelism and the ministry wherever and to whomever the Holy Spirit may lead them.
Friendship Primitive Baptist Church welcomes all who are interested in serving our Lord and Master. We would also enjoy the opportunity to share with you the doctrines of Salvation by Grace and the wonderful joy that can be had believing in the completed work of Christ.

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 177 sermons online

Andrew Beauchamp

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Friendship Primitive Baptist Church
2696 Crossroads North Rd
Subiaco, Arkansas 72865

Service Times

10:30 AM
Lunch Every Sunday