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Who We Are

We are a church located in Fort Worth, Texas.

We are a Baptist church which has embraced the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. Our church polity is Elder Rule and in our worship we seek to conform to the Regulative Principle. The central focus of our ministry is the exposition and application of the Word of God. We are committed to proclaiming God's perfect Law and the glorious Gospel of His grace throughout all the world.

We believe that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Our church exists to see God glorified in our day and to lead people like you to become fully satisfied in Him alone.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with our church by browsing our Web site and to worship with us in the near future, as the Lord would providentially permit.

  • We preach from the ESV Bible.

  • 1,661 sermons online

Dr. Hamp Linehan

Dr. Hamp Edward Linehan is Pastor of Reformed Baptist Church of Ft. Worth, Texas, where he has preached since 1999. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Texas, his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry degree from Covington Theological Seminary. He was previously pastor of the First Baptist Church of Coleman, Texas; the First Baptist Church of Whitewright, Texas; and the Colonial Baptist Church of Irving, Texas. Before surrendering to the Gospel Ministry, he was a History teacher. Pastor Linehan lives with his wife (Cathy) in Ft. Worth.

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Reformed Baptist Church of Fort Worth
7540 Glenview Dr
Richland Hills, Texas 76180

Service Times

Sunday Morning
Bible Study 9:15 AM
Worship 10:30 AM

Sunday Evening
Worship 5:00 PM

Wednesday Evening
Bible Study & Prayer 7:00 PM