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Who We Are

We are a church located in Parker, Texas.

First Baptist Church is not a building but a body, not an organization but an organism. Diverse in our professions, cultural backgrounds, and personal interests, we are bound together by one common thread-- a passionate desire to worship God in spirit and in truth. Our membership comes from all over the Metroplex area; one family in fact drives 100 miles (one way) every Lord's Day. What was true of the Great Reformer is true of our church collectively-- "Here we stand. We can do no other."

  • 2,369 sermons online


First Baptist Church
5304 East Parker Road
Parker, Texas 75002

Service Times

Devotional 9:45am
Morning Bible Study 10:00am
Morning Worship 11:00am
Lunch together in fellowship hall 12:00 Noon
Afternoon Bible Study 1:15pm
* Please Note * Afternoon Bible Study is subject to cancellation, usually because of holidays or special meetings. If you plan to visit our afternoon service, please call ahead to verify scheduling.