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Who We Are

We are a church located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our congregation is committed to:

Liturgical worship. Liturgical worship denotes corporate worship characterized by solemnity, familiarity, regularity and meaning. The order of worship, in which each element has great significance, is deliberately predictable.
Patterned after the covenant renewal ceremonies in Scripture, our worship consists of a dialogue between God, who speaks primarily through the sermon, and His people, who respond with song, prayer, offerings and confessions of faith.
This worship carefully reflects the unique and beautiful culture of the historic Christian church, her rich traditions, her majestic hymns and her distinctive vocabulary.

Expository Preaching. Expository preaching denotes Bible-based preaching which is relevant, explanatory and applicable. Each Sunday, as the text of God’s Word is opened and the Lord Jesus is proclaimed, the sheep of God’s flock are invited to graze.
Our congregation takes the words of the apostle Paul to heart when he says that faith comes through hearing the Word of God. The sermons in the evening service are deliberately educational in nature and intend to familiarize people with the basic teachings of Christendom as understood by orthodox Protestants.

Evangelistic Outreach. Evangelistic outreach denotes the mission of the church to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched with the goal of converting them.
We believe that what people need most, even more than food to eat and air to breathe, is Jesus Christ, in whom there is not merely deliverance from God’s terrifying judgment, but truth, beauty, goodness and life to the fullest.

  • We preach from the NKJV Bible.

  • 943 sermons online

Rev. Harold Miller

Our Pastor, Rev. Harold Miller is a graduate of Mid-America Reformed seminary and before that of Reformed Bible College. Prior to returning to school in the middle 1990’s his path in life was varied. Following graduation from High School Harold entered the United States Army as a trombone player. While in the military he was able to become a parachutist and take a run at becoming a Green Beret. In God’s providence Harold was not to follow that path. Rather he left military life and became involved with a church plant of the Christian Reformed Church located in Blaine, Washington. It was in Blaine under the tutelage of some fine Reformed men that Harold was introduced to the glories of Christ as proclaimed in all the Scripture, recaptured in the Reformation. To this day he deeply loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaimed in the historic reformed faith. Harold and his wife Carol care for 5 covenant children.

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Covenant Reformed Church
9511 Lane Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64134

Service Times

Sunday Meetings:
Sunday Morning Worship - 9:30 am
Sunday Evening Worship - 5:00 pm

Sunday School at 11:00 am
(September through May)