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Who We Are

We are a church located in Costa Mesa, California.

Coast Community Church is all about Jesus Christ. We believe that we exist by Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. We believe that we honor Jesus Christ by worshiping Him as He is revealed in the gospel and by orienting our lives, at home and in the church, around that good news of all that He has promised to be for us as we live to obey His commands. Therefore, we seek to be a "gospel driven" church in all that we do. (Colossians 1:16; Philippians 1:12-21; Matthew 28:20; Romans 14:7-12) As a church we exist to spread something - a three-fold passion: a passion for God, godliness, and the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is key to a proper worship of God and for the right pursuit of godliness. Thus, our practical vision is centered around the gospel.

  • We preach from the NASB Bible.

  • 814 sermons online


Coast Community Church
Meeting at Commerce Park
3303 Harbor Blvd. Suite K-5/6
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Service Times

10:00 AM Main Worship Service
Note: Children are welcome in our services and child care is provided for those that desire it from birth to 4 years)