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Who We Are

We are located in California.

Joelee Chamberlain is the mother of 7 children, grandmother of 7, and also the great-grandmother of 3. She has taught women's or children's Sunday School classes for over 25 years. She originally compiled these Bible audios for her small grandson. These are aimed at children 4-10 years of age, though adults have also enjoyed them and learned from them. The purpose of these audios is several fold: (1) To teach the Bible stories to children, (2) to do this in order, teaching that there is a continuity to them, that they are a continual history, not just disconnected "bedtime stories", (3) to show the faithfulness of God and how He keeps His promises and fulfills His prophesies (we can trust Him), (4) to give children a reason to believe (Christian apologetics), and (5) to tie in the Gospel with each audio. These aren't "cutsy" and no extra characters are added. I talk to children but not down to them. These are all non-controversial except for 3 which are pre-millennial but are clearly marked as such.

Many parents have told me that their children really enjoy these, and some have even incorporated them in their homeschooling program, too.

These are Bible stories for kids and apologetics for kids, each connected to the Gospel for kids in a way they can easily understand.

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Joelee Chamberlain

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