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Who We Are

We are a radio broadcast located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Changed By Grace (CBG) is the media and radio ministry of Pastor Steve Hereford.

Radio Stations:

Sunday's at 8:30 AM

WAYR AM 550 - Jacksonville, FL
WAYR AM 1420 - St. Augustine, FL
WAYR AM 96.5 - St. Augustine, FL
WAYR FM 103.3 - SW Jacksonville, FL
WAYR FM 104.9 - Jacksonville, FL

  • We preach from the NASB Bible.

  • 1,825 sermons online

Dr. Steve Hereford

Pastor Steve has been in ministry for over 30 years leading churches to worship God biblically and accurately through Christ-honoring music and the expositional teaching of God’s Word. Steve is the featured speaker on “Changed By Grace” which can be heard Sunday’s at 8:30 AM on WAYR AM 550, FM 104.9, FM 103.3 in Jacksonville, FL and on the World Wide Web at SermonAudio.com.

Steve has written two books: Philemon: An Exposition and How to Study the Bible and has produced three music albums available on all online music services: Let Your Light So Shine, Through Christ, Most of Our Time and an EP, Born to Die.

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