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Who We Are

We are a church located in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Berean Church is a confessional reformed Baptist ministry that was begun on February 2, 2003. We are passionately committed to the absolute authority and sufficiency of God's written Word, the Holy Bible. Standing upon that firm foundation, we believe and teach that God's grace alone obtained through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone is the only way to find forgiveness for our sins and to escape from the wrath of God that is to come. As an accurate expression of our interpretation of Holy Scripture we fully subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1677/89. We are charter members of the Southeastern Association of Confessional Baptist Churches which began in March of 2010. We would love to have you visit our website to learn more about us, and if possible to join us for worship this coming Lord's Day.

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Pastor Jerry Slate, Jr.

Jerry Slate, Jr. was born in Marietta, GA and was raised in a godly Christian home, the youngest of three children. He was converted to Christ and baptized when he was eight years old. He obtained a B.A. from Columbia Bible College in Columbia, SC in 1991, majoring in Bible and minoring in pastoral ministries. In January of 1993 he married his wife, Angela, and the Lord has blessed them with six children: Samuel, Luke, Grace, Jackson, Malachi, and Margaret. Jerry was ordained for the gospel ministry in November of 2002 and Berean Baptist Church held her first worship service on the Lord’s Day evening, February 2, 2003. He has served as the chairman of Reformed Baptist Mission Services (RBMS), and on the Administrative Council of the Southeastern Association of Confessional Baptist Churches. Jerry is the co-author (with Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin) of Loving God and Neighbor with Samuel Pearce (Lexham Publishers).

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Berean Baptist Church
Assembling at:
Doss Memorial Ministry Center
4500 Doss Circle
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Service Times

The Lord's Day: 10:30 am
Wednesday Midweek Service: 7:00 pm