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Who We Are

We are located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Bill Crockett is the Executive Director of Bill Crockett Ministries, a non-profit ministry that is dedicated to the practical teaching of the Bible.

Bill also founded "The Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals" (FYCP) a ministry dedicated to reaching & training young professionals.

Bill has a passion for the Bible and a unique gift to teach it in a practical and applicable way. He also travels and speaks at conferences and retreats.

To contact Bill to speak at your church or event, email him at [email protected].

If one of the lessons has touched your life, please help us to continue to offer these lessons free of charge by prayerfully considering a gift to Bill Crockett Ministries. TO GIVE TO BILL CROCKETT MINISTRIES, CLICK ON THE DONATION BUTTON AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE HOME PAGE. BCM is a 501(C)(3)non-profit ministry depending completely on the gifts of others for their financial support. All donations are tax deductable. Thank you in advance for you gift!

  • 160 sermons online

Bill Crockett

Bill is the founder & Executive Director of the "Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals." He is a gifted Bible teacher communicating Bible Truth in a Practical Way. His lessons bring Biblical truth alive in a way that encourages & helps people of all ages to overcome the daily struggles we face in life today!

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Bill Crockett Ministries, Inc
PO Box 3845
Irmo, South Carolina 29063