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Larry G. Howell, Director
10205 Brief Rd
Charlotte NC 28227

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Evangelical sermons by Rolfe Barnard and others ... open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FREELY given for the glory of our REDEEMER.

About Us

Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969) was evidently a prophet from God for the 20th Century. With a profound sense of the absolute sovereignty and glory of Jesus Christ, he was able to preach a message that produced conviction of sin. He maintained through all his ministry what he himself called a "sweetheart love for the Lord Jesus," and it is most surely apparent in his messages. Be prepared for a SHOCK if you enjoy the status quo type of preaching, but be assured that if you want the whole counsel of God, the late Evangelist Rolfe P. Barnard will set it forth in plain words, words you'll never forget! (For further details of Barnard's life and ministry, look under the BLOG tab in the GREY LINE above sermon titles.)

B.B. Caldwell (1899-1976) was also an evangelist and conference speaker contemporary with Brother Barnard. Caldwell's home was Greenville SC. He had a unique ministry, unlike any other preacher you will hear. But his themes are the old doctrines of grace; his manner very simple; his outlines logical and convincing. Considered by many to be a "prophet born out of time," Brownlow B. Caldwell lived a long and useful life. He was peculiar in many of his mannerisms and often misunderstood — yet we believe he bore faithful witness to the truth of God in a day when anything like "Calvinism" was severely condemned among evangelical and fundamentalist Baptists with whom he lived and preached. The sovereignty of God was a theme Caldwell often stressed and enjoyed preaching.

E. W. Johnson (1914-2001) was associated with both Rolfe Barnard and B. B. Caldwell. These two men preached many times in the Sovereign Grace Bible Conference sponsored by Calvary Baptist Church in Pine Bluff AR, where Dr. Johnson was pastor for so many years. All three preachers were pioneers, greatly used of God in the revival of "sovereign grace" or Reformed truth among Baptists of the South. Johnson authored several books and published a Bible study sheet, circulated far and wide for many years. He also preached at Banner of Truth conferences a few times, and visited several mission fields. You will profit from the teaching ministry of Brother E. W. Johnson, and we hope to add several of his sermons here on the Rolfe Barnard Library page of SermonAudio. Please leave your comments on these messages.

Vance Havner (1901-1986) is well-known as a Southern Baptist preacher and Bible conference speaker. His emphasis on the Lordship of Christ and a true Christian experience was refreshing in his day — and through his books and recordings Vance's ministry has never ceased. Rolfe Barnard described Havner as "greatly used of the Lord" — and undoubtedly it is so.

Ferrell Griswold (1928-1982) was another leader in the Sovereign Grace movement among Baptists, primarily in the Southern States of America. He was a great teacher and a firm supporter of the ministry of Rolfe Barnard. Since another site, Berean Tape Ministry (http://www.bereantapeministry.com/index.htm)
has a very complete listing of his sermons, we have only incorporated a few here from personal cassette tapes in our library. This is a robust ministry of truth, for which you will thank God!

J. O. Dunn (1912-2001) was a good preacher of God's grace and pastored several churches in the Charlotte-Belmont-Lexington area of North Carolina. For more than 40 years he maintained a weekly radio broadcast, "The Gospel of Grace Hour," which consisted of his sermons on sovereign grace and kindred themes. He was a longtime friend of Bro. Rolfe Barnard — and a constant encourager of all who sought to walk in the pathway of truth. He possessed the spirit of a Christian pilgrim and sojourner, and an energetic defender of the "faith once delivered unto the saints." Rolfe Barnard told me, "Bro. Dunn is always a good spiritual tonic!"

We visited him shortly before his death, and as he described his experiences in the "valley of the shadow," he called us to come closer and said, "Brethren, I have looked the monster DEATH in the face, and I can tell you that by God's Grace and the presence of the Holy Spirit, the fear and sting of death are gone!" In the Providence of God, this humble brother was a good influence and a great inspiration to us in the way of truth. — Larry Howell & Wylie Fulton

Henry Mahan (born in 1926) is another beloved Baptist preacher of God's Grace. Mahan was greatly used in encouraging Brother Rolfe Barnard in ministry and teaching others on the doctrines of God's sovereign grace. It was Pastor Mahan, in Ashland, Kentucky at the time, who provided the site for the first "Sovereign Grace Bible Conference" in 1954.

God blessed Brother Mahan with a long and fruitful ministry in Ashland, and itenerate preaching all across America and several foreign lands. He and his wife Doris are now living in retirement in Rocky Mount, Virginia where their son Paul is a good Baptist pastor. There is a "Henry Mahan Sermons" spot on Sermon Audio where you'll find THOUSANDS of Mahan's messages, but we wanted to include a few here, due to his lifetime fellowship with our beloved Evangelist Barnard.

George B. Fletcher, I. C. Herendeen, A. D. Muse, James A. Stewart, Harry J. Simms, L. R. Shelton Jr., Herbert Wilson, Hubert Davis, Henry Bame, J. Elmer Cates, E. W. Parks, M. L. Hux, E. W. Lucas and Paul A. Stephens — are others we've included here, preachers who either were associated with Barnard or were greatly influenced by the Evangelist's ministry.

A few preachers who fit this criteria may be added from time to time.

CONTACT US at any time:
LARRY HOWELL at howe5739@bellsouth.net — or call 704-545-5739.

encouragerfulton@gmail.com – or call 828-245-6059.

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