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Who We Are

We are a radio broadcast located in Niles, Illinois.

This site is about two loves : A desire to see the Word of God taught just as it is in Scripture, and a serious burden for the persecuted church, especially as it is manifested today in North Korea.

The name is a combination of two older sites: "Hackberry House" and "House of Chosun." The former used the name of a street in Glenview, Illinois. The other is named after the ancient name for Korea.

  • We preach from the NKJV Bible.

  • 3,383 sermons online

Bob Faulkner

Bob Faulkner, who came to the Lord as a young person in Columbus, Ohio, has been teaching and writing about Biblical matters since 2001 on SermonAudio, and long before that in Christian churches and schools. His 2,000 plus audios on this site, hundreds of articles at Ezine.com, and a collection of books available at Amazon.com round out his writing ministry. Some of his main writing emphases have been Romanism, eschatology, through-the-Bible studies, cult and false religion expositions, and reports on the suffering church, especially North Korea’s. He has served the local church as teacher, nursing home worker, street minister, and in other capacities over the past 55 years. Though officially ordained to the ministry, Bob does not serve in any full-time pastoral capacity. Bob, the father of three and grandfather of eleven, is a retired schoolteacher who lives in Northern Illinois.

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Hackberry House of Chosun
9500 N. Washington
Niles, IL 60714