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OCT 19, 2017
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MyChurch: gracefamilybaptist
MyChurch Code ID: 59643
 | Houston, Texas
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Stephen Bratton
200 sermons
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The Tactics of the Beast
Series:  Revelation 6-16  · 10 of 18
5/5/2013 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Revelation 13:1-10
        Sunday Service
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    Stephen Bratton
    The Tactics of the Beast

    Revelation 6-16
    Sunday Service
    Grace Family Baptist Church
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    Stephen Bratton
    The Tactics of the Beast

    Revelation 6-16
    Grace Family Baptist...
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    Pastor Bratton addresses the first strange beast, collaborating with the similar passage in Daniel 7. He teaches us about the battle we are in even now, warring against Satan and the world, and encourages us to recognize his tactics so that we may not be defeated.

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    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ Comment 7/7 ”
    It makes sense that Satan is two horned beast, and also ruler of the 10 horned beast. Satan thinks he's a god, and because of this he's going to mandate the forced worship of himself. How could the number of the beast be explained? The number of the beast is 666 and the other time that figure appears in the Bible is 1 Kings 10:14 where it describes the amount of gold that came to Solomon in a one year. --- How did Solomon get all that gold? He got it through his wisdom. --- How did the devil make his wealth? Through his wisdom (Eze 28:3-5). --- How does Satan control the world? Partly through banking cartels (See Rothschilds). --- I'm not totally sure on the number of the beast as representing "Making great kingdoms / wealth through wisdom". But I am pretty convicted on the previous comments. Please hear these words. If I am wrong, I will hear your correction. It's all about truth. Please don't be turned off by John Todd... he is a fellow brother. If you are concerned about slander about him, Jack Chick wrote letters explaining everything. Jack Chick may not have had the correct salvation theology, but we was saved, because he had love for the brethren. Be not troubled and God bless you

    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ Comment 6/7 ”
    If the 7 heads of the 10 horned beast, are kingdoms headed by men, and Satan is woman ruling over the heads, then who is two horned beast of Rev 13:11 that speaks as a dragon. Satan is the dragon who gives authority to the beast in Rev 13:4. If the 2 horned beast speaks as a dragon (speaks as Satan) then maybe the 2 horned beast is Satan as well. In Dan 7:20 it says of the 10 horns of the 7 headed 10 horned beast: --- Dan 7:20 and concerning the ten horns that are in its heads, and of the other that came up, and before which three have fallen, even of that horn that hath eyes, and a mouth speaking great things, and whose appearance is great above its companions. --- This says that there are 10 kings, three kings will fall, and there will arise another king that speaks great things against God. This king that speaks great things against God is the same two horned beast in Rev 13:11. We know that this king who arises out of the fall of the three kings is Satan because it says that the appearance of the king is "great above its companions." This HAS to be Satan because it is written he is "PERFECT in beauty" (Ezekiel 28:12). It’s written about Satan’s beauty in Ezekiel 28:17--- “High hath been thy heart, because of thy beauty”

    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ Comment 5/7 ”
    So Satan is the king of the earthly ruler of Tyre, because there was an earthly man who was king of Tyre. If Satan is ruler over the ruler of Tyre, then the interpretation of Satan as the woman who is the great city over the kings of the land, is not broken. --- It is written that the 10 horns, who are 10 kings, will hate the whore (Satan) and make her (Satan) desolate and naked and eat her flesh and burn her in fire: "and the ten horns that thou didst see upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her in fire (Rev 17:16). --- The prophecy about the 10 kings hating Satan and making him desolate are in Ezekiel. See Eze 28:7-10, Eze 28:17-20. You see a parallel of Satan as the Babylon the Great (Rev 17:5) when he is called the king of Babylon in Isa 14:4. --- If Satan is the king of the human king of Tyre, then this is also spoken about Satan: Eze 28:4 By thy wisdom and by thine understanding Thou hast made for thee wealth, And makest gold and silver in thy treasuries. Eze 28:5 By the abundance of thy wisdom, Through thy merchandise, Thou hast multiplied thy wealth, And high is thy heart through thy wealth. --- So Satan made his wealth through banking, so the bankers as the beast is not so far off

    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ comment 4/7 ”
    John Todd continued: "THE REASON FOR THIS IS THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF THE ILLUMINATI--& the Illuminati didn't even exist in its organized form at that time--it's because there was a ruler, a prince. A power was a ruler, & then there was the king over that prince, so it was the power behind that Earthly ruler.___ AND THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE AREN'T LOOKING TODAY & ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO EPHESIANS 6:12 TODAY. They're not looking at things with a supernatural stance behind the physical. While Walter Cronkite or somebody else gets on television & says this is happening, you ought to get down on your knees & say, "Lord, what's really happening?"--because it's not the way they're telling it! "Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the King of Tyre, & say unto him, Thus saith the Lord God; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, & perfect in beauty." ___ YOU SEE, LUCIFER IS TRYING TO BE A GOD IN THIS PROPHECY, & we'll go on in it. He's trying to be a god, he's trying to be as great as God. He's trying to build a kingdom in the sides of the mountain of the North & so on, & it's a description of God's Kingdom.

    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ Comment 3/7 ”
    Rev 17:18 says that the woman, the mother of whores, is the great city that is having reign over the kings of the land. Satan is prince of this world, and chief world ruler of darkness, so he is head of the great city over the kings of the land, and Satan as the whore still works. --- I'm going to plug parts of brother John Todd's testimony, who used to be a grand druid priest from the Collins family in the Illuminati (Satan's hidden physical kingdom). John Todd say's this about Satan/Lucifer being the head of Tyre: “WHILE YOU'RE DOING THAT, I'D LIKE TO ASK THAT YOU TURN TO EZEKIEL THE 28TH CHAPTER STARTING IN VERSE 11, & we're going to read about 19 Scriptures here tonight in this Chapter. The 28th Chapter of Ezekiel is a prophecy given by Ezekiel who received it of the Lord. The Lord commanded him to give it. He was prophesying unto Satan himself. The prophet of the Lord stood there & prophesied unto Satan.___HE'S PROPHESYING TO THE PRINCE OF TYRE, & many people believe that this was ... I can't think of this name now, but anyway, the ruler of Babylon. And if you'll get in Isaiah where it talks about Lucifer the fallen star, before he started prophesying to Lucifer, Isaiah was prophesying to the same ruler. (Isa.14:4.)

    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ Comment 2/7 ”
    In Revelation, there are two beasts. The first beast is the 10 horned 7 headed beast upon which the whore of Babylon sits (Rev 13:1, Rev 17:3) and there is a 2 horned beast (Rev 13:11) who is the beast of Rev 17:11. --- The first beast has 7 heads and the 7 heads are 7 different kingdoms. The five kingdoms did fall, the 6th kingdom was the Roman kingdom, and I don't know about the 7th kingdom. There are a total of 8 kingdoms (Rev 17:11). The 8th kingdom is headed by the two horned beast whos kingdom arises out of the former 7 kingdoms (Rev 17:11). --- Who is the woman ruling the 10 horned, 7 headed beast? On her forehead is written: "Secret, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Whores, and the Abominations of the earth." Who is the father of lies? Who is the father of unrighteousness? It is Satan/Lucifer. Satan is the woman on top of the 10 horned beast. Doesn't it make sense? --- Who is the ruler of demons? It is Beelzebub. And who is the ruler of the ruler of demons? It's Satan. Satan is the "prince of this world", and "god of this age" and so he rules over the beast.

    JohnathanContact via email (5/11/2013)
    from Sacramento
    “ Comment 1/7 ”
    Hey brother Stephen. I'm going to be taking a look at your interpretation of the beast and some statements you made in your sermon. With God's grace I will try to do so with a spirit of meekness. --- You said that the four beasts of Daniel 7 are actually one beast, which is the beast in Rev 13. You said the four beasts represent 4 turbulent arks of history, and I would agree with this in that the four beasts are four different kingdoms (Dan 7:17). I agree with you in that the Roman kingdom is a part of the fourth beast, but I do not totally agree with you that the 10 horned fourth beast was the Roman kingdom and only the Roman kingdom, because there are 8 kingdoms of the 10 horned fourth beast (Rev 17:7-11). The 10 horned beast of Rev 13:1 and Rev 17:3 is the fourth beast of Dan 7:7 because they are both described as having 10 horns. --- So we see that the 10 horned beast of Rev, are not the four beasts of Dan 7 combined into one beast, because the 10 horned Rev beast is the fourth beast of Dan. The 10 horned Rev beast / fourth beast… is a super beast because it’s described as having all the powerful attributes of the 3 previous beasts (Rev 13:2), which is exactly how the fourth beast of Dan 7 is described.

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