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Joey Faust | Longrun, Missouri
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
417 255 5610
Long Run Baptist Church
Gladetop Trail
Longrun, MO 65762

From Highway 95, turn into Longrun township on CR 908. Turn immediate right on CR 915. Turn first left on CR 917. Driveway into church property is on the right hand side after black mail box. If you pass the Panorama View sign (which overlooks our property) you went too far.
Call 417-255-5610 for help with directions.
Joey Faust / Long Run Baptist Church
P.O. Box #238
Thornfield, MO 65762
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MyChurch: kingdombaptist | Set
MyChurch Code#: 21540

Joey Faust
1,059 sermons
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Emailed: 19

Hospice Hell
Series:  Nazi Death Culture Arises  · 1 of 2
7/5/2012 (THU)
  |  Bible: 2 Timothy 3:1
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Joey Faust
Hospice Hell

Nazi Death Culture Arises
Midweek Service
Long Run Baptist Church
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Joey Faust
Hospice Hell

Nazi Death Culture Arises
Long Run Baptist Church
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Joey Faust
The Occult Conspiracy Re: KJB

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Child of God (4/5/2021)
from Florida
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank You. Some people from Hospice some how learned that I was sick and they started coming to my apartment. I live in a senior citizen only place but they started trying to persuade me to allow them exclusively to become my medical providers and wanted me to sign that DNR agreement but I have worked in hospitals and clinics so I was aware of DNR and refused to sign the consent document. But your sermon was still an eye-opener. I didn’t sign it but your message had so much information until I am cutting all ties with them. God’s greatest blessings to you. All of your sermons are very good and you use the KJV Bible which is the only Bible that I use. Thank you for all your biblically sound sermons. God’s greatest blessings to you is my prayer for you and your Kingdom works.

Sad man (6/19/2018)
from Boston, Virginia
“ Disturbing But True ”
That's for speaking out. Witnessing this for real with my mother-in-law. So disturbing.

James Grant (4/3/2018)
from Queensland
“ Wow ”
Wow. I had no idea.

RhondaContact via email (12/8/2017)
from arkansas
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have been feeling very convicted as of late of what happened to my mother and my mother in law. The morphine killed them by my hand. I didn't know the one dose I gave my mother would kill her, and it wasn't even a half dose of the dose I was suppose to give her. The same thing happened to my mother-in-law. I gave her less than two half doses over a week and she died. She was sick with an bleeding ulcer from all the meds they had her on, but she was as healthy as a 91 year old could be under a doctor's care. I happened on your sermon, and now I know why I have been feeling so convicted and feeling such loss. They both died by my hand because I gave the morphine that killed them both. I told someone last week that I suspected the morphine killed them. Tonight I found your sermon, and without a doubt, they died by morphine. What threw me is I have had morphine, and I felt an agitation, but I didn't remember it suppressing my breathing. I remember it kept me from waking up until the dose wore off. Neither one woke up.

Bonnie Graham (3/2/2015)
from san diego
“ Eye-opening! ”
I thought hospice was good. Now I know better. Every Christian shd. listen to this.

Mary (4/1/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
p.s I was recently in a nursing class at college, and the lecturer said that if a nurse gives morphine to a dying patient and it accelerates their death, it is legal to do so and they will not be prosecuted, they are protected by the law. This is not in America, but another country. Making me question whether I could even work in an environment like that.

Mary (4/1/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Check out this news item just released. This is the kind of thing the sermon talks about: http://www.independe azilian-doctor-virginia-soares- de-souza-who-played-god-could-h ave-killed-more-than-300-patien ts-to-free-up-beds-8551075.html

SweetAngelSong7 (1/10/2013)
from Florida
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is hard believe but is very real! I experienced myself the horror of Hospice. My Mother died in a drug-induced coma 8/17/2013 under Hospice. 1997 Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer concurring with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's rejection of any prevailing right to die noted that patients in intolerable pain and suffering could always resort to "sedation which can end in a coma." According to the AMA Palliative Sedation to unconsciousness is the administration of sedative medication to the point of unconsciousness in a terminally ill patient. It is an accepted and appropriate component of end-of-life care under specific, relatively rare circumstances. (Note they say "under rare circumstances" however, it is happening repeatedly and without consent!) The AMA recommends Physicians should ensure that the patient and/or the patient’s surrogate have given informed consent for palliative sedation to unconsciousness. Hospice is administering drugs to achieve sedation without "Informed Consent". This violates Civil Rights yet we are doing nothing about it. Morphine levels in my Mother were at a lethal level according to a private autopsy yet Lawyers say there is no wrongful death because she was terminal so her life had no worth. Palliative Sedative without consent is murder!

Joey Faust (10/22/2012)
from Venus, Texas
“ Response to Wiley ”
Greetings Wiley, Thanks for writing. Not sure what the verse about giving strong drink to people ready to perish has to do with starving people, and giving poison to shut down organs. Besides, "strong drink" (like "wine") in the Bible is dual. That is, in some contexts it refers to alcohol; in others, it has to do with the most expensive, sweetest grape juice. "Strong" is opposite to "bitter" in some verses, and "strong drink" is for children (when referring to sweet grape juice). Therefore, kings should not spend their time in feasting and royal living; they should give such things to those who are cast down and discouraged … Regardless, the verse was not skipped to hide something. It was not mentioned because I do not believe it has anything to do with the subject other than the fact that we should make people who are suffering as comfortable as we can (not starve them, or dehydrate them, and cause them to try to squeeze a drop of water from a sponge, and call this "mercy." God forbid! In Jesus, Joey

WileyContact via email (10/20/2012)
from Oklahoma
“ Something Missing? ”
I notice that you quoted Prov. 31:8, but not 31:6, "Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts."

Steve Horsley (10/19/2012)
from Virginia
“ There is a time to die ”
Abortion and suicide is wrong,euthenasia is wrong but there is a time to die..lets not take"choose life" too far in a day when we are able to prolong life because of technology...trying to squeeze another second,minute or day based on this statement alone is not biblical in light of what we are told about death...we are appointed.

DebContact via email (10/17/2012)
from Iowa
“ Great Sermon! ”
Happened to my step dad in a nursing home last year, ALMOST. I yanked him out of there and took him to my home. He stayed for 7 weeks and went home with my mom. He is still alive and wasn't even terminal. He has Parkinson's and some dementia but can't walk.I call them murders,too. He turned 86 this month. It's criminal. They told me morphine helped his breathing,too.

Thomas SullivanContact via email (10/15/2012)
from Jenison, MI
“ Interesting but a question ”
The hospice workers appear to be guilty, but the question arises on the other hand: do we Christians sometimes unnessarily prolongue the natural death process of our loved ones? I noticed that 1/5 of the book, Thoughts on Religious Experience, by A. Alexander written in 1842 deals with the death bed of the believer with the aim to as he says get his hearers to "let go of their too eager grasp of this world and become familiar with death and the grave." Or as Paul Washer well said, we spend more time praying the saints out of heaven than praying for them to prepare to enter there. I was just wondering if we as Christians are in error as well? This world is not our home, but we are so loathe to let go of its grasp on our affections. Wouldn't we profit by learning from the experience of Christian and Hopeful as the crossed the great river?

“ Great Sermon! ”
I am a registered nurse. I don't feel I can freely talk about this much because of my position, but this information does match up with my experiences. Once, I had a patient in the hospital who they said was actively dying. I was busy at the beginning of the shift, and my charge nurse was helping me when I asked her to see if that patient needed something for pain. I was appalled when I went in later and found that she had given more medication, morphine or something like it, when the patient's respirations were 3-6/minute, and you aren't supposed to give that kind of med of they are under 12. Later, the family asked me to give more medication, and I would not, for the above reasons, and explained that to them and offered other non- medication measures we could try for comfort. They said they respected my position, but asked that if I would not give the medicine, then "find someone who will." And, much to my dismay, none of my co-workers had issue with it like I did. All in all, it turned into a big fiasco and I looked like the bad guy, with everyone telling me I was in the wrong. They used the same argument presented here: "do you really think it's the medication killing her? No, It's her disease process." And I have puzzled over that idea ever since. I still feel I d

James R Hamilton (10/15/2012)
from Staffordshire, England, UK
“ Great Sermon! ”
This subject has long needed addressing, we've waxed long & eloquent about abortion, but this murder at the other end of the human spectrum has been ignored. It's a big issue and how to tackle it? But we must begin. Thank you for this, look forward to your next session sir.

Concerned (10/15/2012)
“ Great Sermon! ”
You should also do an expose on nursing home care of the elderly and how the low standard of care hastens their departure from life and or makes them drastically deteroiate (like aged ten years in a week.) Please preach about how we Christians should be caring for our elderly in our homes, not dumping them in the nearest nursing home and paying people to do the job we can and should do a 1000% better (because it is done with love) at home.

GlenContact via email (8/31/2012)
from Montana
“ Wow ”
This message just shocked my wife and I We have a friend that was dying of cancer when we found this message. The pastor decribed perfectly what was going on before our very eye's. Couldn't sleep that night, like a bad dream. Good Job Pastor! The next morning I called our friends wife and told her about Hospice and she just thought they were wonderful. Couldn't believe it! Lord Bless Brother

janineContact via email (7/9/2012)
from Louisiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am stunned by this.

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