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Aaron Wright | Houston, Texas
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Grace Family Baptist Church
106 Bammel Westfield Rd
Houston TX 77090
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Voddie Baucham
417 sermons
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Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind
Series:  Daniel 1-6  · 5 of 8
4/8/2012 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Daniel 4:4-37
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It is difficult to go through Daniel chapter 4 without realizing that, in our day and time, Nebuchadnezzar would have been diagnosed with some type of mental disorder, medicated to the point of absurdity, and put in an institution with little or no hope of returning to a normal life.

But, what is the Biblical view of mental health? How should we as Christians (and especially Pastors) look at the "mental health" industry? In this sermon, Pastor Voddie gives a Biblical look at these issues.
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Voddie Baucham
Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind

Daniel 1-6
Sunday Service
Grace Family Baptist Church
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Voddie Baucham
Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind

Daniel 1-6
Grace Family Baptist...
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  If you were blessed by this message, please email the broadcaster | add a comment ...
Benjamin formerly Mephibosheth (9/27/2020)
from The King's Table
“ Sorry Brother Dan Fox ”
I'm praying for you and your son.

Dan Fox (1/1/2019)
from Harford County MD
“ Bad sermon! ”
I wish I could recommend this sermon but it creates utter confusion on the topic of mental illness. Most of the sermon is an expression of personal opinion which has the effect of laying heavy burdens on the back of God's people. As the father of a son who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia I recommend no listener make any serious decisions about their health based on this sermon. Do more research and make sure you do a more comprehensive study of the Bible to determine what it actually says about mental illness.

KyContact via email (8/4/2018)
from St. Louis
“ A Bold, Direct Message! ”
This message was what I needed to hear. As a person growing up, who was told that I was bipolar and chemically imbalanced, with no knowledge of the gospel yet alone God,or who He was or what He can do. So I clung to self medicating, and drove myself further into a downward spiral of brokenness. I am blessed that God removed the veil through Voddie Baucham in this message about growing psychology/psychiatry ideologies that are being implanted into today's culture. When there is no proof of any kind of testing to these "Syndromes" or "disorders" they are idealist, they sit around a table and look at a broad spectrum of people who have some living in life issues,and give it a name, and give them a drug hoping for their hypothesis is right. But you can't give a drug to a person who life is broken do to sin. On top, when you neglect the fact humans are made up of spirit, soul, and body. But instead of treating sin with the gospel leading them to repentance, you just say their life and their issues are not fair, what they experience isn't fair, here come take a pill and feel better. This is lunacy, and ignorant. This message deals with sin, and the consequences of it, on top of this message going into detail about actual mental problems, on top of actual health problems such as real li

B. McCausland (4/2/2018)
“ More questions than answers ”
Though Mr.Baucham brings basic and important truths about the topic, broad general statements are not sufficient to cover the specifics of the varied spectrum of mental illnesses.

Julien White (4/1/2018)
from Melbourne, VIC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon. Great preacher. Thanks for the"staff pick" recommendation this is a blessing.

PLContact via email (3/31/2018)
from Asia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank You!! A timely sermon for me as I recently befriended a new believer battling with depression. I always thought I was not qualified to help them but by God’s grace through this timely exposure to this knowledge, I am now empowered by the Holy Spirit and the word of God !!!! I can only say our all knowing God - His mercy and love - words cannot eve. Begin to describe.

Matthew (3/31/2018)
from Minnesota
“ Great Sermon! ”
I just want to concur with others in this section. You don't know who I am and I'm not saying this is strong evidence for discontinuing medication, but I've struggled for most of my life, years with depression and anxiety. This sermon marked a turning point in my life, nearing the end of many years of taking SSRIs and SNRIs to try to treat my depression and anxiety. For a long time, I held on to those medications, not just hoping that they were treating my anxiety or depression but clinging to them, unwilling to see how I would feel if I tried not taking them, because I believed that discontinuing them would lead to far worse effects. Medications and psychotherapy did not change my behavior or sanctify my thoughts. It took God's sanctifying grace to make Him the object of my desire and the desire to obey him that eventually motivated me to change. I couldn't find it in this world as a beaten down individual who had long been alienated by his peers throughout school, exacerbating my anxiety, depression, and further isolating myself from society. Eventually, I discontinued psychotropic medications and although I still struggle with depression and anxiety, I can't point to medications as having made me better other than notably turning me into an individual with flattened affect.

Benjamin Formerly Mephibosheth (3/30/2018)
from The King's Table
“ The Wicked Shall Be Turned Into Hell - Psalm 9:17 ”

Gay Allen (3/30/2018)
from Wisconsin
“ Great Sermon! ”
I would watch the heck out of a Voddie Baucham and Terry Crews TV Special

Rnel (3/29/2018)
from South africa
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent message

Zub (3/27/2018)
from India
This was a massive sermon. I struggled hugely with Schizoaffective disorder simce 2010 or 2011. You wont believe what happened to me. I dont take my medicines anymore. I am so so much healthy amd never been as fit. I aint saying u should quit too What i say is that please please please please cling on to God. What problem is so huge that you cant fix it by prayer? Seek His grace. I was a huge smoker I quit smoking only through prayers. It happened on nov 18 2017. You could never see anyone who smoked like me Dont be discouraged. God answers all of your prayers and He is a generous God. The sermon was amazing. And pastor, you are a man of great knowledge, wisdom, heart and character It was an awesome sermon.

MardellContact via email (3/21/2018)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Pastor Baucham for taking a stand on this subject. Your message was TRUTH! Please pray for our son. For 2 years we have been dealing with our adult son being on psychotropic drugs for what the world calls schizophrenia.

JenniferContact via email (10/15/2016)
from Memphis
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've listened to this sermon in the past and because of it's obvious God given content, I had to revisit it. There are people in my family who've been diagnosed with 'chemical imbalance' and bi-polarism, all of which I feel is due to all of our sinful natures and the constant push for medication to hide sin is just a bandaid for mankind's sinful affliction. Minister Baucham, keep preaching the truth, no matter what!

Peter Wilson (9/1/2014)
from Charlotte NC
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am about to listen to this sermon again after several months and because I am taking a course on Pastoral Counseling at RTS. Both my children have had "treatment" in their young adult lives rather than Christian based counseling/therapy. This sermon has had a real impact on me. See also his sermon on Brokenness on YouTube.

Louise B. (8/14/2014)
from SW USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Youtube "most Shocking Psychiatry Documentary" to learn who is behind getting everyone on drugs and the reason. Thank you for preaching about this.

ColetteContact via email (4/13/2014)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very good sermon. Psychology and psychiatry have infiltrated the church and have made it anemic, sick and worldly. There is no place for these fields in the body of Christ. The problem is sin and the answer is the Person of Jesus Christ. Remember Mark 5; Jesus can restore anyone if we repent and believe and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. Amen! Check out link to Living in Christ Ministries - 'Psychologizing of the Faith' by Bob Hoekstra. There are 2 sermons in the link entitled by the same name. http://livinginchrist .org/media_library/psychologizi ng/ Thank you Voddie Baucham!

Samantha M (10/13/2013)
from Georgia
“ Great Sermon! ”
My son is a true ADHD child and after 8 years of being on variety of meds...I pulled him off...I had to step out on faith and Let the addition, the my church has stepped up to the plate to be the men in his life...those meds... all decrease the size of the brain and can cause permanent delusion and delayed in emotionality ...this is especially seen in teens. God Bless you!

simonContact via email (10/13/2013)
from brisbane australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
wow I really enjoyed listening to that, thanks for sharing this, I am currently being treated for anxiety and I always refused the meds, this has shown me 100% the right path I need to take

janine elizabethContact via email (8/10/2013)
from louisiana
“ Great Sermon! ”

Jennifer MasonContact via email (8/9/2013)
from Memphis , TN.
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've listened to this sermon again, and again I marvel thanking God for this message.

MD (5/4/2013)
from Southern California
“ Thank you Mr. Bauchman ”
I am speechless to finally hear a pastor to preach on this TRUTH!! I totally agree 100% with this passage, always have ever since my dad had me see phsycologists/phsychiatrists for being dumped by a long term boyfriend I had as a teenager and for rebellion. My dad didn't know how to deal with a teen daughter with raging hormones, so the answer was, she's not right. I was in family counseling for most of my teen years, due to my dad's ignorance on this topic. It put a damaging stigma on me growing up. This is what happens when you don't have God in your life! I was suffering from a broken heart, NOT a chemical imbalance!

Jennifer Mason (2/5/2013)
from South
“ Great Sermon! ”
What an inspiring sermon! A real eye-opener to the truth! So many of us do not like the truth, lies makes us feel more at ease in a psuedo way, which again accentuates our hatred for the truth!

Cheryl Carman (4/26/2012)
from miami, OK
“ Great Sermon! ”
Oh, I tried 4 times to listen to this sermon but kept getting interuptions so today I said I am lisning to it no matter what. What a wonderful sermon and so true and I wish more pastors would preach like this. So many people need to hear this and I have people in my family I want to get them to listen to this as they are being treated for mental disorders. God bless your ministry.

JC (4/13/2012)
from California
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a must-hear sermon for anyone (especially Christian) that has been or is under psychological/psychiatric care. I was on anti-depressants as an unbeliever but weened myself off (dangerous to do as Voddie says) soon after being saved. All psychotropic drugs just mask symptoms and can rob you of your God-given humanity. There is even something in this sermon for coffee addicts :)

KJ (4/12/2012)
from Oregon
“ Great Sermon! ”
The Truth in this is so right on! We need to go to the root of the problems and to have a a God-centered view on psychology and that whole realm. God is still the answer! Thank you, Mr. Baucham.

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  Voddie Baucham
Voddie Baucham wears many hats. He is a husband, father, pastor, author, professor, conference speaker and church planter. He currently serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, TX. He has served as an adjunct professor at the College of Biblical...

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