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Lexington, South Carolina
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Covenant Free Presbyterian Church
179 Midway Road
Lexington, SC 29072
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Peter Orasuk
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Emailed: 356

Drug Addict's Testimony of Salvation
The Most Powerful Account Told
3/1/2001 (THU)
  |  Bible: Isaiah 53
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Peter Orasuk was a heroin addict and drug kingpin in Canada until Christ reached down and saved him. This is his testimony that was preached in the Ballymena Gospel Hall in N. Ireland.

This is a 'must hear', not only for people who are doing drugs, but for anyone who wants to hear of the power of Christ to save the most hopeless of sinners.
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Peter Orasuk
Drug Addict's Testimony

The Most Powerful Account Told
Covenant Free Presbyterian
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Peter Orasuk
Drug Addict's Testimony

The Most Powerful Account Told
Covenant Free Presbyterian
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Jamie in UK (3/15/2023)
from England
“ Have listened to over 10 years again and again ”
As many others have said, a most moving and edifying account of God bringing a sinner unto Him. How the Word is powerful. How Christian witness and friendship to the unlovely is powerful. How God's intervention is supernatural beyond our imagining. I praise God for this testimony and look forward to meeting Peter in heaven...

Ben Quek (10/10/2019)
from Wales
“ Jesus, friend of sinners ”
Praise the Lord, almighty saviour! Brought me to tears. What a wonderful saviour we have! O how many our sins, but his grace is greater still. “It is finished!” It is finished. Praise the Lord! I’ll share this with my friends

Brenda Speed (8/23/2019)
from Atlanta Georgia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank God you accepted Christ as your Savior and what an encouragement you are to others I have a nephew who is an alcoholic this has encouraged me to pray for him and to continue to love him and share the gospel with him. God bless you and thank you so much.

Gay Allen (5/21/2019)
from Wisconsin
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank You, please join me in praying for my two sons~! God Bless

RobContact via email (5/20/2019)
from Australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thankyou Peter for this heartfelt truthful testimony, I’m 19 years 7months clean and sober by Almighty God’s Grace. 1 john 4:4 Praise the Lord.

DaveContact via email (8/27/2016)
from oz
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thankyou, what a blessing to hear.

Andrew Carbonara (3/19/2016)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Beautiful testimony of God's work in a sinners life. I can relate to this man and glad to see we both found the truth

MrsB (3/15/2016)
from canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
a very beautiful and powerful testimony from a east coast Canadian like me:)

Christian (8/18/2015)
“ Wonderful Testimony! ”
One of the most beautiful testimonies I have ever heard. Beautiful not because of the way it is told, not because of the depths the sinner was saved from but beautiful because of the compelling love of the saviour evidenced in the salvation of this man.

Tanya pitmanContact via email (1/31/2015)
from Lexington SC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Each time I listen to this testimony, the Lord humbles me more and more. He gives grace to the humble.... I thank God for saving my soul through Jesus Christ...The only begotten Son of God,His obedience perfect. He came into this world to serve and to die for His people.... Apart from Christ, there is no salvation. He shed his blood for us, sinless Lamb of God.... He is our great High Priest!!! Making intersession for us.....Our King of kings and Lord of lords.....

Joyce (9/22/2014)
from Eastern KY
“ Great Sermon! ”
This will help so many dealing with drug addiction and help for fammilies who suffer along with them. GOD is our only hope for a drug infested nation. Our communities and families are dying without hope. Thank you so much for this all enpowering testimony of JESUS.

Esther BrennanContact via email (3/17/2014)
from Barrie, On
“ Great Sermon! ”
I will share this sermon with my hairdresser in the morning. Oh that she will here the voice of Our Father, by His Spirit and receive the gift of grace through Jesus Christ. She struggles with drug addiction.

Philip (12/23/2013)
from La Crete, Alberta
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am a fairly new Christian and love to hear testimonies of other people as a reminder to myself of how powerful and wonderful God is. This must be one of the most honest but powerful ones I've heard. I have shared it with many others and I just pray that the Word will not return to God empty and that it will accomplish what it was sent to do. God bless this testimony, it has helped many people including myself.

DivadContact via email (11/16/2013)
from Out West
“ Sermon Hit Home! ”
Thank you for your honest sermon. It gives me hope for my struggles.

Jonathan (10/1/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I blessed to hear your testimony , God been using your testimony to make me realize that what he did on the cross is enough . God bless you

Joseph santana (5/9/2013)
from Boston, ma
“ Great Sermon! ”
Powerful sermon God bless this mans testimony

LisaContact via email (2/18/2013)
from Wales
“ Great Sermon! ”
I listened to your testimony with my unsaved family. The power of the holy spirit was here. Salvation is so simple and your testimony is a powerful story. Bless you brother.

Andre MelnichukContact via email (11/22/2012)
from North port Fl
“ Great Sermon! ”
God bless you! Your sermon helped me make the biggest decition in my life! Happy thanks giving!

Derek Ferdis (6/2/2012)
from Vancouver, BC
“ Great Sermon! ”
It's been a number of years since I believed and received Jesus and yet Testimonies of God's Grace and Salvation continue to remind me of His great Love and Mercy for us. Impossible cases are His specialty as nothing is difficult for Him. So continue to pray for your loved ones family and friends and tell them of the good things the Lord has done for you, for then we will overcome and see them come to Christ by His Blood and the word of our testimony Your brother in Christ Derek

Michael Larkin (3/28/2011)
from Dublin Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Peter for your very clear testimony of the saving power of Christ, It trilled my heart to hear of His dealing with you and how He brought you to that place of Calvery, May all who listen to your story of His salvation be blessed as I was. Your Brother in Christ, Michael Larkin

bluefireangel (2/6/2011)
from Heaven and earth
“ Wonderful, Counsellor...the Mighty God ”
Plucked from the hands of the strongman, by the strongest. Lend an ear my friend, and hear it from the lips of 1 who stood on the edge of hell. He should have been next, but God said 'he's one of mine, don't let him fall.' No magic here, just the wisdom of Him who made every single thing you see, and all those that you hear. This is one of God's elect, best not say or do anything against one who is the 'apple of His eye'. Once damned and in waiting for the pit. Hear him now, dressed for paradise in all his Father's glory, awaiting blessed flight, home. Peter's safe now. The question remains...are you? Today is the is the time. Fly to Christ, and that do now for instant rescue, and forevermore.

johnny serafiniContact via email (1/3/2011)
from North Jersey
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a wonderful testimony to God's saving grace and to the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice for sinners!!

chad d (11/27/2010)
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a testimony of God chasing down a sinner

Hawk1briContact via email (11/21/2010)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have recoverd from pot, hash, oil, coke, mushrooms, asid, harone, shoting needels and nothing has helped but the lord!!! I have tryed recovery centers but untill you give your self.... You will not know FREDOM.

paul jepsonContact via email (11/2/2010)
from england

Ser ValContact via email (11/14/2009)
from Colombia
“ Great Sermon! ”
The LORD did it 4 me 2! He set me free from a terrible suicidal cocaine habit, I'll be dead if it wasn`t 4 him. He can do it 4 u 2,only ask him and He will do it. All Praise 2 the LORD.!!

VAL (7/23/2009)
from england
“ Great Sermon! ”
i am also trying to give up marijuana and cigarettes and this is really inspiring to help. To God be the glory and with his help i will over come Amen.

Ken UngarContact via email (7/17/2009)
from Montreal, Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank & praise God for Mr Orasuk's ministry & testimony. At times God allows us to pass through the torment of addiction so that we, upon being restored, can turn to our brethren similarly afflicted & strengthen them (Luke 22:31-2). i am an addict not to chemicals but what does it matter it is all idolatry, slavery & sin, let's face it. The patterns are all the same. & only the Living God can deliver us from it.

Nola RoseContact via email (10/26/2008)
from Kentucky
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a blessing to me, God's grace is amazing, the thought that this small child singing was witnessing to her Daddy. Thats so precious. I am so thankful that the Lord sent his faithful servants that never gave up. Peter in turn has changed many lives.

Peter RamsayContact via email (10/9/2008)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Peter Orasuk's Testimony has been produced for mass distribution (CD format). 1000's have already been distributed. If you would like more information on how you can obtain copies for your own personal witnessing efforts or for distribution in your community contact: Peter Ramsay [email protected]

varrickContact via email (8/23/2008)
from Lunenburg
“ Great Sermon! ”
a friend gave me a cd of peter drug testimony, it open my eyes, 30 years i been living in hell as a addict ? , but i gave my life, body and soul to Jesus today, i don't know where to go from here, or what my future is going to be like, but it can be worst then this , please pray for me, varrick

danny s.Contact via email (3/18/2008)
from oklahoma
“ Great Sermon! ”
for the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation. God bless you Peter.

Bronwyn Hutchins (11/28/2007)
from New South Wales, Australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I wish that everyone could hear this sermon. God can save the chiefest of sinners and He does. He truely is a great God. What an encouragement for us to perserve in prayer for those who are lost and dying.

mark larsonContact via email (11/22/2007)
from bayonne, NJ
“ Great Sermon! ”
peter my name is mark larson heroin addict for many years methadone for many more A.I.D.S put me in a hospital where people was dying around me GOD changed me and lead me to HIS SON JESUS CHRIST i'm clean from drugs,alcohol,and cigarettes since 1995 i serve in a church and not saved by good works but for good works keep the faith in CHRIST MARK

joel bosveld (10/6/2007)
from Australia, tasmania
“ Great Sermon! ”
I thank God for His mercy, that it is by grace i have been saved, praise Him, this testimony brought tears to my eyes, God is just so good to us.

Luc AubeContact via email (3/6/2007)
from Ottawa Canada
“ A God who is mighty to save! ”
To quote Rolfe Barnard "I am so glad that God is still chasing down sinners and stabbing them in the heart" Praise God for salvation. Excellent testimony of the glorious Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Richard Yoder (3/6/2007)
from Amboy Indiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
A very good example of Gods Grace and a great Challenge to have a true Love for those who are traped in sin and addictions. Praise The Lord Jesus for all who have this kind of compation.

Jason WicksContact via email (3/6/2007)
from Wester Australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
What an amazing Godly inspiration to us all. My sister endured a long hard battle with Heroin addiction for years before coming to the Lord. Now she is happily married with three beautiful children. This is more proof that the Lord does not forget the people our society rejects Praise God for believers like Eddie.

Desiree (2/4/2007)
from L.A.
“ Balm to the broken heart ”
It really goes to show you that when everyone leaves the addict alone, God never does. I hope that my prayers and faithfulness will be like Peter Oaksun's friend Eddie- i want to be as faithful as that! 'You know who he is Lord Jesus- please save him!'

David Day (1/29/2007)
from Montgomery, Alabama
“ Great Sermon! ”
A great testimony. Thanks for sharing it. A must hear for those of family memebers of drug addicts as well as addicts themselves

Debbie YoungContact via email (12/30/2006)
from Washing State
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am so thankfull for this sermon. My son has been doing drugs and alcholo for about 4 years. He is facing his 4th or 5th streach in jail. I have so much hope in Jesus knowing that Jesus has not given up on my son. Thank You Jesus

Emily ShearouseContact via email (7/19/2006)
from Nova Scotia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Growing up in a covenant family, it is amazing to think of what God saved me from, because I know that if not for His grace, that is where I would be! It is humbling to think of how our "trivial" sins can lead up to things like this. What a delightful testimony to hear! "What blessedness for him whose guilt has all forgiven been..." (Psalm 32

Heather Joy ThomasContact via email (5/31/2006)
from Washington State
“ Thank you Jesus!! ”
Hello- What a touching message. I lost 7 years of my life to a meth addiction. Today I am 6 months clean and a born again child of God. PRAISE YOU JESUS for saving my soul and delivering me from my addiction.

Chistine MorienContact via email (5/30/2006)
from Australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Peter, Your sermon touched me profoundly and I can relate to this so much. I have not only see Drugs destory people close to me (Who like you say come from very good back grounds) also my brother...I can say I understand so much where you are coming from. Jesus has saved me and my bro unfortunately I have lost friends to drugs who were so beautiful... Take care and god bless , Christine

Carol RamseyContact via email (4/17/2006)
from North Carolina
“ Great Sermon! ”
One of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard. I found myself praising God and thanking Him for His great mercy and grace. I thank Him for this man's life and salvation and pray that God will continue to use him in a mighty way to reach all he can.

Craig (12/31/2005)
from South Carolina
“ Powerful Testimony ! ”
Wow, what a sermon! Very emotional. You don't have to be there to see his soul pouring out, you can hear it on this audio tape. An inspiration to anybody not saved, whether a drug addict or not.

Wayne Merk (11/1/2005)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful testimony of salvation. Oh thank God for His wonderful mercy and grace that saved a sinner like me. 1 Cor. 15:3-4 Romans 10:13

plw (10/31/2005)
from Mo
“ Great Sermon! ”
For those of you out there who have a loved one lost, doing drugs, you really need to listen to this message. Thank God for faithful servants the Lord sends to the best of the worst. This testimony is a must hear. Todays meth problem (and all the rest of the drugs) out there are getting worse, not better, taking our loved ones to the pit. Thank you for this message of hope.

Janice M (10/23/2005)
from Edmonton, AB
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon I listen to over and over again, knowing that drugs can destroy your life, I could indentify with his message as I to was there at one time. The Lord never fails, he delivers you from every evil. Hope to meet you in Heaven one day Peter.

LWPContact via email (10/13/2005)
“ OUR Powerful GOD!! ”
He was a great Man!!!Thru God...He lived to Prove His power w/ his LIFE!!!..... as we come from his Funeral to day.. 5-600 people there,it is w/ sad heart's, we lost, Heaven,Gained. HE was a Dear family friend.We love and Pray for HIs Dear wife,and have been,BUT oh , his dear,children,(3) +2 Gr children ,relatives... family ,may ALL get saved.Live to prove it like Peter did.Such a testimony all the lives he touched.!!!loved you Peter,Til' we meet again

Gary (10/13/2005)
from Michigan
“ Great Sermon! ”
Gods grace is without bounds. He can and will save the worst of men. What a life brother Orasuk lived, but God reached him and saved him. He is with his Lord now and we need to remember his family in prayer, it will be hard for them I am sure. This is one powerful testimony, a must for any user of alcohol or drugs seeking help. It shows what only God can do with a persons life through salvation. Peter faithfully preached the gospel for many years. He loved to tell how God saved him. For this tape of that message, we are thankful.

Gillian (10/13/2005)
from N.Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Peter Orasuk was a great man, not only a great preacher but a great friend. please remember his family in prayer at this tragic time. Peter spent a lot of time here in Northern Ireland and has seen a great work done. there will never be another man like him. what a wonderfull testimony he had.

LOIS (10/9/2005)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Peter Orasuk passed into the presence of the Lord this morning (October 9th)after many months of declining health. Please pray for his wife, Maxine, and his children and grandchildren.

Ron BurleyContact via email (10/9/2005)
from Manitoba Canada
“ Re: Peter's passing. ”
Peter has gone today to meet his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. A very sad day for those who know him as well as Maxine and the family. He has suffered with cancer of late. Pray for his family at this time.

rev Stanley McqueenContact via email (10/6/2005)
from kentucky mountains
“ Great Sermon! ”
Being a preacher and listening to the message of how the work of God is sufficent to the saving of all lost souls, he sets the captive free, and makes, people worthly by the shedding of his precious blood, nothing more nothing less he is our rightoness. the one who bore our sin by his stripes we are healed. for this i give God thanks and may he bless those who had a hand. in bringing this great and powerful sermon to the internet, God bless this preacher, Peter orusak.

p fitzsimonsContact via email (10/6/2005)
from N.I.
“ Great Sermon! ”
really great testimoney, brings home to us our great responsability to reach the lost for Christ. i trust Peter will get better and God will continue to use Him for His honour and glory God Bless.

Santos (9/23/2005)
from Toronto, Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen, Amen.

Ron BurleyContact via email (9/22/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Peter for some years now has been in the full time work of the Gospel with Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt8:20). Sadly, he has been diagnosed with serious cancer and is presently in the hospital. Please pray for him and his family during this difficult time.

Johanna (9/17/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very powerful message on what God can do with the greatest of sinners, which we all are! I know a few friends who have children on drugs. I am going to go to them, talk, and give them this message. Thanks and God bless!

Lori (9/16/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise the Lord for His saving grace! I was impressed by our responsibility as christians to share Christ with the lost, not only in word, but in kindness and love. Also, keep up the children's ministries because it is a good way to reach the parents for Christ. This testimony will bring you to tears.

A Listener (9/12/2005)
“ Absolute MUST! ”
A straight "from-the-heart" testimony of the raw power of the gospel to save even the chiefest of sinners. There is hope for hopeless! An hour well-spent! Please listen to this!

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