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Pastor W. J. Mencarow | Boerne, Texas
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The Lord has willed that this congregation has fulfilled its purpose in Bourne, TX and no longer meets. Praise be to Him Who wills all that comes to pass. You may find a church home at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of San Antonio.
The website is

Feel free to email Pastor Mencarow with questions and prayer requests. Use the email button below.
Reformation Church
317 S. Sidney Baker, PMB 304
Kerrville, TX 78028
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W. J. Mencarow
380 sermons
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Do Churches Have The Right To Determine Worship Styles?
Series:  Biblical Worship  · 8 of 10
8/15/2010 (SUN)
  |  Bible: John 4:23-24
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Do churches have the right to determine worship styles, such as "traditional," "blended," "contemporary," etc.?

Won't a variety of worship styles attract more people?

"Is it possible to find a single instance in Scripture of accepted worship that was not prescribed by God?" (Dr. James Begg)

This sermon attempts to prove from Scripture that that there is only one Biblical "worship style." All else is shifting sand.
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W. J. Mencarow
Only 1 Biblical Worship Style

Biblical Worship
Sunday Service
Reformation Church
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W. J. Mencarow
Only 1 Biblical Worship Style

Biblical Worship
Reformation Church
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Asa (12/17/2013)
from Arizona
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you pastor for this good teaching. The church is in so low an ebb, because of all the "I thinks" out there. Can you imagine Paul and Silas singing "just as I am ". What blasphemy.

Thomas SullivanContact via email (12/17/2013)
from Jenison, MI
“ Is the Psalter Inspired? ”
I just can't follow the distinction that the Psalter is inspired and other hymns, even if they use Scripure, are uninspired. We have little patience with people like the Ruckmanites who say that the King James Bible translation is inspired, and where it differs from the original languages, the KJV is the final authority. But I don't see a lot of difference between this extreme view and calling the "Psalter" inspired hymnology. It is a translation, and since it is made to rhyme, it can't even be a translation on the same level as a good English translation of the Bible. I think this sermon is very helpful... SID=810082234199

Pastor W. J. Mencarow (12/16/2013)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply to 'Some Other Scriptures To Consider' ”
Please read my response to the comment "Some other Scriptures to consider" at

Pastor W. J. Mencarow (12/15/2013)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply to 'Some Other Scriptures To Consider' ”
Dear Mr. Brown, Thank you for your irenic comments. One of my frequent prayers is that I will always be teachable: “Rebuke not a scorner, lest he hate thee: but rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.” “Iron sharpeneth iron, so doeth man sharpen the face of his friend” (Prov. 9:8; 27:17). As I trust you know, the Bible is its own dictionary and is its own commentary. As believers, we must turn to God's Word to understand God's words. Thus we must always be watchful that we are not unconsciously putting modern definitions upon words in the Bible, including “hymns” and “songs.” We should look to the Bible to determine the meaning of those words. We should ask ourselves, “what do they mean in the language of Scripture? What did the words mean to the writer and to his first century audience?” Continued below..

Pastor W. J. Mencarow (12/15/2013)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply ctd to Some other Scriptures to consider ”
The misunderstanding of what is meant by “psalms,” “hymns,” and “songs” in the New Testament is because many believers do not know that the 150 compositions in the book of Psalms were titled as “psalms” (Heb. (mizmohr) , “praise” (t'hillah)” and “songs” (sheer) . In the Greek translation of the Old Testament (the Septuagint), which was the Bible used by the believers in Ephesus and Colossae, the book of Psalms is divided into “psalms,” “hymns” and “songs” – thus Paul's use of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” in Eph. 5:19 and Col 3:16 to refer to the entire book of Psalms, not to uninspired compositions. (“Spiritual” means “inspired by the Holy Spirit.”) The Greek word psalmos is the equivalent of mizmohr and is translated “psalms.” Humnos is the Greek word that is the equivalent of t'hillah and is translated “hymn” or sometimes “praise.” Odee is translated “song.” Psalmos, humnos and odee follow the Old Testament, of course, and are used often in the titles of the Psalms in the Septuagint. Sixty-seven are titled psalmos. Six are simply titled humnos. Thirty-five are titled odee. Twelve of the titles are both psalmos and odee, and two are both psalmos and humnos. And Psalm 76 is titled with all three: “psalmos, humnos and odee” (“psalm, hymn and song”).

Pastor W. J. Mencarow (12/15/2013)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply ctd to Some other Scriptures to consider ”
We no longer make the distinction between the three titles of inspired compositions and refer to all of them as simply the psalms. Sadly, this has resulted in the widespread belief that when the Bible says “psalms” it means the book of Psalms and when it says “hymns” and “spiritual songs” it means uninspired compositions. When the writers of the New Testament used the terms translated in our English Bibles as “psalms,” “hymns” and “songs” they were referring to the inspired psalms. They were certainly not referring to uninspired compositions. Every first century believer, Jew or gentile, who heard “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” knew immediately that the reference was to the inspired compositions in the psalter. That is how the compositions were titled. It would never occur to them to think that “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” meant “inspired psalms and uninspired compositions.”

Pastor W. J. Mencarow (12/15/2013)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply ctd to Some other Scriptures to consider ”
The hymn Jesus and the disciples sang in Mt. 26:30 and Mk. 14:26 was undoubtedly the hymn that was ALWAYS sung at the conclusion of Passover, part or all of the Great Hallel, psalms 113-118. In Acts 16:25, Paul and Silas sang a hymn. The 1599 Geneva Bible translates it correctly: “Now at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang Psalms unto God, and the prisoners heard them.” The quote of Rom. 15:9 you cite is from the NIV. I am very sorry to see that the translators simply inserted the word “hymns.” The word is not in the verse in the Greek nor in any other English translation I have consulted. Not even humnos is in that verse (even if it was, it would simply mean one of the psalms). The KJV and the Geneva Bible both translate the verse accurately: “...For this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy name.” (KJV) “...For this cause I will confess thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy Name.” (Geneva Bible).

Pastor W. J. Mencarow (12/15/2013)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply to 'Some Other Scriptures To Consider' ”
Please accept my brotherly urging to use a version more faithful to the original text; one that is based on the Received Text (Textus Receptus). I recommend the Geneva Bible of 1599/1560 from Tolle Lege Press. There is much more to be said, but to keep my response reasonably brief, there is no evidence whatsoever, Biblical or historical, direct or inferential, that “hymn” or “song” in the Bible ever means an uninspired human composition. In fact, uninspired hymns have been usede to introduce heresy into the church. A very interesting book is “Hymns, Heretics and History” by Louis F. DeBoer at _&_heretics.htm I highly recommend it. In addition, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to prayerfully study the resources at Th e bottom line is: No one has ever found a commandment in Scripture to sing uninspired songs in worship. Please think and pray about that. Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Mencarow

Harvey BrownContact via email (12/12/2013)
from Smoky Mountains of Tennessee
“ Some other Scriptures to consider ”
Pastor, I am appreciative of your stated desire to honor God and be faithful to the Scriptures. All of us who believe share the common challenge of interpreting the Scriptures accurately. In simple terms, the ultimate test for the Bible student is to discern what portions of Scripture are prescriptive (declaring what must be done), and what portions of Scripture are descriptive (describing what was done). I believe that your message came from a good heart. But I am perplexed at how you could draw your conclusions considering the full witness of the Bible. "Hymn" or "hymns" occurs more times in the New Testament than "psalm" or "psalms" (seven vs. six). Immediately after instituting the Lord's Supper, Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn (not a psalm). Paul's and Silas' jailhouse worship included singing hymns -- and there was some rocking and rolling going on as a result (I couldn't resist). The result of Christ's becoming servant to the Jews was to confirm the promises made to the patriarchs, and open the way for you and me (among the Gentiles mentioned) in order that we may "glorify God for his mercy, as it is written: “Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles; I will sing hymns to your name.” (Rom. 15:9) Note the word "hymns," not psalms.

Nityananda (12/5/2012)
from New York
“ Reply to BWS ”
When you compared the Presbyterian churches in Scotland to those in the USA, which would you say are the more Biblical? And by the way, I am under the impression that Christianity as a whole in all of North America, Western Europe, and Australia is "based more on a godless culture than it is the Word of God."

Pastor W. J. MencarowContact via email (10/10/2012)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply to NB ”
To NB -- I wish you had provided your e-mail address so I could respond to you personally. All I can say is that you must not have listened to the sermon. It is replete with Scripture citations. I might ask you to please provide Scriptures that authorize any songs other than the Psalms in worship. No one has ever found any. On the contrary, only the Psalms are authorized by God for song in worship. Of course, you can say, as many do, that "what is not prohibited in Scripture is permitted." Then you have no Biblical basis for opposing almost anything in worship -- drama, puppet shows, dancing, circus acts, you name it -- as long as it claims to be somehow "Christian." You may find this book edifying: _&_heretics.htm

NB (1/18/2012)
from Minnesota
“ Clarification ”
Please provide biblical scriptures to attest your point regarding songs of praise not being acceptable worship style in the Bible.

Strat (12/28/2011)
from East Coast
“ The Word ”
I go to church to hear the word of God plain and simple,not songs or singing....the word first and foremost and everything else after...if i leave convicted then i have heard the word,if i leave humming a tune i heard i should have stayed at and "style" is everywhere but where is the word.

Pastor W. J. MencarowContact via email (12/27/2011)
from Boerne, Texas
“ Reply to M Anderson ”
To M Anderson -- I have been in communication with Pastor Sean, but since you did not leave your e-mail address I must use this forum to reply. Here are the Scriptures I read and/or cited in the sermon regarding Biblical worship: Col. 2:18-23; Hos. 4:13; Jn. 4:23; Rom. 10:1-4; Mk. 7:6-9; Mt. 15:9; 25:21-23; Deut. 12:32; Prov. 30:6; Rev. 22:18. I also read from chapters 21:1 and 21:5 of the Westminster Confession, handed out those sections with the Scripture proofs, and of course I encourage my listeners to be Bereans and look up the verses: Mt. 15:9; Acts 17:25; Mt. 4:9-10; Deut. 15:19; Ex. 20:4-6; Acts 15:21; Rev 1:3; 2 Tim. 4:2; Jas. 1:22; Acts 10:33; Mt. 13:19; Heb. 4:2; Isa. 66:2; Col 3:16; Eph. 5:19; Jas. 5:13; Mt. 28:19; I Cor. 11:23-28; Acts 2:42; Deut. 6:13; Neh. 10:29; Isa.19:21; Ecc. 5:4-5; Joel 2:12; Est. 4:16; Mt. 9:15; I Cor. 7:5; Ps 107; Est. 9:22; Heb. 12:28. May I suggest you also listen to my sermon series on worship at

joheContact via email (12/26/2011)
from el mirage
“ Great Sermon! ”
I think the point is, or should be, that worship style should not be the deciding factor on "how we can get more people to come--or stay-- in our churches. The deciding factor should be whether a) is it scriptural, b) does it flow from a heart bent toward Christ and c) is it worldly. Every Christian should know that God brings people to Church, not worship style. If the Holy Spirit is there, people will be too.

M Anderson (12/23/2011)
from illinois
“ uninformative ”
To Pastor Sean; yes, you understood correctly. This sermon only uses man-made documentation to tell us what is God-made worship. He says that there is scripture to back up his claim, but doesn't say what the scripture is so we can verify it.

BWS (12/22/2011)
“ Will-worship: Anarchy in Worship ”
Presently the most conservative "reformed" churches (and not just New Calvinism) are expanding their usage of musical instruments (what Calvin called Judaizing) during worship services yet they claim to follow the 2nd commandment's "regulative principle". This is hypocritical and astonishing and just more proof that modern Calvinistic reformed churches are as much will-worshippers in principle as the typical evangelical or fundamentalist churches. Even the most conservative Reformed Seminaries are liberal on this issue which foretellsd little change. There is a sharp contrast between Scotland's Presbyterian churches and those in the USA. It is willful disobedience and a symptom of having no fear of God.

Pastor SeanContact via email (12/22/2011)
from Fayetteville NC
“ Interresting Perspectiive ”
If i understood correctly this pastor was saying that the singing of any song that isn't scripture is not worshipping the Lord in truth. I wonder if i misunderstood him.

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