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Aaron Wright | Houston, Texas
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Grace Family Baptist Church
106 Bammel Westfield Rd
Houston TX 77090
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Voddie Baucham
418 sermons
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The Permanence View of Marriage
Series:  The Sermon on the Mount  · 3 of 8
5/3/2009 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Matthew 5:31-32
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GfBC holds to the permanence view of marriage. According to the permanence view, there are no biblical grounds for divorce under any circumstance (and thus, no remarriage after divorce). In this sermon from Matthew 5:31-32, Dr. Baucham gives a Biblical defense of that position and explains the differences between the three predominate views held by evangelical churches today.
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Voddie Baucham
Permanence View of Marriage

The Sermon on the Mount
Sunday Service
Grace Family Baptist Church
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Voddie Baucham
Permanence View of Marriage

The Sermon on the Mount
Grace Family Baptist...
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Benjamin Campbell (8/30/2022)
from Huntsville, Alabama
“ Heart piercing sermon ”
Such a powerful message. Mr. Baucham brings up serious arguments for the permanence of marriage , especially near the end where he says no Parent would ever teach their child that if they marry and it doesn’t work out he can just quit and marry someone else. Marriage is beautiful when seen as Christ loving his sinful spouse . Every Christian should listen to this message.

Dick BarberContact via email (1/5/2020)
from Colorado Springs
“ Wonderful! ”
When the preacher says that divorced and remarried Christian are not second class Christians, where does this take us?. Is it okay for and elder to be divorced and remarried? A pastor? A Sunday school teacher? A deacon? Does not being a second class Christian dismiss all limitations? What about "the husband of one wife" qualification for elders? Does that apply here? These are questions I am asking, not challenges. I am not taking anybody on. Does the preacher read these comments? I would like to see what he thinks. Thanks.

GabrielContact via email (9/9/2019)
from MN
“ Great Sermon! ”
Good sermon! Wider and deeper. Emphasis on the main point. Biblical and admonishing. Thank you!

Zeke (2/18/2019)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Steve Tattershall for your excellent statement of truth. "Historically and in the New Testament there is NO such thing as legitimate divorce ever." The pastors are guilty if they don’t warn the people. One of the most absurd and outrageous false teachings rampant in the Christian church today concerning divorce and remarriage is that when people remarry, they’re not committing adultery in the eyes of God! That is SO TOTALLY CONTRARY to what Jesus himself taught. Ezekiel 33 says...When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people. Then if those who hear the alarm refuse to take action, it is their own fault if they die. They heard the alarm but ignored it, so the responsibility is theirs. If they had listened to the warning, they could have saved their lives. But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn’t sound the alarm to warn the people, he is responsible for their captivity. They will die in their sins, but I will hold the watchman responsible for their deaths. Wake up pastors and warn the people - MARRIAGE IS FOR LIFE. Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery.

Steve TattershallContact via email (1/27/2018)
from Bridport Dorset England
“ Outstanding and inspiring ”
Wow! Outstanding, challenging and inspiring sermon on the seriousness of marriage and the absolute truth that Divorce is NEVER an option for the Christian and shouldn’t be for any married couple It saddens me and deeply distresses me that there are ministers who advocate and support the so called get out clause to believers should they feel they have the right to end a marriage for adultery, abandonment and physical abuse from their spouse. Historically and in the New Teatament there is No such thing as legitimate divorce ever. Jewish betrothal yes for the reason of immortality but never when married in the absolute legal sense and before the Lord. Pastors who advocate the get out clause should search their hearts and the scriptures in order that thwy come back to the Permanance of Marriage view for the Lords glory and for this amazing one and for all union between a man and a woman, as it beautifully represents the the everlasting union between Christ (Our Spouse) and (all believers) His bride. For who God has joined together let no man put asunder

Jeffrey HomstadContact via email (10/24/2015)
from Arkansas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Your heart is reintroduced to the true vision and beauty of marriage (which you almost feel should be a word with a capital M) with this sermon. Truly, if any marriage between a man and woman is a picture of Christ's relationship with His Bride (which scripture makes clear) then divorce is unthinkable. Any form of separation is unthinkable! As I plan to marry my fiancée, we want all of our attendees to have heard this sermon so they know exactly what they are witnessing and celebrating at our Christian Wedding. Just as the Gospel is not complete without Calvinism, Marriage is not most maximized without the permanence view.

Neal DosterContact via email (12/12/2014)
from Georgia
“ Response to Faye from Atlanta ”
The most subversive teaching that comes from Permanence ideology comes form those who teach “indissoluble marriage.” A percentage of these teachers feel it necessary to exceed the bible in order to resolve divorce and remarriage, they advocate that subsequent marriages after divorce should end. The “divorce to repent” supposition has been a source of contention for a long time. Most Permanence advocates have not taught this doctrine because it is not instructed and unprecedented in scripture. The minority that teach this doctrine have whole heartedly abandoned biblical precedents for a solution of their understanding of how repentance should work itself out in this case. They believe repentance in this matter should look different NOW than it did in the Old Testament, they believe God requires now what He forbid before. Keep in mind that they are discarding biblical precedents and replacing it with their solution, they are speaking for God where God has not spoken. This zeal has a pharisaical tendency to add rules to the Word of God. The contention over this teaching is controversial, even for those who hold to other Permanence beliefs. There is nothing in the New Testament that should be construed as to reinterpret the Old Testament binding that occurred in remarriage.

Neo (11/8/2014)
“ Excellent ”
So many pastors who have no problem with divorce if the "exceptions" are met are the same pastors who marry two people using the vows of "til death do us part", when the fact is, they don't actually believe in those words or hold to them. The permanence view of which Voddie teaches is just that: you hold to the vow until death parts you from your spouse, not convenient exceptions that you squeeze out of the Bible.

Kim FischerContact via email (12/24/2013)
from Phoenix, AZ
“ Great Sermon! ”
One of the most thorough, complete, accurate and most of all, biblical message I have ever heard on the subject. Not many have the conviction to speak this kind of message in this day of common divorce and remarriage. Thanks so much for this biblical truth. Keep up the Good News!

Steven (11/26/2013)
from Hawaii
“ Response to Faye of Atlanta ”
@Faye from Atlanta, Prayerfully consider this: Jesus says that if you look lustfully at a woman you have already committed adultery. This reveals that whether we are married, remarried, or single not one of us is righteous because we all lust in our hearts. Thus, we are all aldulterers. We All are sinners and fall short of his glory. Only in Christ are we made righteous. As christ and Paul says, if you are married do not divorce. Very simple. Two wrongs dont make a right:)

Billy Summers (5/21/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have to admit this gives me a different perspective and now i have to rethink how i've believed up to this point and my current marital circumstances.

Kevin McCueContact via email (12/2/2012)
from Long Beach, Ca.
“ Great Sermon! ”
but supposing I never spoke vows only signed with a justice of the peace am I married or are the vowes are implied when you exchange rings.

Faye (11/22/2012)
from Atlanta, GA
God has said that marriage is binding until DEATH. It is a violation of HIS WORD to divorce and remarry. Shame on Pastor Baucham and all others who are giving the stamp of approval to those who are remaining remarried, and in so doing, denying that their first marriage is still binding in God's sight. Romans 7:2,3--For the woman which hath an husband IS BOUND BY THE LAW TO HER HUSBAND AS LONG AS HE LIVETH; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. So then, IF, WHILE HER HUSBAND LIVETH, SHE BE MARRIED TO ANOTHER MAN, SHE SHALL BE CALLED AN ADULTERESS: but if her husband be dead, she is free from the law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man. God has spoken and HE IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY on the matter, not man! And, He has further said--"...adulterers...shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Cor. 6:9-10 Take the matter of divorce/remarriage very serious because GOD DOES!!

DN (11/10/2012)
“ Great Sermon! ”
If you divorce and remarry knowing that God hates it (and please don't wiggle out by saying that you were not a believer, that you were ignorant about the things that God hates, ...), then you sinned against your spouse and God. Knowing this, what will you now do?

Marie Kvam (9/18/2012)
from Austin, MN
“ Question? ”
What do you recommend to women (and children)in an abusive marriage?

Bryan McNairContact via email (4/29/2012)
from Jacksonville, FL
“ 'God's Permanence View'! ”
Transforming message on God's original and perpetual design for marriage. Voddie is pinpoint accurate on this most important reality of the heart of God...

Peregrin (1/9/2012)
from Michigan
“ Difficult words... ”
...but necessary for me to hear. Thank you, Dr Baucham.

Honest Seeker (12/8/2011)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
The concept is generally good, though there seems to be some room to debate his point near the end - "remarriage is an ACT of adultery, not a STATE of adultery." For another thought about it:

Marcelo H.Contact via email (8/23/2011)
from Brazil
“ Great Sermon! ”
Does anyone could transcribe the sermon, please? It is very important!

Dawn (7/7/2011)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you. I have been being told that I must divorce my second husband and remain single, and I have a four year old. I agree that what I did was horrible sin, and I was GRIEVED to think my marriage would be considered continual adultery, and also GRIEVED at the same time at the thought of having to divorce. I now better understand the holiness of God and I do fear, and I hope I can heal from this in time. I am so broken and anyone reading this please say a prayer for us. Thanks.

Joey MoralesContact via email (3/28/2011)
from New Mexico
“ Wow ”
I have struggled with the thought of remarriage after the divorce my wife handed me. Thank you for being clear and true to the Word of God. I believe a load has been lifted off my shoulders.

Heritage Baptist (3/25/2011)
from Vinton VA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful! Reminds me of one my pastor did recently - Holy Matrimony: The Prized Jewel Of God 8/22/2010 (SUN) | Bible: Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 2:18-25 ( rmoninfo.asp?SID=822101125295)

Kathryn (3/13/2011)
from TX
“ Thank you! ”
Dr. Baucham, I always wondered how people could justify divorce. Even as a child I understoond God's Word to say otherwise. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

Pam MeyerContact via email (2/23/2011)
from Clark, Wyoming
“ Great Sermon! ”
I didn't like hearing this, but it was an eye opener. I now understand why I can not remarry, and accept this willingly. Thank you, Dr. Baucham, for being so clear in your explanation of scripture.

Rob Marsh (1/21/2011)
from Woodlands, Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent, Biblically-sound message about the permanence view of marriage - the teaching that God intended for marriage vows to be held to, regardless of "exception clauses." I've listened to this twice and it's a powerful message that really makes you rethink the importance of the marriage covenant and understanding that it is NOT intended to be broken.

KATHY (12/6/2010)
“ Great Sermon! ”
OUR COUNTRY IS FALLING INTO JUDGEMENT because of divorce and remarriage--im a little scared of what is coming next

Evg. TaylorContact via email (9/11/2010)
from Normal, Illinois
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is good to hear a voice preaching an uncompromised word in a day and time when compromising is the status quo.

Kelsye (6/1/2010)
“ Wonderful Just Wonderful ”
This is a wonderful sermon. He really explains the Holiness of Marriage in Gods Perspective. It covers the issue of divorce and remarriage.

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  Voddie Baucham
Voddie Baucham wears many hats. He is a husband, father, pastor, author, professor, conference speaker and church planter. He currently serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, TX. He has served as an adjunct professor at the College of Biblical...

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Free Reformed Church of Mundijong

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