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NOV 19, 2017
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 | Beaverton, Oregon
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A Letter to a Genuine Pastor & Defender of the Faith
Posted by: Beaverton Grace Bible Church | more..
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*Below is the full letter in which I renounced my licensure. It was written Oct. 16th, 2008, to Pastor Ray Feather, a dear deceased brother, pastor, and defender of the faith. I have several emails from Pastor Ray in which he clearly stands with the leadership of BGBC in our defense of the Gospel. May the Lord raise up more of his kind. HOWEVER, Greg Howell's "revoking" or my renouncing of ministerial credentials is not the real issue; Greg Howell and the FGBC's refusal to defend the Gospel and deal with Don Shoemaker's apostasy is the issue (Gal. 1:6-9; Jude 3-4; 2 John 10-11).

Dear Ray,

We appreciate your heart and what compels it. However, we disagree with your generous assessment of our ministerium’s love of the Gospel. You wrote, “I am asking that you give the men an opportunity to ‘get to where you are’”. There is a reason that Greg H., Shelton, Dwight, Phil and others are tired of hearing from us on this issue. The reason is that we have been trying to get them to act upon this issue for over TWO years. We wrote the infamous letter regarding Shoemaker’s promotion of the Pope to the entire FGBC over TWO years ago, ONLY AFTER several months of dealing with Dr. Shoemaker directly and communicating with our ministerium TO NO EFFECT. Phil and Greg H. did not care to hear anything or do anything for well over a year. They dismissed Dr. Shoemaker’s evident apostasy as a well intentioned, albeit misinformed, eulogy and fought our call to action every step of the way. Phil was caught arguing passionately against our letter in the local ministerium and in meetings with FGBC men back east without having EVER read Dr. Shoemaker’s Pope promoting letter or even my letter that had so offended him.

During the following months Shoemaker continued to write heretical articles and we continued to make them available to the ministerium. We emailed them out with calls for action. I read them in our ministeriums with calls to action. At times there were passionate exchanges, but not because we “hijacked the ministerium.” But hear us, if “hijacking the ministerium” is what it takes to get men to act against a wolf in our midst. SHAME ON THEM, not the hijacker. The Gospel is worth a hijack or two. After a full year of fighting against our solid and patient exhortation in person and in writing, they began to say exactly what they are saying now, “You are way out ahead on this thing and you just need to slow down and let us get to where you are.” They say this, and yet as of yesterday (by their admission) most of them had not read the articles that Shoemaker has written, even though we have repeatedly made them available and they could have asked us for a copy at any time. Why haven’t they read them or asked us for them? They don’t really care! They don’t really love the Gospel and hate soul damning false gospels!

My elders and I have read the articles twenty to a hundred times. We have prayed over them countless times. I’ve called the priests that Shoemaker recommends as preachers of the Gospel and brothers in Christ, and confirmed that they are servants of the Devil while lovingly sharing the Gospel with them. My elders and I have written Shoemaker repeatedly. I’ve called Shoemaker repeatedly. My elders and I have written Shoemaker’s pastoral staff and elder board. My elders and I have written the California district. I have called the California moderator several times. My elders and I have written the entire fellowship and called them to action. Yet, (as is the norm) my elders and I were treated with gross disrespect and contempt as we tried to speak to the Shoemaker issue. Greg H. did not allow us to speak. He simply said, “No, you can’t respond to that… No, I’m not going to let you respond to that… No, I’m not going to let you speak… No, you don’t get to respond…” over and over again. We submitted to this one sided argument, thinking that we would be allowed to respond when Greg H. had exhausted his points. Greg H. carefully laid out his judgment and that of the “ordained” Sanhedrin without allowing any response to his many points. I again contended for an opportunity to respond. He said, “NO.” I insisted. He grudgingly said that he would put it to a vote, and then asked the “ordained” Sanhedrin “if they should allow me to speak for five minutes and NO MORE.” With the exception of my friend and brother Paul Guay, they all voted to give me “five minutes and NO MORE.” During Greg’s POWER-TRIP several men where allowed to speak without interruption or time limit votes.

Last May we met at your church for minsiterium and they (Phil, Greg H., Dwight, etc.) were miraculously using Biblical terms (repent, recant, rebuke) about what they were going to meet with Dr. Shoemaker and accomplish. In that meeting I made a point of calling attention to the three R’s that they used in reference to their intentions for the meeting with Dr. Shoemaker. They affirmed that they intended on calling Dr. Shoemaker to repent and recant with a rebuke. I rejoiced publicly in their capitulation to Biblical action after nearly TWO years of apathy and contention.

In our Sept. ministerium the report was given about the meeting with Shoemaker. In that report they recounted having a “cordial” (their word, not ours) lunch meeting with Shoemaker in which he was not called to repent, he was not called to recant, and he was not rebuked. They did not read any of his writings and ask him to explain or defend them from the Scriptures. They read a few portions of the Catechism and they asked him what he thought of the general health of the Church of Rome. He stood by the Catholic Church as being barnacle crusted, but afloat, and likened it to many evangelical churches and denominations. This absurd position went unchallenged. He left without a rebuke, without a call to repent, and without a call to recant what he had written.

Why can’t they get passionate about defending the faith and contending with those who attack the faith? They can and do get passionate about defending those who attack the faith and contending with those who defend the faith! Why? They don’t love the faith once for all committed to the saints of God and they don’t hate the doctrines of demons that are binding up men for hell’s fire. If they did, they would not have to be convinced against their will (over TWO years time) to defend the one and to fight the other.

The meeting did not accomplish what they said it was going to accomplish in May, because they did not attempt to accomplish what they said they were going to accomplish in May. They failed to do the basic Biblical and logical tasks. If a man writes heresy, you read his statements and call him to defend them or recant them. Rome understood this with Luther, why can’t we with Shoemaker? We can’t, because we lack love. The bishops of Rome loved Rome, thus they defended the heresies of Rome and fought the true Gospel with passion.

Shoemaker is not guilty of Dwight’s charismatic doctrinal error. Shoemaker is not guilty of Phil’s Arminian doctrinal error. Shoemaker IS guilty of promoting pope, priest, sacrament, counter-reformer, and the ecumenical counsel leader Rev. Ginny Wagner! This is anti-christ heresy; upon anti-christ heresy; upon anti-christ heresy; upon anti-christ heresy; UPON a broad road to hell, false gospel, servant of the Devil, in a skirt.

Because I love my wife, if you hit her and steal her purse, it won’t go well for you. These men claim to love the wife and yet they let men hit her and steal her most precious possession. They refuse to see the lumps and bruises on the bride. They explain away the lumps and bruises with excuses when they are forced to see them on the bride’s fair flesh. After years of abuse and theft they have “cordial” interaction with the thief, while the bride stands battered, bruised, bleeding, and robbed. I am hard pressed to believe they love the bride.

The guilt of the apathetic husband is perhaps as great, or greater than that of the thief. Perhaps the husband is a fraud and no husband at all. Perhaps the husband is secretly in cahoots with the thief. When you love the bride it doesn’t take two years to decide that action to defend her must be taken; it takes two tenths of second to decide and another eight tenths to aggressively get your hands on the scoundrel and put an end to his abuse.

9 holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict. 10 For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision, 11 whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households, teaching things which they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain. 12 One of them, a prophet of their own, said, "Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons." 13 This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, 14 not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men who turn from the truth. 15 To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. 16 They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work.

Our Bibles are missing the pastoral epistles titled First and Second Ambiguity, Apathy and Hesitations. The “ordained” Sanhedrin who had their paws in the air affirming the suppression of exhortations from the genuine Pastoral Epistles need to give the Rev. Ginny back the ecumenical apocryphal pastoral epistle additions they have pasted in their Bibles.

Even if these men do the right thing now, (and I pray they do) they still have not done the right thing. Not by a long shot! A wolf has been in our midst for over two years. They have known about it and have drug their feet the entire way. Now Phil and Greg H. claim that they have always been on board, responsibly working toward a solution graciously and cautiously for the good of all. That is a LIE, and a bold one at that!

I renounce my FGBC licensure as an act of conscience. Greg H. chaired the Ministerial Examining Board of “ordained” Sanhedrin who prefer to meet under the cover of darkness to PASS UNBIBLICAL JUDGMENTS and ENFORCE GAG ORDERS lest their lack of Biblical judgment be seen in the light of day. I cannot be subject to those who are NOT subject to Christ and work under the cover of darkness to undermine those who are subject to Christ. I cannot be subject to those who DO NOT LOVE THE GOSPEL as evidenced by the love of ambiguity, the love of apathy, and the love of hesitation when the GOSPEL IS CLEARLY BEING TRAMPLED ON MONTH AFTER MONTH, YEAR AFTER YEAR.

The Elders of BGBC are on the very edge of renouncing affiliation with the PNW district ministerium as an act of conscience. The Elders of BGBC are on the very edge of renouncing the FGBC as compromised beyond beneficial association.

For the Bride!


P.S. I don't include you or Paul in my condemnation of those who choose to work under the cover of darkness, passing judgments, and enforcing gag orders.

Chuck O'Neal Chuck O'Neal

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