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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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The Sky is Falling Cataclysm! True!
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Origins of Noah's Flood Coming to Light
Science Catching up to the Bible, Again!

Chicken Little ran around the farm yard screaming, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" Cock Robin flew up into a tall tree and looked out over the countryside. "The sky is not falling," he said disparagingly. Everything looked as it usually looked on a placid summer afternoon. By the same token, Greta Thunberg cried into the microphone, "Climate change will destroy my future! Does anybody care?" Her political backers and certain groups did care but not about catastrophe; their goal was political power unprecedented in world history. Yet, what if the truth of a coming cataclysm is true; is it in the Bible?

Global warming, climate change activists, have long held the belief that the earth's climate changes. This is not news for the climate has always changed since Noah's Cataclysm {Hebrew frequently translated as Flood actually means Cataclysm}. It remade the earth creating plate tectonics, volcanos, and earthquakes which remain with us today. Everyone agrees as to the facts; the issue is the context which explain these facts. John Hutton, so-called father of modern geology, held to an early evolutionary belief which rejected the biblical explanation of Genesis. The state of most sciences today remain antithetical to the Bible though their adherents have difficulty explaining why their research has significant gaps (2Pe 3:4-6).

Christians have little room for criticism as they also have problems in their flood approach to Noah's Cataclysm. Yes, the Bible said it rain forty days and nights; however, before the rains came the fountains of the deep burst forth (Ge 7:11-24). The Cataclysm began in the earth which caused the atmosphere to produce rain and the combined waters, below and above the ground along with earthquakes produced by the creation of continental plates and volcanoes below and above the surface. Mountains were created when these rapidly moving heated plates crashed into each other. Noah and his family survived, along with the various kinds of animals God brought into the ark which floated atop these waters.

Both groups would have remained happily in their separate groups except for the inconvenience of facts that defied the simplistic explanations of both. Creation scientists arose in the 20th century combining both scientific facts and biblical truths in a manner strange to previous Christian generations. By the same token, some secular scientists saw the limits of evolutionary philosophies and searched for better explanations to explain the facts. By a strange coincidence both met in space; and I do not mean meteorites crashing to earth (sigh).

Earth's Magnetic Poles Reversing
Which Weakens Earth's Magnetosphere

For centuries man looked into the night sky and saw blackness and stars; unfortunately, this general observation was wrong on both counts. Those blotches of light routinely are not stars but galaxies composed of billions of stars! The blackness of space seemed to suggest a vast nothingness between these galaxies; however, there is a tremendous flow of energies within and among the galaxies which is only now being appreciated.

In 1958, the Van Allen Belts were detected by rudimentary satellites launched by the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They could not be seen but were there none the less. As more sophisticated satellites were launched more and various energies were detected, however, they were given a minor place in affecting the earth. Some scientists in the early 20th century had already postulated vast energies from space that deeply affected the earth. Chan Thomas wrote, The Adam and Eve Story, describing how these energies had caused cataclysms in the past multiple times {because of his evolutionary foundations}. This book was promptly forgotten because it explained events apart from man and beyond man's control.

Sun produces prodigious amounts of energy of various types and amounts. This tremendous energy input would decimate life on earth except for the Van Allen Belts, today known as the magnetosphere. This forms a protective shield and is generated by the earth's rotation interacting with its molten iron core. With the shifting of magnetic north and south poles over the last century the strength of the magnetosphere has been decreasing making earth more susceptible to these energies. In addition, The entire universe is awash in these energies which are produced within and by every galaxy and every star in those galaxies and their interactions even with our Milky Way galaxy! These energies also produce measurable affects which are increasing as our magnetosphere decreases. The scientific web site, with the dubious name of, Suspicious Observers, has daily reported on how measurements of solar and cosmic radiation and there affects on the earth. One of their YouTube videos explains this Earth Catastrophe Cycle; remembering that they hold to an evolutionary viewpoint {old earth}.

MicroNova Produced Noah's Cataclysm
Future Event Could Cause Great Tribulation

Christians have longed view Revelation as punishment of the Lost for rejecting God, and tormenting Christians. However, I have come to a different conclusion. God used Noah's Cataclysm to remake the earth in order to prepare for the coming of His Son to die for salvation. Jesus came, He died and salvation was secured as evidenced by the indwelling Holy Spirit on Pentecost in the Temple's South Portico as foretold by Jeremiah (Je 31:31-33; Ac 2:1-4). When Christ returns again it will be to reign in His Millennial Kingdom which begins after the Great Tribulation. I believe that the period of the Great Tribulation will be a returning of the earth to its pre-Noahic condition via the same processes except greatly slowed! Noah's Cataclysm occurred over approximately one year while the Great Tribulation will occur over seven years. Look at the similarities like the disappearance of mountains and islands; except for Mount Zion on which the Temple, Christ's earthly throne will sit (Re 16:17-21). Many of these catastrophic changes come from outside the earth including atmospheric changes that affect everyone (Re 6:12-17). Before our current understanding of these outside forces at work on the earth people attributed Revelations writings to mysticism, allegory or just plain acceptance while waiting for God to reveal how these changes would occur.

Modern global warming, climate change, scientisms reject any significant outside influences. Following Peter's truth that sinful man rejects the truth by embracing slow, constant processes, man has made man the master of climate change. When the truth of God is rejected then He must be replaced (Ro 1:18-25). Nature, or some such equivalent replaces God until man becomes the ultimate replacement for God. Current adherents to climate change blame man, industrialization, for causing climate change in order to extend the power of the relative few over the billions plunging the world into a new dark age of medievalism. Thus, they willingly ignore truth by substituting their lies which even some secular scientists have refuted. However, there always remains the gullible and foolish who become mouthpieces for those behind the scenes to their own destruction.

God reveals the powerlessness of mankind as He remakes the earth back into one continent. These cataclysmic changes will result in man's infrastructures failing and millions dying apart from God though they acknowledge that God is behind the changes. They would rather die in their sins rather than come to God for eternal life. In the midst of this destruction, Satan raises up his man to gain control over the entire earth through a false religion that gives false hope to those who remain (Re 12:17-13:17).

The efforts of the Open Societies Foundation, the Fabian Society and others work via the United Nations to destroy nationalism and resurrect global socialism in its place. The glue that will hold this together is the belief in the goodness of man inherent in every works-based religion. This is the common core uniting all false religions together. Yet, it all comes to nought when He returns (Re 19:11-21). Yes, climate change is coming from outside earth (Ro 8:19-22). It will not bring sinful men to great power; it brings Christ who reigns until man's final rebellion.

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