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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Know Your Heart Score!
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Today's Cardiac Medicine May Be Misguided
Due to Collusion: Government and Cronyism

Several months ago I ran across Ivor Cummins {The Fat Emperor} on YouTube. His information intrigued me and I searched about for verification which I found: Diet Doctorand Dr. Bret Scher, board certified cardiologist. Ivor Cummins kept stressing something called the Coronary Artery Calcium Scan (CAC) for those over 50 with serval risk factors. I had to talk my primary care physician into ordering the CAC and pay for it since no one in America will cover the costs ($120 in my case). Scores range between 0-400, usually; however, my score was nearly 1300! I was not surprised given my father's early history of recurring angina. I was going to need some help.

The CAC scoreis not an absolute but an indication of healedatherosclerosis disease. The scan does not see soft plaque which is more dangerous than the hardcalcified plaque and is probably the major player in myocardial infarctions (MI or Heart attacks). I had never had a moment of chest pain or associated symptoms. I am a healthcare professional (Nurse Anesthetist) with over 38 years experience. Why had I not heard of this before?

Medicine is notscience and doctors are not scientists though both rely heavily on science to guide medical care. This assumes that health research is unbiased, seeks true causes by removing distracting factors and recognizes when research disproves one's hypothesis. Truth be told there is a lot of money and prestige riding upon one's conclusions. The author of, The Big Fat Lie,studied nearly every major dietary research in the 20th century and discovered that nearly every experiment was faulty at worst or questionable at best. In other words, everything you and I were taught about goodnutrition was incorrect. This would not have been an issue except that the government entered the picture and developed its Food Pyramid. How did the government arrive at the Food Pyramid? Various food corporations vied for recognition as goodfoods. Since these faulty experiments concluded that saturated fats were badmeats would be reduced. This left carbohydrates and vegetables as the main contenders. Carbohydrates were to be consumed in prodigious amounts, especially simple sugars. Almost immediately America's diabetic and obesity crisisbegan, in the name of science of course.

In Any Project 80% of the Effort Goes Into
Only 20% of the Problem: Same in Healthcare

The National Institutes of Health (NIH or Not Invented Here) supported the government's position, anyone surprised? As the epidemicintensified government and crony associated industries produced moreresearch that supported the correctness of the food pyramid further intensifying the progressively deteriorating health of obedient Americans. Corny Pharmaceutical industries came to the rescue producing medicines that validated the Pareto Principle. Eighty percent of the monies spent and medicines produced affected only 20% of the problem. Researchers were looking at symptoms but not at causes; the elephant in the room. Thus insulin resistance was ignored and insulin was not measured; instead glucose was measured. This is like measuring the smoke the fire produced to assess harm rather than assessing the causes of the fire itself. In addition, those developing Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) were being blamed for badnutritional habits, especially among the poor and those receiving government subsistence. These were buying high carb foods the government claimed were good. As my glucose started to slowly rise, even though I was eating an approved diet, I listened more intently to these alternative medical and nutritional research voices. Do not measure glucose, it's a symptom; instead, measure insulin. I paid to have a lab perform an insulin tolerance test, something no onehad ever asked them to measure. I discovered that I am prediabetic, early stage. It is estimated that nearly 50% or more of Americans are either T2D overtly or covertly (it has not unmasked itself, yet). Notice, I did not have any symptoms and if I had waited for the American healthcare system to act, and insurance to pay, I would have to have a major cardiac event and be in T2D!

Look at all the Chronic Health Issues
With a Common Cause: Insulin Resistance

The carbohydrate load promoted by government and its crony food industry partners becomes the major apparent causal factor in heart disease, T2D, Obesity, Gout, Fatty Liver (#1 cause of cirrhosis), etc. Dr Kraft followed thousands of patients in his practice in the 1970s documenting the role of insulin resistance in advance of these diseases; yet, his research was generally ignored. Who makes profit by changing a diet when medicines could control the symptoms {but not the disease}. Thus, cure was never the goal, only permanent symptom relief provided by medicine and medications.

Notice: Insulin is a Major Risk Factor
Above Any of the Approved Risk Factors

Americans are urged to get Lipid Panels to assess their risk of cardiac disease from fats. High density lipoproteins (HDL) commonly called the goodcholesterol are measured directly from the blood; however, the low density lipoproteins (LDL) commonly called the badcholesterol are notmeasured: it's a guesstimate! Yet, from the LDL value patients are routinely prescribed a cholesterol inhibiting medication that can have profound effects throughout the body (Dr. Maryanne Demasi. Statin Wars - Have We Been Misled by the Evidence?). Controlling lipoproteins rather than the root cause is like shooting fireman who come to put out the fire because they may damage your house to put out the fire. LDL particles are a responseto blood vessel damage caused by higher blood sugars to which increased insulin levels are also a response. Medicine seeks to control the body's repair mechanisms rather than admit its incorrect and start to control the root cause which may be as simply as dietary changes or even fasting, which is free! I have seen my blood pressure return to normallives, my blood sugars decreasing to normal levels and even my lipid panel values stabilized. My CAC score led to an exercise stress test, normal, and a nuclear perfusion scan, questionable. A heart cauterization procedure showed that the calcified plaque was no an issue and there was very little soft plaque. Though one of my major heart vessels was completely blocked, my heart had developed collateral circulation so I did not need additional intervention which would have required life-long medications to prevent the intervention, heart stent, from being an issue.

Once again government claims to be the solution to problems when in fact it is THE problem. Industries know how to survive, connect with government which in turn will promote their products whether food, medicines or medical devices, etc. The unknowing public is continually bombarded with messages of the need for government healthcare for everyone. In my experience, government involvement in both healthcare and nutritional research has biased these results in favor of industries rather than truth and the public the government claims to protect and serve. The rising cost of healthcare is not because of greedy doctors, they do exist, or greedy medical industries, they do exist, or even by the rising number of people needing care; the single biggest factor contributing to exponentially rising healthcare costs: government at all levels. This is a parasitical-symbiotic relationship leeching tax dollars from hard working Americans while rationing access to healthcare based on the very problems it created. All the while everyone ignores the true causes and relatively easy cheap solutions which would begin to ease costs. Remember, as demand increases so do costs; as government restricts access and controls availability to facilities and necessary devices: costs go up. By ignoring the laws of economics, common with governments, costs increase, access decreases and PEOPLE DIE! This is why one should not look to government to solve problems. Governments only solve problems that can increase its power to control people. Take control of your own health. The resources are available via the Internet, until the government censors it, and YouTube, which seeks to limit access to information itdeems necessary to control. Government control is what makes science into scientism just as it has done to certain aspects of medicine. The body is God's temple, you must take care of it to do His work!

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