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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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American Idols of Mount Rushmore
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Presidents of Mount Rushmore Represent
America's National Commitment to Truth??

During the Great Depression and World War Two, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, had the heads of the four greatest presidents sculptured into its granite face. Every school child of the subsequent 20th century were instilled with the righteous greatness of these four men in shaping the godly America of today. Yet, a brief glimpse of the true history of these four presidents dispels the myths to reveal a darker face of today's America than citizens are willing to face.

We will look briefly at just one aspect of each of these presidents to unmask their mythos to reveal the sandy ground upon which today's America rests. Many will disagree and consider this revisionist history; true. Revisionist history relooks at the original data apart from the narrative of an America built on God and shining His light into a dark world of repression and fear.

Americans Openly Worshiped Washington
As Divine; Here He is depicted as Zeus

No single president has been mythologized as much as President Washington. The above statute was commissioned for the centennial of his birth. Its obviously mythological imitation of Zeus offended many and it was eventually moved from the Capitol Building. However, in 1865, another image of Washington as god appeared in the Capitol Building: Apotheosis of Washington. This depicts him among the pagan gods and goddess of ancient Greece and Rome. His place among the pagans is well earned. Under the guidance of President Washington, and ratified under President Adams, the Treaty of Tripoli contained a clause that stated America was nota nation of God. From nearly the inception of America under the Constitution our government has maintained it is not a godly nation. This is indeed true as all nations belong to Lucifer (Mt 4:8-10). However, nearly every president has maintain the deception that America was founded by Christians upon Christian principles. Our history contradicts that mythos if citizens would only reject the pabulum and clearly view the facts of history.

Jefferson, Father of Democracy and the
Common Man rearranged Scriptures

The young nation transferred its worship of Washington to Jefferson since Adams was too blunt of a president for Americans to stomach. Jefferson was the Renaissance Manwho gave lip service to being a "man for the people", though he never thought of himself as a "man of the people". If one goes to Monticello, his home, one can see his bible on display. His Bible deleted any mention that Jesus was God, most if not all of Christ's miracles and any idea of Christ as Savior (Carlson, P. The Bible According to Thomas Jefferson. The Jefferson claimed that it was as easy to tell the truth of the Bible from its lies as it was to separate diamonds from dung {poop}. Here again, a Founding Fatherrejects the notion that America represented God on earth. When one rejects God one is left with the god, Lucifer, father of liars and murders {sinners} since his sin against the Father in Heaven (Jo 8:44).

The divorce of American government from biblical morality meant that government leaders were free to change their morality to fit the occasion. Efforts to prop the myth that America was founded as and remained a godly nature must ignore the plain facts and erect a myth. Paul warns of those who follow after myths at the expense of biblical truth: they will become willingly ensnared in the lie of Lucifer (2Th 2: 9-12; 2Ti 4:3-5). With this groundwork laid by the Founding Fathersour next president was able to rewrite government in the minds of the people.

Lincoln not only rewrote history out of
whole cloth, he imprisoned dissenters!

During the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Douglas kept trying to get Lincoln to commit whether he believed in Christ as Savior; Lincoln would not commit. There is never a statement from Lincoln that he believed in the Christ of the Bible as Savior. He was not above usingGod to make his policies palatable to the people and he frequently used the logical fallacy of both False Dilemma and Equivocation to guidepeople's thinking. Even in his day many believed believed in God so persuasive an orator was he. Yet, Lincoln was a deceiver. He violated the Constitution by suspending habeas corpusand imprisoning thousands who disagreed with his policies and his war. When a Supreme Court Justice ruled against his abuse of power he threatened to have him arrested indefinitely. Unknown to modern Americans, thousands died under their brutal imprisonments and a dissenting member of government was actually deported. His implementation of governmental pragmatism {ends justifies the means} eroded the morality of Americans in general and politicians in particular, as if that needed any nurturing. His Gettysburg address alluded to his belief that the general populace ratified the Constitution rather than the States. This approach made Southern Succession illegal and justified his war against Americans. In fact, the States agreed to form the federal government and it was answerable to them; until after the war when through brute force of war states were made subservient to the state. He is the father of modern American nation-state. Our last president will build on this legacy.

Master of Propaganda Teddy disguised his
Progressivism as goodfor America

Theodore Roosevelt {Teddy} was the early master of hegemony: manufactured consent of the people. He inaugurated the Progressive Era demonstrating the nature progression of government began by Lincoln. Corporate business which could not compete turned to the state to enforce cartelism {trusts}. Those corporations that would not become part of the government's cartelization of that particular industry were labeled as bad trustsand against the American people. Thus, he masqueraded as a trust busterwhen in fact he was a laissez faire destroyer. His use of propaganda became the model for all future presidents. His conservation programput much of Western lands under federal control so the state could lease them to favoredcorporations and reap monetary compensation both above and below the table. Because of his masterful use of propaganda he gained the approval of the people for their own enslavement under an early form of national socialism; which is the true reality of progressivism.

Because of Teddy's Progressivism America became an unashamedly self-righteous country both internally and externally. America began projection power aboard turning into an imperialistic nation under the guise of safe-guarding democracy at home and abroad. In fact, the Marines in particular became the favored tool safeguarding American corporatist interests abroad. Thus, in approximately 100 years of Constitutional government America rejected the republic form of government for an ever growing authoritarian form of government all the while hiding under the banner of democracy for the people.

Sadly, many Christians have succumb to the version of American history chiseled into the granite of Mount Rushmore; a history that never existed except as taught by government public schools. Christians have increasingly become simple another arm supporting the national socialistic government that seeks to enslave its citizens with their consent, or by force as necessary. The Puritans efforts to build a godly nation have evolved into a nation rejecting God and using force internally and externally to achieve its goals. Christians are to proclaiming the Gospel message of salvation to individuals who look for a kingdom to come. We are not to rebel against any government; neither are we to embrace as good any government. We pray for the peace of governments to take the Gospel message unhindered. However, governments of Satan will always hate the Gospel of Peace and seek to obstruct or obliterate the message and messengers. Most Christians today are content with simply hiding in the myths of Americanism to gratify their wants rather than seeing to the needs of taking the Gospel into a lost world. In the end, ignorance and complacency will not protect them from the governments that seek total control over its citizens.

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