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Dr. Fred | Georgia
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Study-Grow-Know Ministries
Study-Grow-Know Ministries
PO Box 1592
Hampton GA 30228
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Muslims Work Against Lowe’s and Christians Join the Circus, Pt 2
Posted by: Study-Grow-Know Ministries | more..
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...So how do we fight that? How do we approach the situation so that people are innocent until proven guilty? People say “this is America” yet before I get on a plane, I am guilty until I prove my innocence. If the IRS says I failed to pay my taxes or enough in taxes, I’m guilty until I prove my innocence.

Israel profiles and they are not afraid to because they are not mired in political correctness which ignores real threats. Go to an airport sometime and just watch. Who are the people being frisked and looked at more closely? The elderly or Asian. It’s a bit asinine, yet that’s what it is because the airport security has its “reasons” (you know, there could be a detonator or bomb hidden in an old person’s cane or fake leg).

Political correctness says to avoid the obvious, even if it costs you your life. Political correctness says that if all of the terrorist acts since 9/11 (again, nearly 20,000 of them!) were committed by Muslims, we must ignore that fact and take each situation by itself.

This is ludicrous. We have the facts in front of us and we know what’s going on. Beyond this, we have a show called “All-American Muslims” which purports to show average Muslims in a place that is being torn apart by Islamic ideology. Yet, rather than portray the truth of the situation, we have TLC trying its best to be politically correct ad nauseam. There is no accounting for this and the truth of the matter is that while certainly not all Muslims are dangerous, murderous, or just plain evil, too many are that. How do we then protect ourselves against the evil Muslim while giving the non-evil Muslim the benefit of the doubt? It is very, very difficult at best.

People in general do not want to stereotype. They don’t want to be racist (never mind being called racist). The average individual wants to be fair and without guile. The problem though is that we often do not know the entire situation.

The truth of the matter is that the FBI is constantly working on situations because they appear to be terrorist cells. We know this for a fact, though of course, we don’t know which group they suspect until they arrest them. Who knows exactly how many cells have been infiltrated and/or broken up followed by arrests, but there have been many of them. To believe that this is not the case is naive.

Of all the terror cells that have been broken up since 9/11, all of them (that we have heard of) have involved Muslims. So what do we assume by that? We assume that there are likely numerous others within the U.S. that have not been broken up yet.

When you couple this with large populations of Somali Muslims being brought here on the taxpayer dime, as well, as Muslims groups outside of Binghamton, NY (my old stomping grounds) renaming their neck of the woods “Islamberg,” then eyes start to open a bit wide.

Someone will say that’s no different from when Italians came over or Polish and they settled in neighborhoods that were nicknamed “Little Italy,” or “Little Poland.” Actually, it’s a lot different. Those were nicknames, not official renames. They did not have a sign erected at the entrance of an Italian neighborhood that touted it as “Little Italy.” It was simply how it was known by the locals.

The other reality is that while yes, the Mafia came over with the Italians, they were not out to destroy the U.S. government. They did not demand that the United States kowtow to them, even giving them more rights and privileges than other U.S. citizens, which is often the case with Muslims.

In the end, it’s not an easy road to walk down. Somewhere, someone’s rights are going to be trampled a bit. But why should it be that since we know beyond doubt that Muslims have been perpetrating one terrorist event after another, it is deemed best to ignore that information as somehow being corrupted? Shouldn’t we be looking at that and realistically understanding the problem?

The problem is that there are too many radical Muslims who want to kill anyone who is not a Muslim. The other problem is that there are not enough alleged moderates who are willing to stand up to the radicals, preferring instead to charge non-Muslims with “Islamophobia.” The third problem is that there is absolutely no way to know for certain which Muslims is and which Muslim is not a radial jihadist. Just because one Muslim wears what appears to be a robe and head covering does not necessarily mean he is an Islamic extremist. Conversely, because a Muslim wears a suit and tie does not mean that he is not an Islamic extremist.

In short, until we learn how to honestly distinguish radical Muslims from non-radical, the world is in constant danger. People who are unwilling to see that are either naive or completely stupid I’m sorry to say.

We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand. A show like “All-American Muslim” does not portray the average Muslim. It portrays a trumped-up, artificial Muslim that pretends to be just like every other American. The show promotes this artificial Muslim instead of addressing the very real problems that exist in Dearborn, MI and other areas in Michigan. If it was at least balanced on the subject, it would be easier to take it seriously, but it’s not. It has an agenda and the agenda is to show Muslims as normal Americans. I have no doubt that there are many Muslims who are normal Americans. However, the Muslims on the show are fakes at best, and undercover radicals at best. Sorry, that’s my opinion and until I learn otherwise, I’m sticking with it.

Category:  Ministries

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