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NOV 19, 2017
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Quiz for pastors. See how you get on!
Posted by: Mount Merrion Free Presbyterian Church | more..
4,300+ views | 930+ clicks

Another Pastoral Quiz
A little Quiz for the Pastor who studies.

You are not allowed to use the Bible or any other Biblical help; nor may you ask the opinion of others, nor in books unless otherwise instructed. The only time the Bible may be used is when it explicitly tells you to read the passage and comment on it. You have 5 days to complete it.

There are:
296 questions,
183 terms to define,
and 31 practical application questions at the end.


Biblical Knowledge

Old Testament Survey

1. On a separate sheet, write out all the books of the Bible in order.

2. Who wrote the first five books of the Bible and why?

3. Who did God create in His image?

4. What was the first sin?

5. What did God do for Adam and Eve after they had committed their sin?

6. What was the covenant sign that God made with Noah after He came out of the ark?

7. What was the covenant sign with Abraham in genesis 17?

8. Why was the city of Sodom destroyed?

9. Read Genesis 50:19. What does this verse tell us about sin and about suffering? (Especially God's involvement in working with the two?

10. Who was the first High Priest Appointed?

11. What was the provision God made for the hungry Israelites in the wilderness?

12. Write out the ten commandments in order?

13. Before the last plague was wrought on Egypt, what "everlasting ordinance" did God instruct Moses to do?

14. What two books of the Bible are the ten commandments written in?

15. What were the three sections of the tabernacle?

16. Which of the following did not belong in the tabernacle?

a) the ark b) the alter of incense c) the gold lamp stand d) the golden scepter e) the bronze laver

17. The ark of the covenant held:

a) the ten commandments b) Aaron's rod c) the manna d) all of the above

18. What is the theme of Leviticus in one word?

19. On the day of atonement, who was affected by the sacrifice?:

a) the Israelites alone b) the whole world c) all the people who were in the camp d) all the people outside the camp e) just the High Priest

20. Who is Korah?

21. Who is the appointed successor of Moses?

22. Did Moses ever get into the promised land of Canaan?

23. Read Deut. 7:6. What do you think this means?

24. What is the theme of Joshua?

25. Name the two bodies of water that God parted.

26. What was the first city to be destroyed by Joshua's army? And how did they do it?

27. What covenant did Joshua renew with the Israelites and why?

28. Name four judges from the book of Judges.

29. Read Judges 9:23. How does this change your perception of God--or does it?

30. Why is the book of Ruth important?

31. What nationality was Ruth?

32. What is a Kinsman Redeemer?

33. Why is Ruth herself important?

34. Who is Hannah?

35. What does the name Ichabod mean, and why is he important?

36. Who was the first king of Israel?

37. What king was deemed "a man after God's own heart?"

38. What sin did this king commit? why? and at who's expense?

39. Who was this kings prophet?

40. Who was struck dead because he touched the ark of the covenant?

41. Who succeeded David as king?

42. Read 1 Kings 8:53. What does this mean?

43. What great prophet is introduced in 1 Kings 17?

44. What crooked husband and wife team did battle against this prophet?

45. What happened with this prophet on Mount Carmel?

46. How did this prophet die?

47. Who was his successor?

48. Who is Micaiah?

49. Read 1 Kings 22:19-23. How does this affect your view of God?

50. Who is Namaan and what prophet ministered to him?

51. Name three kings who did great reforms in the book of 2 Kings:

52. who was the most evil king, who reigned the longest?

53. What king was the king of prayer?

54. Why did God exile Judah and when?

55. 1 Chronicles records for us--what?

55. What did Solomon ask for as a gift from God?

56. Who built the 1st temple?

57. What is Religious Syncretism?

58. What kingdoms did God use to exile the Israelites: circle all that apply:

a) Babylon b) Persia c) Egypt d) Chaldea e) Judah f) Rome

59. During what young king's reign was the book of the law found.

60. What godly scribe has a book of the Bible named after him?

61. King____________was moved by God to have the temple rebuilt.

62. Who was king Artexerxes? and why was he important?

63. In the book of Ezra, what sin is dealt with in the last two chapters, and why is it a great sin?

64. Who was appointed to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem?

65. What book of the OT does not mention God's name one time?

66. Why is the book of Esther important?

67. Who are the four main characters in the book of Esther?

68. What is the feast of Purim?

69. Who was Job's adversary?

70. What were the names of Job's comforters?

71. Were these men comforters?

72. What sufferings did Job endure and why?

73. Read Job 13:15. How does this verse help people deal with trials?

74. Did Job know he would ultimately be saved when he died? why or why not?

75. Read Job 21:30. What does it mean?

76. who offered the best comfort to Job (besides God) in the book?

77. Read Job 42:2. What does this say about the will of God?

78. How many Psalms are there?

79. How are the Psalm, which are men's prayer and songs to God, be God's Word to us?

80. What is a Psalm of ascent?

81. Give two examples (Scriptural ref.) of lamenting Psalms:

82. What is an imprecatory psalm?

83. What are three examples of prophetic Psalms concerning the Messiah?

84. Read Psalm 10:4. What is this saying?

85. Circle any of the following terms you are familiar with: inverted parallelism, acrostic, hallel psalm, antithetical parallelism, synonymous parallelism, selah.

86. Read Psalm 51:5. What is being expressed here?

87. Read Psalm 65:4. What is being expressed here?

88. What is your favorite Psalm and why?

89. Read Psalm 104:34. What does "meditate" mean?

90. Read Psalm 148:6. What is a decree?

91. What five books of the Bible are considered "Hebrew Poetry?"

92. Proverbs personifies something as very important. What?

93. What is the beginning of wisdom?

94. Read Proverbs 9:9. What is being expressed here?

95. What is the long Psalm?

96. What do the Psalms tell us concerning using instruments in worship?

97. Read Proverbs 16:4. What is being expressed here?

98. Read Proverbs 21:2. What is being expressed here?

99. Quote your favorite Proverb:

100. What is the theme of the book of Ecclesiastes?

101. Who wrote Ecclesiastes?

102. What is the key verse to the book of Eccl.?

103. What is the best description of the Song of Songs:?

a) a love song between a husband and a wife b) love between Christ and the church c) love between a king and his d) love between God and creation e) love between a horse and his master

104. Who are the two main characters in the Song of Songs?

105. Which prophet saw the Lord "high and lofty" and "seated on the throne?"

106. Write the chapter from the book of Isaiah which corresponds to each of the following descriptions:

Isaiah hears "holy, holy, holy" _____

The Immanuel prophecy _____

Wonderful, Counselor, etc. _____

The root of Jesse prophecy _____

Hezekiah's life is extended 15 years _____

God's people comforted as sheep _____

The Suffering Servant _____

107. Read Isaiah 66:2. What is being expressed here?

108. Read Jeremiah 1:5. What is being expressed here?

109. Read Jer. 9:23-24. What is being expressed here?

110. Where was Jeremiah when he prophesied?

111. Name three symbols, or object lessons, used by God for Jeremiah's understanding a certain judgment or blessing.

112. Read Jeremiah 13:@3 and 17:9. What is being expressed here?

113. What Jeremiah popular? Why or why not?

114. What chapter is the prophecy of the Branch of Righteousness found in Jeremiah?

115. Read Jeremiah 31:15. What is the NT prophecy which is fulfilled from this verse?

116. In Jeremiah chapter _____, the New Covenant is spoken of.

117. Where is the Law written in the New Covenant?

118. Jeremiah was never placed in a dungeon, but just in a cistern. T or F?

119. Nediah was Jeremiah's scribe. T or F?

120. Why is Lamentations important?

121. Where do we find this verse? "Through the LORD's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness."

122. What is going on in Ezekiel chapter 1?

123. Where was Ezekiel when he prophesied?

124. Read Ezekiel 34:1-16. What is being expressed here?

125. What is the message behind the valley of dry bones?

126. The last 8 chapters of Ezekiel deal with what?

127. What king captured the Israelites during the time of Daniel?

128. What gift did God give Daniel?

129. What five kingdoms did Daniel prophesy about?

130. Which is the greatest kingdom of the 5?

131. Who was Nebuchadnezzer's son and why is he important?

132. Daniel was thrown into the lions den and the fiery furnace. T or F.

133. Who were the friends of Daniel?

134. Who is seen in Daniel's vision of chapter 7?

135. What was the messenger's name God sent to Daniel after 22 days of prayer?

136. What prophet was instructed to marry a harlot?

137. Read Hosea 6:6. What is being expressed here?

138. What "army" does Joel prophesy about?

139. What well known prophecy is contained in Joel 2?

140. What was Amos' occupation?

141. Read Amos 3:2. What is being expressed here?

142. What, to who and why did Obadiah prophecy?

143. How long was Jonah in the belly of the great fish?

144. Many people think Jonah was just a fairy tale. Read 2 Kings 14:25. Why does this help us?

145. Who did Jonah prophesy against?

146. How does the book of Jonah end? Why?

147. Who was a contemporary prophet of Micah? a) Isaiah b) Jeremiah

c) Ezekiel

148. What is contained in Micah 5?

149. Who did Nahum prophecy against?

150. In what OT book is the quote, "The just shall live by faith?"

151. Zephaniah prophesied about many countries. Which country was he most concerned about?

Category:  Preaching

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