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One week down...
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Well, it's been a week now...

The funeral service turned out really nice. A lot of our family came out from the East Coast and Canada to be with us. The rest of them wanted to be here, but couldn't for different reasons. They performed a couple beautiful musical pieces for the funeral. It was really nice having them here. It's always nice to be with family, but times like these really draw you closer together.

There looked to be close to 300 people in attendance, which was amazing (more than our wedding). It's just a testament to how God used this little girl to touch so many people.

We spent most of the week keeping busy with the funeral plans. We have been holding up pretty well. We have had a lot of support from friends and family. The hardest times are when you are alone (especially in the car). We are happy for her, but we just miss her. I know to her, it won't seem like a long time before she sees us again (what is a few years when you are faced with eternity?). We will see this little angel again, and for that we are grateful.

Some pictures from the funeral
Pictures from the funeral 11/13 PM and 11/14 AM

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