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Silent night
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I just got through talking with the doctor for today. Here is where we stand...

Jessica was stable overnight. They were able to take some of the fluid build-up off of her. We can see her nose popping out and her forehead (her face used to be quite swollen). Her belly has gone down, and her color overall looks much better.

Jessica's lungs are improving faster than they expected. Her heart is functioning normally on it's own (they took her off the pacemaker, and her heart is doing everything it is supposed to be doing). The doctor anticipates that they will be able to take her off the ECMO (heart-lung) machine within the next 3-4 days MAX.

Everything is going in the right direction with the kidneys and liver. He believes these will recover completely.

The only question mark remaining is the brain...and he stated the obvious when he said that this is the most important thing to know about.

Jessica is currently not on any drugs to help her sleep. She still remains unconscience. We have seen her move this morning for the first time. Her hands and arms are making some movements, and her feet repond to touching. At this point, this just means that her spinal cord is intact. They really want to know what is going on in her brain. The ultrasound technician and the neurologists have seen her today. They still don't have any more information. They still see the same spot on her brain that is somewhat of a mystery. They will run some more tests tomorrow. Once she is off the heart-lung machine, they will be able to take her down to get an MRI, and that will give us more accurate information.

We will just take the good news for today. We will leave the worrying to the doctors.

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