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Prayer request
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Everything looked to be going well yesterday before we left. We got a phone call this morning from the doctor to let us know that they had some trouble overnight.

Jessica's blood pressure became unstable, so they opened her chest up again to evaluate. They have left the chest open just in case they need to go in again.

From what we understand at this early stage, Jessica's right ventricle is not pumping like they had hoped. This is where the blood gets pumped into the lung. Because of this, the blood isn't getting enough oxygen, and the blood is backing up into the body. This is causing failure of the liver and kidneys to function. Because the liver isn't functioning properly, the medication she was given to make her sleepy cannot be broken down and is building up in her body. This is what caused the drop in blood pressure. They have since stopped the medication and gave her some medication to reverse the effects.

A team of 15 doctors have spent over and hour rounding on her this morning to determine what step they want to take from here. (usually rounds last 10-15 minutes on each patient). They will stop to update us once they are through. Her status is currently critical, but stable.

I will continue to keep this site updated whenever I have access to the internet and as we get more information.

Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

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