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Surgery Complete!!!!!!
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First of all...thanks for all of the prayers and words of encouragement...they were definitely felt today.

I have good news to report. My little one is resting well tonight (they've got good drugs running through her). She just turned 6 months, and went into surgery this morning for open-heart surgery. They basically had to go in and reconstruct most of the heart. She had vessels going everywhich wrong way (some of which they discovered once they opened up her chest), but somehow her body had mechanisms to compensate for all of it up until now. We had one of the best surgeons in the nation (for this particular procedure) working on her, so she was in very good hands. We are extremely happy she made it through with flying colors. We just need to take things day by day now until they release her (maybe in 3-4 weeks).

We had all of the grandparents and Gene's sister there...waiting all day. What a great support that was! Jessica went under anesthesia at 7AM, and we were able to see her once again at 6PM. The whole staff at the hospital was very supportive and was very thorough in giving us information.

Once again, we so plainly saw God's hand working through this whole process. I wish I could be more specific, but it would take up pages. Things just have gone better than anyone could plan...and the right people are put in our path...just more than coincidence could account for.

I hope all of this news is encouraging for you. You never know what gifts and blessings God has for you just waiting around the corner. I feel like I have gotten more than my share through all of this. God bless you whereever you are.

Jessica's Sixth Month (10/03)
Jessica's Sixth Month (October 2003)

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