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And life goes on....
SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2010
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So here we are with a third of 2010 already over. GOODNESS!!! Time flies by so quickly!!!

Well, the latest update in the Choi family: GOD HAS BEEN REALLY GOOD TO US!!! and what's new about that? :D We serve an AWESOME GOD!

1. We're expecting another child due in October. Zac and Baby #2 will be 4 years apart.

2. Addison got a promotion at work after working there only for a year...he is now a Unit Coordinator for a new ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) unit being built at his workplace. He will be travelling a lot to other hospitals to see how their ECT unit operates. We are so thankful for God providing this new position and I am so proud of Addi and his diligent work.

3. Zac is officially signed up to start school this coming Fall. He will be in K3 since his birthday falls past the deadline of Sept 1. But he was excited to see his classroom and play area. He continues to enjoy reading and learn his phonics and spelling. He really loves letters. He also loves running and playing with his cars.

4. Christine is doing well with the pregnancy. She already went for her 2nd doctor checkup and heard the baby's heartbeat. Nice and strong. :D We can't wait until next month to find out if we're having a boy or girl.

Hope you enjoy our recent pictures. We're getting bad at taking pictures lately. We need to work on it, especially with the 2nd one coming. :D Well, enjoy and continue to pray for our little family. :D

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