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Time FLIES!!!
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Welcome to 2010!!! I can't believe that the last time we blogged was last year in January 2009. My time sure flies by!!! But one thing for sure is that God has and still is watching over us. He is constantly providing for us for our needs. Everyone is still healthy. We serve an amazing loving God who watches over His children.

So what is going on with the Choi's?

Zac is now 3. He is more entertaining than ever. He's been imaginative, creative, curious, fast learner....let me elaborate. Imaginative...he makes up stories...he pretends he catches these invisible animals. Curious...the question "what's that? what ya doing?" the never ending questions that will never stop for a few more years. Fast learner...he is like a sponge right now absorbing every new thing we teach him. He knows how to count and recognize numbers up to 100. Loves to sing songs. Starting to pronounce words by using the phonics we teach him. It's amazing what a difference between being 2 to now being 3. He is such a joy in our lives! We're able to see more and more of his personality.

Addison has been working at a clinic now for about 1 year. He was elected the Employee of the Month for February 2010! We are so proud of him! :D

Christine is working part time subbing and helping out her parents with their business. But is able to be with Zachary almost 24/7 (minus the time she subs) which she loves every moment.

Well, hope you all are having a great start to another new year!

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