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LESSON 7 "That means...Jesus Had To Die!" HYMN "In The Cross of Christ I Glory"
FRIDAY, MARCH 07, 2014
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Lesson 7 - That means . . . Jesus had to die!

Yes! Jesus had to die!

God requires death as payment for sin.

Do you remember what God told Adam? He said,

"On the day you eat the fruit of that Tree, you shall surely die!"

But wait! Jesus is Eternal God!

He was not a sinner. He is holy, pure, perfect and blameless!

Yes! That is true!

The Bible tells us that Jesus became SIN FOR US,

that WE MIGHT BECOME The Righteousness of God in Him.

It means that Jesus Christ willingly took His people's sin

upon His Own Body and Soul in their place!

He died, nailed to a tree, called the cross.

The Father punished Him for the sins of all His people.

He was guilty!

The blood that Jesus willingly gave for sinners was accepted

by the Father as a perfect sacrifice for sin.

His death set His people free from sin and death forever!

Now, sinners are like Jesus, their Saviour.

They are holy and blameless before their Father in heaven.

When the Father looks on all those blood-washed sinners,

He sees His Own Son.

God loves them exactly the way He loves Jesus!

This is a great miracle, a great truth, a great mystery.

We cannot understand everything about God perfectly.

But we can trust Him.

We glory in the cross, where He took our place.

We love Him, honor Him and thank Him by simply trusting Him.

Everyone, who trusts Jesus completely, is like Jesus.

THE HYMN: In The Cross of Christ I Glory

"But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our LORD Jesus Christ, by Whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world." Galatians 6:14


In the cross of Christ I glory! Dark, a world that once did shine.

Cross, thy Light, thy Proclamation: "Jacob's chosen race is Mine!"

All that God the Father giveth unto Jesus Christ The Son:

death and hell for each is vanquished.

Life for each His Own is won.


All this empty world has to offer staggers at the Saviour's claim:

I AM come to save My people. JESUS Christ shall be My Name.

Dying ones, a dying Saviour came to conquer death for thee.

At the cross, your sin laid upon Him;

in His death, your soul is set free.


Once, the love of this world could sway me.

I, with dying thieves, agreed: "Washed in blood!

Ridiculous notion! Jesus? None but fools believe!"

Came the day, He found me dying. Death and hell awaited me.

Like the thief, I cried to the Saviour,

"Wash me! LORD! Have mercy on me!"


Grace bestowed, my soul enlightened.

My Redeemer took my place.

All my sin and all my transgression, at the cross is all erased.

Glorious cross! O glorious Saviour! Crucified, the world to me.

Now, my heart delights to consider:

Christ is all the world to me.


Bread of Life, in Thy Body, broken, is a taste of love divine.

Lamb of God, Thy blood, an offering: my soul drinks the finest wine.

All the dainties sin can offer, lure no longer, nor entreat.

At the cross, my soul is found feasting: fare, no worldly ones can eat.


WORDS AND MUSIC: Kathleen Shea Vick

As I was praying about putting together a video presentation of this new hymn, I began searching through the online portfolios of many different photographers. I found wonderful images of sheep and lambs, but when I asked the artists for permission to use their images in my videos, they all wanted me to sign license agreements that would give them a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the movie. I had a hard time convincing these folks that I wasn't selling anything.

I decided not to use their photos and thought about trying to illustrate the videos with my own drawings. Arthur had the brilliant optimism to suggest that we try to "take our OWN pictures of sheep". Let's have at it! I grabbed my little camera and followed him out the door. We found, amazingly, a whole flock of ewes with little lambs and one ram, literally, right around the corner at an Ohio State University Agriculture Extension. You can see the lamb photos in the video clips attached to this blog for yourself. Praise God! We had so much fun that morning, looking at those strange, vulnerable, curious, lovely creatures. We thought, with awe and wonder, "Behold The Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." John 1:29

I hope that you will become familiar with this new hymn, for the glory of The Lamb of God, our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. For this reason, I have posted the music notation at our eDocs tab. It is completely FREE to anyone who will be blessed by it, will want to sing it and will tell others about it. You are free to download, copy and distribute the sheet music, but please know this - THE MUSIC IS NOT TO BE SOLD, as it belongs to The LORD and is not merchandise. God bless you, whoever you are, as you seek Him and the promise of eternal life through faith in His blood. Here is the link to the music notation:

Now, all 5 verses are posted as (5) 90-second video clips. Hear the music and see the words at the same time:

AND this new hymn is now posted at The Sermonaudio Online Hymnal. Follow the external link to see the words and hear the music.

"In The Cross of Christ I Glory"
See the ENTIRE UNCLIPPED VIDEO at: [] ABOUT THE MUSIC: The verse from...

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