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LESSON 8 "Isn't It Wonderful!" HYMN "Children of The Heavenly Father"
FRIDAY, MARCH 07, 2014
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Lesson 8 - Isn't it wonderful!

Yes, it is wonderful that we can be like Jesus, too!

We can have God as our Father!

We can be the children of the Heavenly Father.

We can please God in the same way that Jesus pleases His Father.

The LORD Jesus loves His Father and obeys Him perfectly. Jesus said, "He that sent Me is with Me.

The Father hath not left Me alone; for I do always those things which please Him."

We obey God by believing what He says to us in The Bible.

Then, we become one with God, just as a branch is part of a tree.

Listen children!

This is probably the most important thing to know about God!

We please Him by believing everything He says!

Think about it:

God the Fathernamed the sinners who would be purchased

from sin and death before the creation of the earth.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, agreed to purchase them with His Own blood. He came to earth and died the death of a criminal.

God the Holy Spirit agreed to tell all God's people This Message:

"You have been purchased from sin and death by the blood of

Jesus Christ, the Son of God!"

Men, women and children who believe this message


The Children of The Heavenly Father.

No one, nothing, can take them away from God.

They are safe and secure in their Saviour forever.

THE HYMN: Children of the Heavenly Father

"Like as a father pitieth his children,

so the LORD pitieth them that fear Him." Psalm 103:13


Children of the heav'nly Father

safely in His bosom gather;

nestling bird nor star in heaven

such a refuge e'er was given.


God His own doth tend and nourish,

in His holy courts they flourish;

from all evil things, He spares them.

In His mighty arms, He bears them.


Neither life nor death shall ever

from the LORD His children sever.

Unto them His grace He showeth,

and their sorrows all He knoweth.


Praise the LORD in joyful numbers.

Your Protector never slumbers.

At the will of your Defender,

ev'ry foe at last surrenders.


Though He giveth or He taketh,

God His children ne'er forsaketh.

His the loving purpose solely,

to preserve them, pure and holy.

TUNE: TRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARE, Traditional Swedish Melody

WORDS: Carolina V. Sandell Berg, ca. 1855 (Translated by Ernst W. Olson, 1925)

Just a brief little story about this hymn - When Mrs. Vivian Antolick asked me to make this lullaby CD for her friend with a new baby, she specifically asked me to include, "Children of The Heavenly Father". It happens to be one of her favorite hymns. She told me a wonderful story of how she came to love it. As a young nursing student, she worked for a time in a hospital in Minnesota that was operated by Lutherans from Sweden. Whenever a new baby was born, the nurses would all sing this song to the mother and child, in Swedish, of course!

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