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Man's Mighty Free Will - Will Always Choose To Crucify The LORD!
MONDAY, JUNE 08, 2009
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BLOG ON: SERMON Himself He Cannot Save
Don Fortner
Does that sound a bit harsh?

Well, what does the testimony of Scripture declare? The pompous religious leaders of the day were there at the cross. They stood together with drunkards and murderers who were partying at a very special event - the execution of criminals.

The religious leaders of the day, men of great theological wisdom, who claimed that they understood the Word of God and were waiting for the Messiah, looked up at the dying Christ and said, "He saved others. Himself He cannot save..."

They did not know, in their utter corruption, hypocrisy and blindness, that what they said was absolutely TRUE. They meant to bring an accusation against an imposter, but their words reinforced the great truth that Jesus is indeed, Infinite, Holy God!

TRUE! HE COULD NOT SAVE HIMSELF! Oh no. He could not save Himself, because He was dying the death that would save His people from their sins (Matthew 1:21). He became sin for us. He willingly satisfied the demands of the Holy Law of God against sinnners. He had to suffer eternal hell for all those sinners that must be saved.

Woe to the pharisees! Woe to the thousands and thousands of pharisees in our day, who boldly, unashamedly, audaciously proclaim, "Man has a free will! He can decide to love God!" These men, like the pharisees who stood at the foot of the cross, do not see Jesus. They have no idea what happened there at the cross. The apostle Paul made this clear, when he said, "If righteousness came by the law, then is Christ crucified in vain."

Listen to this no frills message from Pastor Don Fortner. The passage from Mark 15:31 shows us the "free will of man" in all its glory. Sinner, your "free will" will always crucify the LORD of Glory. But praise God and His Christ, that Jesus "freely and willingly" died in the place of every sinner named before the foundations of the world. And the Israel of God say, "Amen!"

A revival is coming that no pharisee will recognize, a revival that religious "leaders" will mock and scorn, as they do the LORD Jesus, Himself.

LORD, Bring Revival!


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