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Month Nine
SATURDAY, MAY 02, 2009
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I feel like a broken record saying, "this month has gone by so fast", but it has. Katherine just turned 9 months old. She will be a year old and walking before we know it. Gene's father is in Korea this month, so I have put up extra pictures and videos for his sake. I'm sure he misses her. This month's pictures show:

1. Katherine's first trip, but not last trip, down a slide

2. Easter Sunday - we knew she was under the weather, but thought she was on the mend...until we got home and the projectile vomiting and continuous diarrhea continued...then being the loving daughter that she is, she passed it along to mom, who missed a couple days of work due to high fever and the inability to get very far from the toilet before having to run back, but hey, I temporarily lost 4 pounds. I don't recommend this diet because once you are able to keep down fluids, all the weight comes back.

3. Her first balloon - she is enamored by these things and does not yet associate any danger with digging her nails in.

4. I included pictures of our little celebration of what would have been her big sister, Jessica's, 6th birthday (more balloons) even though, technically, it belongs in the next month's photos. I did not get to do anything for her 5th birthday because I was on bedrest, so I really wanted to do something this year. The rain did not keep us away. Katherine actually enjoyed it because it was her first time out in the wet weather. She sent a balloon up to her sister. We got to watch it for a while because the rain was slowing it's assent.

5. Some of Katherine's old and "new" friends.

6. A video of her dancing

7. A video of when we first caught her kissing her teddy bear.

After Katherine's illness, she seemed to grow and mature at a faster rate. She is very certain of what she wants and will let you know her displeasure if you take it away. She prefers standing and walking with assistance over sitting down. She still doesn't crawl, but rolls on her belly and scoots backwards. When she is excited or hears music, she begins to "dance". She enjoys drumming on any surface...especially, on my drums. She surprised me one morning and waved back at me when I went to work...I catch he practicing her wave every now and then. She started kissing her teddy bear one days, and once she saw that we got a kick out of it, she has started kissing everything (the pictures in her books, her animals, etc.). She loves looking at pictures or videos of herself. She is beginning to eat more "big girl" food, her favorites are bread and egg yolks (cooked, of course). She seems to be able to play independently for longer periods of time, but she still prefers to have people within eyeshot. She is still apprehensive of strangers...she will even shy away from my dad initially if she hasn't seen him in more than a week. But even with her fear of strangers, she enjoys being in a room with lots of people and action. I have noticed that when she is upset, she says what sounds like the Korean word for mom more, and when she is happy, she says what sounds like the Korean word for dad. And she is TOTALLY a daddy's girl. When he enters, you'd think a Rock Star came in the house. She is usually happy to see me, but it is not with the same intensity as dad. As you can probably tell, we are just having a lot of fun with her and having fun showing her new things.

We have been so blessed with our girls. We are enjoying every moment and enjoy sharing these moments with our friends and family. God is good.

FYI - I also added videos for last month. I lost my program to convert the videos. It's found now, so I am catching up.

Katherine's Ninth Month
Katherine's Ninth Month

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