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Katherine got her bottom teeth just before she turned 6 months. I knew she was growing some top teeth because she was gnawing on anything she could get her hands on. Just like I thought, she soon had two top teeth. Before I knew it she had another one on top...that makes the teeth count 5.

I realized that I never finished my update last month. I stopped it in mid-thought. I only get 2 days a week to be with Katherine, so I have been making the most of our time together as a family. Other things, like updating the website, have been going by the wayside.

I'm just going to list what Katherine has been up to this month, so that I can get to bed.

  • rolls over and scoots backwards
  • sings along when you sing a song she is familiar with...she gives a blank look when it is a song she doesn't know
  • gets very excited when she sees a dog
  • had her first trip to the park and first time on a swing
  • enjoys playing the piano and listening to the note until it fades
  • she has started dancing...I was trying to figure out what she was doing the first time she did it, but she rocks her upper body when she hears music

We are just so blessed and so happy right now. We are in the process of finding a local church. We have had so much support from and fun with all of our great friends and family.

Thanks for visiting. I have pictures up, and I will get some videos up when I get a chance.

Katherine's eighth month
Katherine's eighth month

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