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Time keeps flying
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Katherine is now 7 months old. I feel like her one year birthday is just around the corner....then before I know it, she'll be driving a car?!?!?!? Scary! I'm going to just try to enjoy her one day at a time. She still very much enjoys her grandparents. They are all hilarious in her eyes. Daddy is like a Rock Star. She gets so excited to see him around. Mommy gets smiles, but she is usually happy to see me because I will put her to sleep when she is tired. It seems like she will bury her head in my shoulder whenever I pick her up.

We got to enjoy some time with our longtime friends, the Tostes. Their 11 year old son (who is 12 today) bravely went through several rounds of chemo this past year and is now in remission. They also have a 2 year old son that Katherine found amusing because he moved around a lot and helped her with her toys. We don't see enough of each other, but it always seems like no time has past every time we do....the only thing that seems to change are the kids around us.

Katherine is doing well overall. She still has just the two bottom teeth, but she is chewing on anything she can get her hands on, so I'm sure we will be seeing some more pretty soon. She has started eating some solid food. She loves her far. She is more stable when she sits, but multi-tasking sometimes causes her to teeter. She has discovered her hands, and watches them as she moves her fingers around. She has also discovered her feet that are fun for grabbing and yanking off her socks.

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