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Home for Christmas
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"I'll be home for Christmas"...we almost didn't think it would happen. We finally moved in on Tuesday. It's been so crazy that I don't even remember if we closed on the house Monday or Tuesday... It took us more than two months to close on this house...leaving us "homeless" for one month. We bought a bank-owned home and since both sides were banks, they were very rigid with their decisions...which made every step painfully slow when they didn't agree. All of that is in the past now, and we are looking forward to making new memories in this home. We spent the last few days unpacking things like crazy and fixing things things are shaping up. We still have a number of boxes to unpack and a few remaining projects, but the space is very livable right now.

We had Christmas lunch at my mom's house, and then had leftovers for dinner at our house. We had a nice time together. Katherine always enjoys it when we all get together. We just have so much to be thankful for...and the biggest gift of all is Christ...who offers us life.

Katherine just keeps growing. Since we have been so busy, time has been flying by. I am starting work on Monday, and I know time will fly by even faster. We didn't really take any pictures this month. I will post what we have from the last few days.

Katherine is adjusting to her new home. We moved her in late Wednesday...went to my mom's house on Thursday, and when we returned, she got scared and started screaming because of the unfamiliar surroundings (not having the lights on probably didn't help either). Her eating and sleeping patterns were irregular, but I think that starting this morning, she is back in a groove. (I may take that back in the morning if she wakes me up at 2.)

Developmentally, she may be a little behind. With the moving around and the constant change in caretakers, I wasn't able to focus on having her practice some rolling over, sitting on her own, grabbing things. This also probably also has to do with the fact that there are so many willing hands to carry her around all day. She isn't on the ground enough to try these things on her own. She is, however, very vocal. She tries to talk to us and sing with us and readily laughs at her grandparents when they sing and dance for her. She has her own body language to let us know when she is hungry or wants a change of scenery. She is just very sweet and doesn't cry much, but will complain in her own language (mommy just listens and nods and says that we will do a better job next time).

Our pastor from the Bay Area, his wife, and son, came for a visit yesterday. We enjoyed a Kings/Raptors game. Pastor Mike came prepared with Raptor gear. We went early and rubbed elbows with the Raptor's announcer, I took part in the half-time game, and we went down and stood within frame shot of the TV cameras as the announcers did their post game analysis. It was a good wasn't a blowout. Unfortunately, the Kings lost (which is not an unusual thing this many rebuilding seasons do you get before you are just a bad team???). Pastor Mike calibrated and set-up our sound system, cleaned the cobwebs off of the 20 ft ceilings, screwed in the outdoor lightbulb (not sure how high that is, but it's high), and worked on other "out of reach" dusting projects...that's what you call a full-service pastor. We miss them very much and hope that we stay close.

This morning the Koepkes brought all of us breakfast and hung out with us. Katie played with Uncle Gene and enjoyed it so much that she wanted to set up a "play date" with him. We are so happy that we get to spend more time with our friends in Sacramento. As much as we enjoyed the Bay Area, Sacramento always feels like home.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. I wish you a safe and Happy New Year!!! Don't be afraid to stop by!!!

Katherine's fifth month
Katherine's fifth house

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