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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Slavery of the Gods: True Nihilism
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Babel is NOT Confusion of Languages:
Babel IS Confusion by Truths

My previous post discussed how philosophy sought to define truth since God's truth had been rejected (Freedom to be Gods: Nihilism). Our conclusion: philosophy had been used to deceive the people; to hide the truth from them. This post looks at government as the sole purveyor of truth. It began with Cain, one who killed his brother. Cain became a ruler over those who rejected God {Nod: Wanderers} and built cities. Cities implies organization for labor and supplies; in addition, it also implies force to control those who are rebellious at heart {definition of sinners}(Ge 4:17-22). Government's one constant is: Force. Cain's descendants laid the foundations for all cultures: industry, agriculture, music, etc. Cain also laid the foundation for the violent spread of his civilization; his success threatened to destroy God's people and coming Savior so God caused the Cataclysm {Flood} to reboot the world.

Within a few generations king arose, Nimrod, who substituted his truth for God's truth and sought to secure his legacy via worship in the form of a ziggurat; i.e., Tower of Babel (Ge 10:8-10; 11:1-9). In shorthand, the Bible states that God confused their language; i.e., immediately gave them different languages. This implies that God altered their understanding; i.e., their definition of truth. I believe it was this differing of truths, with their subsequent rejection by opposing groups, that caused the separation. Very quickly there arose competing empires and various migrating people groups across the face of the earth.

Egypt Represents the Very Ancient Kingdoms
Role of King and Priest in One Person

Pharaohwas the religious title of the King of Egypt as he wore two hats. This was indicative of the very ancient kingdoms. Why? Cain was raised to be Messiah to defeat Satan; however, he could not control his sin and killed the weak he was supposed to protect. His lost siblings, taught to respect him, and did respect him for his sinful rejection of God, accepted his leadership. Herein is an absolute truth: Government determines morality; i.e., right and wrong. Thus, government must have an acceptable source of truth people will accept. Cain probably took to himself the title of man-god and pointed toward a different source of truth other than God: Lucifer, angel of Light (2Co 11:13-15). Darkness, Lucifer's truth, always seeks to destroy Light, God's truth; thus the disciples of Lucifer, unrepentant sinners, war against the disciples of God, Christ, so only one truth remains: The Lie (Jo 1:5, 9-11; 2Th 2:9-12). This was continued by Nimrod. The division of the people did not change this fundamental approach to truth; it simply allowed each major subgroup to have their own truth. God allows sinners to go their way until judgment approaches (Ro 1:18-25).

Nebuchadnezzar's Vision of Kingdoms
Purpose: Ruler would be worshiped as god

After the very ancient kingdoms, the ancient kingdoms divided the role of king and high priest between two men. However, Nebuchadnezzar, who took Judah into captivity to Babylon, had a vision which only Daniel could realize and interpret (Da 2:31-45). Among the various meanings, the most pertinent to our discussion is that the ruler would be as god culminating in the Antichrist who would seek to replace God (2Th 2:3-4). We gain this understanding by Nebuchadnezzar's actions in the next chapter (Da 3:1-7). He built an image of gold, top portion of the image in his dream that corresponded to his kingdom, and demand that everyone worship him as god. Alexandra the Great, bronze portion of the image also demanded that people worship him as a god: then he died. The Roman emperors from Augustus onward demanded that they be worshipped as gods during their life times, emperor worship.

Pagan America retained its ancient roots
Governments are expressions of gods

Christ came, died, rose and ascended into Heaven until the time designated by the Father for His return. The Church was born, became corrupted and morphed into the Roman Catholic Church which inaugurated the Dark Age, worship of Darkness over Light. The Reformation reignited the Light, Gospel, before succumbing to governmental relationships which changed the Reformation to the Enlightenment which morphed into Romanticism, segwayed into into Utilitarianism, and finally Existential Postmodernism.

Now in this morass of "isms" the focus of truth moved from essence, what I will call god in some form or another as one's source of truth, to existence, man's experiences define his perception of truth. The purpose of governments, defining truths, and their entailing conflicts, wars, became so destructive that Western culture moved toward defining a single truth. This would require an overarching governmental body to enforce a truth onto national governments which would be submissive to this single body of truth. What would legitimize this body of truth among differing cultures?

All Religions Embrace a Commonality:
Darkness of Gnosticism

Gnosticism is nothing more than the unity of all false faiths along lines of common belief: goodness of man, love, peace, and brotherhood; the differences move to the background in a celebration of diversity. This is already occurring in Western Cultures which are seeking to spread this vision around the globe, with varying degrees of success. Notice the violation of the Law of Non-Contradiction just like we encountered in our previous post on philosophy.

Postmodernism postulates that there are multiplicity of truths depending on experience; yet, government demands there be only one truth form to determine good and evil. This contradicts its own postulate. Similarly, Gnosticism claims to embrace multiple faiths; however, it hardens along lines of belief that tolerate no differing beliefs such as God's true Gospel. Additionally, the overarching governmental body over individual sovereign nations will brook no dissension just as the American federal government of 1860 did not allow states to leave the Union but forced a unity at gunpoint. The European Union (EU) today will not easily allow United Kingdom to leave the Union, if at all. The EU is using Islam as a sledge hammer to shatter the Christian pillars of its Greco-Roman culture. Once Islam has done its task it will become a component of Gnosticism or forced from the Union. Choice is the illusion.

Choice is the illusion of True Nihilism
Morality Embraces Sin to Be the Only Choice

Government is force to enforce its own morality regardless of individual philosophical beliefs. Nihilism is simply the release of man, and government, from the constraints of God's Truth which is also rejection of the only hope man has: Salvation from God based on Christ's sacrifice as a gift of God. As morality and nihilism become one there is no choice; yet, the sinner wants no choice (Ro 3:10-18). The Truth of God is foolishness to sinners and they will not turn to God as their government, and civilization, sinks deeper into the morass of degradation and violence (1Co 2:14). Rather than becoming free, man becomes ever the slave of Lucifer's government.

Philosophy and government, both tools of Lucifer and full of violations of the Law of Non-Contradiction, become the shackles of all who reject Christ. Sinners have always embraced Nihilism, life without God; it is only in this age that they knowingly reject all gods in favor of themselves as gods. However, they will find this too is an illusion. The many are being deluded by the elite just as the elite are being deluded by Satan: There can be only one.

Category:  Ministries

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