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FRONT PAGE  |  7/13/2020
SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020  |  10 comments
U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia Issue Joint Statement Condemning Chinese Move on Hong Kong
The governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia have issued a joint statement condemning the Communist Chinese government's plan to impose new security measures on Hong Kong.

The statement concludes that Hong Kong's longstanding position as a world leader in trade was at stake should the authoritarian new measures take place.

From the statement:

Hong Kong has flourished as a bastion of freedom. The international community has a significant and long-standing stake in Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. Direct imposition of national security legislation on Hong Kong by the Beijing authorities, rather than through Hong Kong’s own institutions as provided for under Article 23 of the Basic Law, would curtail the Hong Kong people’s liberties, and in doing so, dramatically erode Hong Kong’s autonomy and the system that made it so prosperous. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item6/2/2020 8:56 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
A very interesting article from the Jerusalem Post
Seth J. Frantzman wrote:
The goal of Turkey, Iran, China and Russia during the current US crises is to use it to their advantage to press gains. Turkey has been flooding Libya with weapons and Syrian mercenaries during the crisis. China has pushed up against India in a border dispute. Iran is flexing its muscles at home and sending tankers to Venezuela. Russia has sent warplanes to Libya and Syria.

Meanwhile, all these countries want to leverage the economic crisis of the pandemic to their advantage. Turkey is designing a new fighter jet that Russia’s media heralds as a possible replacement for the F-16. Russia is pushing its defense systems, and Turkey wants to work with Iran, Malaysia and Pakistan to improve economic relations and expand its role in the Mediterranean....

excerpt from,"Iran, Russia, China, Turkey celebrate 'collapse' of US"


News Item5/31/2020 8:23 AM
Take no anxious thought.  Find all comments by Take no anxious thought.
Reporter: “what if you are a symptomatic and you go out and give COVID to someone and they die?” Lord Sumpton: “They could be a symptomatic and give it to me. We will never live in a risk free world. They can choose not to take risk. I choose to live life,” Former Supreme Court Judge.

When will Christians cease repeating the Government propaganda e.g. the BBC news promoting the UK lockdown and hysteria. The BBC is not impartial or the Christian's friendly sanitized truth disperser.

The same BBC who wheel out the Anti-Christ every Xmas and Easter as the head and only authority representative of their satanic versionised Christian insanity. Who themselves promote every possible blasphemy and love especially the sodomite transgender agenda. Who for decades have promoted evolution with false puppets like 'nice' David Attenborough whilst silencing the Bible.

Here is a devastating article from an expert on the lockdown.

'We could open up again and forget the whole thing’
Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski on the deadly consequences of lockdown.

Choose your experts very carefully!


News Item5/31/2020 6:03 AM
Chrisgp from England | England  Find all comments by Chrisgp from England
China is now riding cock a hoop. It has triumphantly exported its Wuhan virus to the rest of the world, ruining the economies of all the other countries.

Now the churches are in lockdown, it is finishing off its policy of destroying finally all the Underground churches, and even the state approved churches, and of course, completely barring any online worship at the same time.

Finally, it is now confident enough to destroy the “2Systems” agreement over Hong Kong, and fully overriding the local government there, and annexing its fully into Communist Mainland China.

It will have to realise that one day the Lord will hold it accountable, and laugh in derision as in Psalm 2!!!


News Item5/30/2020 11:15 PM
JD Saved by Grace | Florida  Find all comments by JD Saved by Grace
Thank you Wayfarer. Very well thought out comment and I thank you for posting it.

News Item5/30/2020 9:44 PM
Wayfarer pilgrim | Lubbock, Texas  Find all comments by Wayfarer pilgrim
Hong Kong has been a import-export city state for nearly 75 years. It has been pro west economically since the end of WW 2. Transferring power back to China was always going to be tumultuous when China gain control. The same can be said of Taiwan, China. The problem is Xi and Li. These boys want to take the world you know away from everyone and reorder everything. Think Covid was an accident. Wait till a purposeful action by their nation sinks the entire 3rd Fleet. When that happens , our navy is no longer able to move freely or safely. Where all of Asia is a no go zone. .

News Item5/30/2020 4:12 PM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
I think China has made a big mistake over Hong Kong, and it may adversely affect them for a long time to come.

News Item5/30/2020 1:52 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
In view of the history's of Russia and China we observe that it takes a war to move a people from democracy to communism.

Today in Hong Kong the reverse seems to be that coercion, threat and menace is the way to effect the opposite result.


News Item5/30/2020 7:19 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Watchmanremo, I didn't know that iPhones were rubbishâť“
Nick Schifrin wrote:
As I said, according to the China experts I'm talking to, the rhetoric was aggressive, but the question is, what are the actions? If the administration follows through, restricts travel, imposes tariff, that would be a fundamental shift in the status of Hong Kong.
It would also accelerate a trend that's already begun to happen. Basically, Hong Kong becomes another Chinese city, and American businesses would have to make a decision of whether to stay and live under the Communist Party rules or leave the city....
excerpt from,"China’s move to tighten control of Hong Kong prompts U.S. policy changes"

I hope the leaders of these countries find a way to rein China in, there are bigger stakes even then Hong Kong, such as Taiwanâť—


News Item5/30/2020 1:16 AM
Watchmanremo | Australia  Find all comments by Watchmanremo
Just another pantomime....actions speak louder than words!
Get our industry back off china stop producing rubbish then we wont have to throw it out afer a few month and go to the tip with all the rubbish they make. China is used like India by thses same country's .

News Item5/30/2020 12:14 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
It is notable that these four, minus New Zealand, have stood up together against the Chinese. IMHO, it's a gokd show of solidarity against tyrrany, echoing back to a by-gone era.

It is also quite notable that these four are chastising the Chinese government for imposing its communist system on the capitalist Hong Kong, when all four have notably pursued the implementation of some form of Marxism themselves to a greater or lesser degree.

The handover of Hong Kong to China was a mistake, I believe, although I'm not certain the Chinese would not have eventually "liberated" Hong Kong by force if given the opportunity. The UK would have little to stand on to prevent the takeover by force.

Meanwhile, the Lord's will is done. We should pray for Hong Kong and it's population, that Jesus would reign there and that the people will dwell in liberty to worship Him.

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