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FRONT PAGE  |  10/15/2019
Choice News FRIDAY, FEB 1, 2019  |  13 comments
Trump: Democrats 'becoming the Party of late-term abortion

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are blasting the Democratic Party for its support of late-term abortion amid a national outcry over statements in support of a proposed Virginia late-term abortion bill.

"Democrats are becoming the Party of late-term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders and Crime!" the president tweeted Thursday morning.

His words come on the heels of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, who in a WTOP radio interview Wednesday defended a proposed bill from state delegate Kathy Tran, also a Democrat, that would have allowed abortions to be performed until the moment of birth. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item2/9/19 4:53 PM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Terri Wrote:
-Both parties are guilty of supporting the murder via abortion..."

Valid point, Terri. Bottomline is that nobody speaks to the overturning of Roe vs's a non-issue. The Republican fight against mass-infantcide, is no fight at all, and I don't even consider them to be pro-life, but rather, pro-life with a twist. The twist comes into play, and the "pro-lifers" take action only when a bill such as New York's new Reproductive Health Care Act, and now eight other States following suit, is introduced with much more wiggle room than the "pro-lifers" are comfortable with. To the line items on the new act, they say, "No, no, way! This is savagery!" Yet, these same "pro-lifers" remain silent just as long as a pregnant mother-to-be, has her baby murdered within the allotted amount of time set by State law, whether it be 24wks, or whatever, and also, murdered for any reason, whatsoever.
The pro-life party? Not really. They are effective at keeping a lid on how far the liberals would love to reach their tentacles out, but they have innocent blood on their hands as well, because their pro-life fight only addresses cut-off times to murder, and not the fight for Gods creation from inception.


News Item2/9/19 1:47 PM
Terri | Texas  Find all comments by Terri
Both parties are guilty of supporting the murder via abortion. It is all about economics.

During Rudy Guiliano's 2008 run for the presidency, he inferred that the way to reduce the unemployment roles, an economic burden to NY, was to support abortion. He stated that there was a high unemployment rate among "blacks."

Sounds like this one Republican is in favor of killing people. I am certain many others are in support of this slaughter.

Roe V. Wade will not be overturned!


News Item2/2/19 9:03 AM
Benjamin | KCK  Find all comments by Benjamin
Jim, Frankie is an disgruntled individual that has “daddy” issues but yet uses his dads name as a platform to make money. Also, Oz Guinness lives with them for years and has come out and said what Frankie says is patently false.

News Item2/1/19 11:39 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
He has probably done so unwittingly, Dr. Tim.

I am impressed with the longsuffering of the SA moderator. By allowing this kjnd of discourse, they have shown themselves to have more ability to engage in a back-and-forth, through us with Jim, than the world has today.

All this, though, has greatly dampened my interest in engaging. Here we have a President saying something true and right. So he gets trashed for doing so. Meanwhile, the attention gets shifted to someone else, who while battling his sinful nature that we all have, was used as God's instrument to turn many toward a Biblical view of abortion.


News Item2/1/19 10:31 PM
Benjamin | KCK  Find all comments by Benjamin
Why is Jim even posting? Oh wait, Nebraska, he has nothing better to do than read sub-par literature and posting worthless links that no one reads.

News Item2/1/19 5:34 PM
Dr. Tim | Land of Cotton  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Jim would gladly quote Satan, QC, if the devil said something Jim liked.

News Item2/1/19 4:33 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Jim, my point is that your source is tainted. Most of us don't explore your links and some don't know who Francis Schaeffer or particularly his son "Frankie" are or were. It's important that someone provide some background.

Frankie has an ax to grind. He was born into a very strict fundamentalist family. Sometimes, when kids don't internalize the faith behind the application of Scripture, they go far afield. It's like a pendulum that's pulled to one side by an external force then let go. In his case, he went thru Eastern Orthodox to athetism. His father swung out but seemed to come back to some extent later. Have seen it time and again. Perhaps the Lord will not leave Frankie to his own devices but call him to Himself.


News Item2/1/19 12:22 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
QC, I don't know if he's a liberal Christian or an atheist. I just quoted the parts of the article that was the most agreeable to me anyway. Some of the "improvements" he wants ---aren't.

But the history of the right-wing Evangelical movement and some of its history for its inspiration are covered by Frankie in the article.

Also the last link I did put in was from Pew Research, which I think was came yesterday? It shows that the young'uns are going against the wrong decisions of their elders, even though what they want isn't Biblical either in some cases.

Anyway, thanks for giving me a chance for expanding my comments about the article--it wasn't unalloyed greatness.


News Item2/1/19 11:59 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Jim, you need to understand who you are quoting. Frankie is an athiest now, having never internalized the fundamenatism that his parents embraced then rejected. In their rejection of fundamentalism, they led their family on a slide downward that Frankie completed. His father is the principal voice who brought conservative Christians to the pro-life cause as Francis swung back toward the middle, so to speak, at the end of his life.

He's not a valid voice, Jim


News Item2/1/19 11:55 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Sheared sheep of the GOP
Frank Schaeffer wrote:
Many Evangelicals and Roman Catholics I know would have long ago been voting for progressive candidates (i.e., Democrats) because these voters (particularly young people) are sick and tired of the Republican Party’s slide into the role of Far Right war machine/shill for corporate America. Many religious people have become increasingly sympathetic to gay rights, favor closing the gap between rich and poor, and root for policies that foster racial diversity.

They want immigration justice. They’re for cutting back the bloated defense establishment, and they favor the conservation of the environment. If it weren’t for the needlessly sweeping way abortion was legalized, as defined by Roe and Bolton, the Evangelicals and the many Roman Catholics who joined them would not have been manipulated into voting as a Republican Party bloc since 1973.

excerpt from, "The Abortion Wars Will Never Go Away (A Former “Pro-Life” Crusader Reconsiders)"

[ ]

Frank was prophetic when it came to views of the younger generations, as pointed out above. (Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennials on Key Social and Political Issues)


News Item2/1/19 8:26 AM
Dr. Tim | Land of Cotton  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Please find some new unscriptural quotes, Jim. You’ve worn holes in the old ones.

News Item2/1/19 6:23 AM
Marty McD | Usa  Find all comments by Marty McD
Amazing how biblical illiteracy can even cause a SBC President to say terrible and stupid things.

News Item2/1/19 1:21 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Abortion should not be done for some of the reasons that even thoughtful Evangelicals supported in the 1970s. However these good Christians did support even late abortions, to wit:

'When the Roe decision was handed down, W. A. Criswell, the Southern Baptist Convention’s former president and pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas—also one of the most famous fundamentalists of the 20th century—was pleased: “I have always felt that it was only after a child was born and had a life separate from its mother that it became an individual person,” he said, “and it has always, therefore, seemed to me that what is best for the mother and for the future should be allowed.” ' (The Real Origins of the Religious Right)

Catholics and their junior partners the Evangelicals of today, support a position that has not been held by conservative Protestants until the political expediency was pointed out to them. Trump certainly didn't hold to a position of no late abortions until he had to hypocritically serve what became his constituency.

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