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FRONT PAGE  |  8/18/2019
SUNDAY, DEC 16, 2018  |  12 comments
Church in China Under Intense Attack by Communist Government
Communist China is upping its assault on believers and congregations across the nation, particularly those churches that are not properly registered with the government. On December 9 Chinese agents raided the Sunday service at the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan province, taking more than 100 worshippers into custody. Additionally, reported the South China Morning Post, Wang Yi, pastor of the illegal church, was arrested for supposedly “inciting subversion of state power.”

Bob Fu of China Aid, a U.S.-based organization that monitors abuses by China’s communist government, said that the latest attack on an unregistered church “represents a major escalation of religious persecution in China.”

China Aid noted that “inciting subversion of state power” is a catch-all charge the communist government often hands down to Chinese Christians, “since the ...

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News Item12/18/18 3:18 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
" The pious mind must ascend still higher, namely, whither
Christ calls his disciples when he says, that every one of them must
"take up his cross," (Matth. 16: 24.) Those whom the Lord has chosen
and honoured with his intercourse must prepare for a hard,
laborious, troubled life, a life full of many and various kinds of
evils; it being the will of our heavenly Father to exercise his
people in this way while putting them to the proof. Having begun
this course with Christ the first-born, he continues it towards all
his children. For though that Son was dear to him above others, the
Son in whom he was "well pleased," yet we see, that far from being
treated gently and indulgently, we may say, that not only was he
subjected to a perpetual cross while he dwelt on earth, but his
whole life was nothing else than a kind of perpetual cross. The
Apostle assigns the reason, "Though he was a Son, yet learned he
obedience by the things which he suffered," (Heb. 5: 8.) Why then
should we exempt ourselves from that" (J. Calvin)

News Item12/16/18 8:13 PM
Buckeyes | USA  Find all comments by Buckeyes
(TMC) @YiA

Thank you very much for your reply and the links! Those articles were very interesting. It seems to me that the problems evidenced in them will require delicate handling, but wouldn’t much of it be solved by a better and more-widespread knowledge of Scripture? I know a large problem in the American Church right now is a lack of teaching actual Scriptural applications rather than little “spiritual” pep talks - has that infected your country as well? One never failing encouragement when speaking of any portion of Christ’s Church is that it is His Church and He will not abandon His people!

I’m afraid the banishment of children from the Church would be something I could not abide by. It is heart-breaking to think of young believers not able to be baptized or participate in communion- it is an express violation of Mark 10:14. Parents should take charge of teaching their children, and Sunday School is un-biblical, but they shouldn’t be banned from the assembly of the saints altogether.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a Blessed Day!


News Item12/16/18 11:10 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
It seems that Communist Party songs must be sung at church services, and cameras linked directly to the nearest police station to be installed in churches, amongst other things, as well as the officially approved version of the Bible retranslated in line with Communist Party beliefs.

No, YIA, this is not acceptable to truly biblical evangelical churches, even if it means they have to go underground.


News Item12/16/18 11:04 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
I acknowledge, YIA that there are no doubt cults, heretical churches and false religions who are also persecuted by Communism, as well as true evangelical churches.

However, though you are obviously seeking to obey your government, and say that the churches should obey the government, there does come a time when the government commands Christians and churches to do things that’s totally against the faith, and against God’s Word.

The church that you mentioned that is registered and yet not a part of TSPA will soon, the way that things are going, be told that they must join the TSPA Church, or their registration will be withdrawn.

I don’t know what your problem is with China Aid, I have never read their website or literature, the info I have is from a wide variety of other sources, including reputable ministries that support persecuted Christians.

It is no secret that the current Chinese Communist government wants a complete surveillance on all activities in the state, and that includes total control of religion, combined with severe restrictions on worship, church buildings and location, banning outside evangelism and children’s programmes, and state required approval of ministers and control of sermons, what is preached.

It seems also that Communist Party songs mu


News Item12/16/18 8:14 AM
Youth in Asia | Asia  Find all comments by Youth in Asia
and please read this one also:


News Item12/16/18 8:09 AM
Youth in Asia | Asia  Find all comments by Youth in Asia
Just to be more organized here are 3 good articles to explain the Chinese Church situation:

From a reformed pastor:

From a 3 self pastor:

From another house church pastor:


News Item12/16/18 7:54 AM
Youth in Asia | Asia  Find all comments by Youth in Asia
First: It is possible to be registered and be outside the 3 self church.
That is allowed. There is a large beijing church every sunday, and if they did not allow female pastors, I would attend it, because I believe they are doing a good job. Last week they were preaching through the book of acts.

As for children, yes it is illegal to bring them to church, and this start to be enforced last month.

It upset many people, but some call it a blessing, as it forces parents to be accountable for their kids, and not some 20 year old stranger who graduated bible school.

In my opinion, and it's mine convinction, is that the Christians are too influenced by nationalism and patriotism, that many want China to embrace Christianity for it's moral value, many of the hymns are based on "God bless China!".

You can glance at some articles here for more info:

God bless you!


News Item12/16/18 7:25 AM
Buckeyes | USA  Find all comments by Buckeyes
(TMC) @YiA

I’ve heard that the official state registered church -( I think it’s called something like “Three-Self”?) only preaches part of Scripture, and that they are not allowed to instruct children in the faith. Is that true?


News Item12/16/18 3:44 AM
Youth in Asia | Asia  Find all comments by Youth in Asia
I guess what I want to say clearly:

The article headline makes it seem like all churches are persecuted, but actually it is only 1 church. And it is a controversial church. Just google search it, and you get the same results: Victims!

2nd: I feel like Christians can run away from persecution, but actually running towards it, is silly. We do not seek out to be persecuted!

3. Few christians respect this church, both registered and underground. I know it's a bold claim, but You will never find a biblically sound missionary praising this church. Go and find one.

4. Their actions actually anger the government and paint a horrible for the locals, who do register and follow the laws of the land.

But I am convinced that the devil is using this to bring about real persecution, but now to all churches.


News Item12/16/18 1:37 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
I always appreciate your perspective, YIA.

One here in the States has to wonder, however, if the relative freedom of individual Christians in China isn't shrinking with the onset of a new Cultural Revolution.


News Item12/16/18 12:32 AM
Youth in Asia | Asia  Find all comments by Youth in Asia
This quote from the article is interesting:

"In his handwritten note, Li, who has also been taken into custody, called upon those church members who have not been arrested to defy the government and continue meeting for Christian worship. “We are willing to have 200, 300, and even 500 of us locked up so that the whole world knows we are willing to be persecuted for our faith,” wrote Li."

I truly believe this Pastors intentions is to overthrow the communist government. Majority of chinese believers are at peace, and enjoying a lot of freedom, this is a fact Bob Fu and China Aid NEVER talk about.

Why? Because they are pawns in another secular human rights agenda, disguised as Christian Persecution.


News Item12/16/18 12:23 AM
Youth in Asia | Asia  Find all comments by Youth in Asia
From a young age, till death chinese are constantly educated to follow your supreme leaders without questioning them. For better and for worse, the Chinese Christians apply this thinking to God, becoming very loyal followers, but also hardly ever questioning their pastor if his teaching are out of step.

And about this article? It's really about one church, a controversial church. It does not represent modern Chinese Christianity at all. And is backed up by primary standing up for human rights (no registration, no cameras, no Chinese flag), and a zeal of turning whole of China into a Christian nation.

But I'm not in prison, and they are, so my opinion has little weight anymore among ignorant people. Yet I also experience spiritual life daily, and things on the ground look completely different.

There is a secular book released last year, called "Souls of China" By Ian Johnson.

Chapter 21: Chengdu the new Calvinists
(and it's historical Calvin of Geneva, not modern day reformed faith)

And Chapters 25 and 26, really explain the zeal of these Christians, mixed with pride to change China into a Christian country.

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