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FRONT PAGE  |  7/19/2019
Choice News SATURDAY, DEC 8, 2018  |  31 comments  |  1 commentary
Austin, Texas City Code Could Force Churches to Hire LGBTQ Employees
Churches in Austin, Texas may soon be forced to hire homosexual and transgender employees, including pastors, if a city ordinance is implemented.

The city says it guarantees "the opportunity for each person to obtain employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or disability."

The Houston-based US Pastor Council and the Texas Values organization is suing the city in federal court over the code. Both groups argue that the ordinance forces churches to go against their biblical beliefs and does not include a religious exemption for churches in Austin that refuse to hire homosexual or transgender people as employees, including pastors.

Austin city officials are not backing down. They defend the ordinance which basically says churches have no right to insist their employees accept and practice a church's teachings on ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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John Pistorius | John Pistorius, Pastor

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News Item12/19/18 3:24 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
Sins terrible power over the sinner.

"Bound as I was, not with another's irons, but by my own iron will. My will the enemy held, and thence had made a chain for me, and bound me. For of a forward will, was a lust made; and a lust served, became custom; and custom not resisted, became necessity. By which links, as it were, joined together (whence I called it a chain) a hard bondage held me enthralled. But that new will which had begun to be in me, freely to serve Thee, and to wish to enjoy Thee, O God, the only assured pleasantness, was not yet able to overcome my former wilfulness, strengthened by age. Thus did my two wills, one new, and the other old, one carnal, the other spiritual, struggle within me; and by their discord, undid my soul."
Saint Augustine Confessions (8.10)


News Item12/14/18 12:09 PM
1Mississippi2Mississippi3 | Mississipppi  Find all comments by 1Mississippi2Mississippi3
Isn't it funny how this story brings to mind the name of the National Football League team from Green Bay, Wisconsin and fudge!

News Item12/12/18 11:59 AM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
Penny wrote:
Brother, Christ's bride is not a corporation. Take a look at their legal argument, they are going to their master and asking for an exemption, an exemption from the nondiscriminatory code that they signed, rescinding their const and natural rights.
Who said it was? Are you saying that a person who is a member of a 501c3 church cannot be a member of the bride of Christ?

Here is a challenge for you. First, just to note, the FFRF already sued to silence pulpits via the Johnson Amendment and lost. You need to pull this information strictly from an IRS site that details what is entailed in a 501c3 status. (Anti 501c3 sites “examples” won’t do, the reason I say that is that one cited IRS publication 1826 and listed rules for churches from it, however no such publication or rules exist) Show me where anywhere in the law it restricts what a pastor can say from the pulpit or what the church can teach. Not advocating for churches to be 501c3 as the IRS has already stated that churches are tax exempt and treats them as a 501c3 organization even if they are not.


News Item12/12/18 10:02 AM
Penny  Find all comments by Penny
Unprofitable Servant wrote:
Because sister a corporation is more than just the legal definition and that is why I say you have no clue what a corporation is. We both agree that churches should not be 501c
Brother, Christ's bride is not a corporation. Take a look at their legal argument, they are going to their master and asking for an exemption, an exemption from the nondiscriminatory code that they signed, rescinding their const and natural rights.

News Item12/11/18 2:14 PM
1Mississippi2Mississippi3 | Mississipppi  Find all comments by 1Mississippi2Mississippi3
Thanks to previous posters for interesting discussion of church as corporation, 501c3 registration, etc.
I remember there was a broadcaster here at SA from Wisconsin that had an interesting weekly broadcast that was mostly about political and social issues (sermons were also listed, but separately). It was called Heart of the Matter and I found it very interesting, learning things that mainstream media was not providing.
The question of whether that church could keep their 501c3 registration while being associated with this Heart of the Matter program came up, and soon, there was no longer a Heart of the Matter broadcast.
And then, that group decided it could not stand to be associated with other churches here that did not toe the line of their very strict view of orthodox belief, so they quit. Too bad. I think the 501c3 issue was the key problem.
By the way, the idea that churches could not speak on any political issues comes from that Democrat President during the Vietnam War, Lyndon Baines Johnson from Texas. He was a foul speaking, lying and cheating politician, power broker to the Nth degree, a real disgrace for the great STate of Texas. His only redemption was that his wife did a lot of highway landscaping.

News Item12/11/18 12:23 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
Because sister a corporation is more than just the legal definition and that is why I say you have no clue what a corporation is. We both agree that churches should not be 501c

We both agree the building is not the church but if you goby First Baptist Church and someone one says what is that, you would say First Baptist Church. It would be silly for the person to say well God never ordained buildings and pews and lights to preach the gospel and minister to the saints. The church is the people, the corporation is the people By insisting on defining the church as a building or a corporation by just its legal definition you misconstrue what the meaning of the words.


News Item12/11/18 11:57 AM
Penny  Find all comments by Penny
US, you have just admitted that I am giving the legal definition of a corporation. Now how then do you mock me that I don't know what a corporation is? If a pastor wants to constitutional and biblical freedom, why is he signing to the headship of the state and all of their non discriminatory code in the first place?

News Item12/11/18 11:34 AM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
Penny wrote:
US, it appears it is you that doesn't know what a corporation is, a true brother would clear this up.
You don't believe that a corporation is people because you go by the legal definition and exclude the fact that it represents much people. Employees, investors, other companies personnel that interact with that corporation , and the customers of the corporation. You insist that all 501c churches, which we agree should not be, cow tow to what the government tells them to preach and teach with absolutely no proof of your statements. You didn't even address the fact that there is much proof right here on this site that the church is not silent on moral issues.

Hope that clears this up.


News Item12/11/18 11:19 AM
Penny  Find all comments by Penny
Penny wrote:
US, how is a nonprofit corporation registered with the state not a corporation?
US, it appears it is you that doesn't know what a corporation is, a true brother would clear this up.

News Item12/10/18 3:56 PM
Penny  Find all comments by Penny
Unprofitable Servant wrote:
Yet penned, who has no clue what a corporation is
US, how is a nonprofit corporation registered with the state not a corporation?

News Item12/10/18 4:31 AM
Dr. Tim | Land of Cotton  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
One thing the commies and Mohammadans have in common is that they both work through the Democratic Party—the party that their fellow pinko Jim Linkin urges people to vote for.

News Item12/9/18 11:22 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Good point, BDF. I would also argue that those two enemies, while they should be diametrically opposed, actually work for the same boss - Satan. Therefore, they are in alignment at least in the work our enemy has for them to do. Things don't work out well when they are kept in the same cage, though.

News Item12/9/18 8:42 PM
Backwoods Duck Farmer | Mississippi  Find all comments by Backwoods Duck Farmer
True QC. Secular humanism is certainly the most common lie system American christians have to deal with. And speaking of Islam, I just recently watched AGENDA 2, an incredible documentary about the effort to destroy America by destroying our foundations of faith, family, and freedom. Part of the film showed how communist and islamic regimes are work together in this goal. Not because they necessarily get along well philosophically speaking, but because they both have a hate for Christianity and freedom, and a love for power and oppression.

News Item12/9/18 8:17 PM
Random guy | Earth  Find all comments by Random guy
So sad what this world has come to...

News Item12/9/18 7:44 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
While not universally true, BDF, I have found that there is a major Urban vs rural battle underway. For example, the Congressional districts map after an election shows massive rural areas as political conservative and urban areas the opposite. Not universally true, but a big driver of conservatism is authentic Christianity. A big driver of progressive liberalism is a radical belief in secular humanism. Satan has many tools to delude the nations, and the one we face most in most of the US is secular humanism, which plays out as socialist political agendas. Other areas in the US and around the world face Islam, Hinduism, etc.

News Item12/9/18 5:38 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
SermonAudio which represents but a small part of true Christianity and the Churches that preach the gospel has over 30,000 speakers with over 1.5 million messages from hundreds of churches. Yet penned, who has no clue what a corporation is, says that the voice against sin from Bible believing churches is mostly silenced.

News Item12/8/18 10:57 PM
Backwoods Duck Farmer | Mississippi  Find all comments by Backwoods Duck Farmer
The Quiet Christian writes:
"This is also another example of how the Left is taking over Southern cities, like they have in the rest of the country really, and are trying to change the culture by forcing their concepts on others. It is a small picture of a larger battle of Progressives in urban areas against Christians."

Well stated. The South is still substantially more conservative, religious, etc, than other regions of the US and the western world in general. However, we're in many ways on the same path that our geographical neighbors in the 60s and 70s. The South is a lot farther from the cliff but is still headed there. It's heartbreaking to watch. Jackson, MS is a glaring example of what you speak of.


News Item12/8/18 10:56 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
Wilson wrote:
This makes me sick, I thought the left wanted separation of church and state?Im seeing a double standard here
a free church is made up of individuals who have constitutional rights.

a corporation does not have constitutional rights but is subservient to non discriminatory code and restricted to the public good under the headship of the state that incorporates it.

a church that signs itself up as a non profit must abide as such to keep their non tax status.

if they choose to leave their agreement, in order to dissolve they might need to pay back taxes as did bob jones university.

the glaring hypocrisy is modern evangelicalism that gladly converted their free churches to corporations of the state and remained "politically neutral" (ie quiet about moral issues) in order to keep it and now the chickens are coming home to roost


News Item12/8/18 6:09 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Chris G P, there are Christians in Austin who likely have the same fire in their bones as did our brothers and sisters in Houston. The battle may not be an easy one, but I'm sure our God will stand with them in their defense of Biblical principle. We also need to look for ways to not make this their battle but our battle as well along side them. And as our weapons are not of this world, our effort begins and ends with prayer. Just looking for ways we can effectively put feet on those prayers.

News Item12/8/18 5:17 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Frank wrote:
Amen brother!
I know I am in the minority, but I strongly believe in post-tribulation rapture which means that all of God’s living saints will suffer through the persecution of the anti-christ. It will be a time of immense suffering, but I can’t imagine how wonderful the fellowship of the saints will be.
Yes brother, I also am convinced of this, that there will come a time when the saints will experience unprecedented tribulation, and there will be much need of a standing together of God's people. Whether or not we agree on what happens afterwards, it matters not, because I know that you will have given a lot of thought and studied the scriptures over many years in order to reach your standpoint, so I will respect that bro.
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