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FRONT PAGE  |  8/13/2020
Choice News FRIDAY, NOV 9, 2018  |  15 comments
“We Know Where You Sleep”: Fascists Mob Tucker Carlson’s Home

Once again showing that those preaching tolerance most are the most intolerable, popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become the latest victim of left-wing street-mob (in)justice. The scene was the pundit’s D.C. home, where protesting rabble hurled veiled threats and reportedly even cracked Carlson’s door, as his wife hid in a pantry in fear.

As the Daily Caller informs:

A left-wing mob showed up outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house Wednesday evening, posted pictures of his address online and demanded that he flee the city of Washington, D.C.

Carlson, a co-founder of The Daily Caller and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was at the Fox News studio when the angry crowd showed up outside of his house. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item1/11/19 3:53 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Like at least some of you who probably dismiss comments from the Atlantic, I never thought there was anybody who thought--period--on Fox news❗ Tucker Carlson seems to do it once in awhile
Jane Coaston wrote:
Last Wednesday, the conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson started a fire on the right after airing a prolonged monologue on his show that was, in essence, an indictment of American capitalism....
excerpt from, "Tucker Carlson has sparked the most interesting debate in conservative politics"

This is quite an interesting article, and even Anne Coulter can make some lucid comments, when it isn't about The Wall❗


News Item11/17/18 1:35 PM
Hal C. Ondays | Isles of Langerhans  Find all comments by Hal C. Ondays
This so reminds me of the National Socialist Party in Germany of the 1930s dealing with Jews. And that old saying, 'They came for the Romanians, but I said nothing because I am not Romanian. They came for the Mormons, but I said nothing because I am not Mormon. They came for the Jews, but I said nothing because I am not Jewish. Now they are coming for me, and there is no one else to defend me!'

News Item11/11/18 6:56 AM
Kimboncon | Illinois  Find all comments by Kimboncon
Well said. Couldn't have said it better myself. These are violent and frightening times. If not for my faith in Jesus I would be undone right now for fear sake. Come soon Lord Jesus!

News Item11/9/18 7:54 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
And that’s what won Tuesday, like I said the demoncrats want outspoken conservatives to either shut up or dead.

News Item11/9/18 7:50 PM
Stevenr | Missouri  Find all comments by Stevenr
At 15000fps a foam bullet will punch through a person. I guess we can always build railguns.

News Item11/9/18 3:49 PM
Carl in Raleigh | North Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl in Raleigh
I don't see how anyone was not charged! This is more than anarchy; it is mob rule.

(Mat 24:12)  And because iniquity (lawlessness) shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

I witnessed the left marching and waving their anti-Trump signs in downtown Raleigh yesterday. And the abomination that is happening in Florida again sickens me. Fairness and legitimacy is not a part of the Left's vocabulary. Subterfuge and lying is.


News Item11/9/18 3:46 PM
Plain Old Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Plain Old Tim
Not if the libs have their way, MO2C. They would only let you keep a one-shot muzzleloader that fires foam rubber bullets. Under lock and key, with Big Brother holding the key.

News Item11/9/18 2:23 PM
My Own 2 cents  Find all comments by My Own 2 cents
If this happened to me, if I were home...they'd been met with the business end of an AK-47.
A 30rd magazine can take out a whole lotta leftist, just sayin.

News Item11/9/18 10:40 AM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
In Fla. if someone is in fear for their lives and they have a gun, they can legally shoot someone. I’m sure there are nuances to this law, but threats or perceived threats are the main issues. I support this law fully.

I think in California, someone has to actually enter your house for the same principle to apply.


News Item11/9/18 10:26 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
What one liberal thought about the mob action.
TooFab Staff wrote:
James Woods, Megyn Kelly and CNN stars are also among celebrities speaking out against demonstration organized by the anti-fascist group Smash Racism DC.

Stephen Colbert is one of Tucker Carlson's most famous and frequent critics, but he thinks the mob that surrounded the Fox News host's home on Wednesday night cross the line.

"Fighting Tucker Carlson’s ideas is an American right," the "Late Show" host tweeted Thursday morning. "Targeting his home and terrorizing his family is an act of monstrous cowardice. Obviously don’t do this, but also, take no pleasure in it happening. Feeding monsters just makes more monsters."...

--"Stephen Colbert Condemns 'Monstrous' Mob Surrounding Tucker Carlson's Home"

[ ]


News Item11/9/18 7:56 AM
Dolores | Tx  Find all comments by Dolores
Cont: has brought God’s Judgement on us as a nation. We have allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools and now the government. Churches are becoming more and more “progressive “ Preachers have to be careful of what they preach or have their 501 standing taken from them. I know of gay churches that teach it’s ok to be gay. Part of the group that will hear Jesus say, “depart from me, I never knew you.” Christian, make sure your lamp is full of oil, trimmed, and burning because the Good man of the house is coming back. Another song I love to sing.

News Item11/9/18 7:37 AM
Dolores | Tx  Find all comments by Dolores
And we have a caravan of people headed our way that throw rocks at police and say this land they are about to invade is not just for Americans but anyone’s. Hillary, George Sotos with His millions have been a big part of this but the one giving them their orders is Satan himself and things are only going to get worse. We as a nation have drifted so far from God (and the Democratic Party has been a big part of this falling away)

News Item11/9/18 7:17 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I was watching an interview with the founder of Antifa's, Smash Racism, Washington branch, and these people are seriously out there. Their ideology is dangerous, to say the least. They protest against violence, racism, and facisism, yet are fully intolerant of free speech of others. Their leader openly states that anyone who speaks on any topic that the group, Antifa, considers subversive and dangerous, can be met with physical violence, because their words are considered an attack. Crazy, and dangerous logic.

These people weren't just gathered on the sidewalk in front of Carlsons home, holding a peaceful protest, they shouted vulgarities, they beat on the front door until it cracked, hung signs on the vehicles, and spray painted comments onto his driveway. Conservatives do none of these things, yet the liberals call us dangerous, divisive, and to be feared. The liberal media will turn their focus onto a lone, troubled soul who commits a crime, and use that person to describe all conservatives, while completely dismissing the crimes of their own, along with those who call for violence, like Maxine Waters, among others. Maxine Waters was once known as the most corrupt Senator of our time. Interesting.


News Item11/9/18 3:24 AM
Plain Old Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Plain Old Tim
Fascist brownshirts who call themselves “anti-fascist” are comparable to a large organization representing the Antichrist and calling itself “Christian” and a “church.”

News Item11/9/18 3:21 AM
Carl haydock | England  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl haydock
Didn't Maxine waters call for things like this? The left are very very dangerous
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