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FRONT PAGE  |  8/26/2019
Choice News FRIDAY, SEP 28, 2018  |  14 comments  |  1 commentary
Harold Camping Programs Canceled by Family Radio, Says Teachings 'Not Scriptural'

Family Radio has announced that it will stop airing past shows of its controversial former president and co-founder Harold Camping in October, after decades of his voice being a prominent presence in its broadcasts.

Camping served as president of Family Radio from 1958 until his death in 2013. He garnered controversy for his doomsday predictions and claiming that all churches had gone apostate.

Tom Evans, president and general manager of Family Radio, told The Christian Post in an interview on Wednesday that after Oct. 7, the radio station will no longer air Camping's programs. ...

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News Item10/6/18 12:08 PM
Root of all kinds of evils  Find all comments by Root of all kinds of evils
All these employees joined the station because of the money, and now that the old heretic false prophet was exposed and died they know the only way to keep the money flowing is to cut all ties. Like the vast majority of ALL Christian "churches/groups/companies" they are ALL about protecting the vast empires of wealth and nothing more. If you ever take part in any church that can hold more than a couple hundred you are guaranteed it will be a money empire church/company. Just like doctors they are not going to risk their multi million dollar jobs/real estate holdings if threatened by the state or any lawsuit, since they fear loss of all empire assets if they were to do so. A Christian missionary in Canada was only a couple weeks ago refused entrance of his children into a protestant "christian" school because the principal stated they would NOT refuse the Canadian government orders to allow homosexual indoctrination clubs to corrupt his children. No school or multi million dollar church or enterprise will ever refuse to bow to the antichrist anymore, they love their money and real estate assets too much.

News Item10/6/18 11:54 AM
Don Tian | Donchian Channels  Find all comments by Don Tian
This is really big news, since the station owes its origins to Camping. It goes to show you what will happen to your 'legacy' once you are gone!
I guess he could have put a restriction in his will, saying that if the stations stopped airing his program, it would be sold on the commercial market.
I have listened to the network online for its traditional music.

News Item10/2/18 4:39 PM
Kneeler | Knees  Find all comments by Kneeler
May God cause his people to seek to please him in all our ways.

“God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.
That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.
Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah.
Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us.
God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him” (Psalm 67).

Tearfully pray. May we pour out our prayers for our leaders.


News Item10/2/18 4:38 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
Tragically, it happened in the early church. Tertullian, one of the esteemed church fathers, joined up with the Montanists, an extreme “Charismatic” type group led by Montanus and his two female “prophetess” associates.

Origen also has some strange ideas, and even I believe mutilated himself to supposedly suppress certain temptations.

It can easily happen, and even Paul the Apostle has to rebuke the Apostle Peter for falling in with the Judaisers, and also spoke about Demas and a number of other brethren who started out well, then went astray, and John the Apostle, who delivered the letters of our Lord to the the 7 churches, some of whom had compromised and gone away from the truth.


News Item10/1/18 11:35 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
FG, I appreciate your perspective as well as your sorrow for this man's sin. Others have said the same to my wife and me about where Camping started and how he preached back in the beginning.

It should stand as a warning to us all to watch ourselves lest we also stumble into serious error. In the end, though, it will still be all the Lord and none of me that brings me through this life.

The end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. - Ecclesiastes 7:10


News Item9/30/18 1:31 PM
FG | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by FG
Sorry, but I cannot wholly sympathize with the general atmosphere here. Yes, I believe it is fair to say that Mr. Camping departed this world a heretic. It was not always so however. I can categorically state, having listened to Family Radio on a nightly basis for a very good portion of the late 1980's, that he was once sound in his theology, and Family Radio WAS the most sound radio ministry, probably on the whole planet. A lot of the preachers that you find on SermonAudio now, you would hear on the Conference Echos program every night at 9PM. Where, why and how he went off on a tangent is a mystery to me. He basically abandoned the sound method of biblical interpretation he had used for years. This is a tragedy to me, being that I was saved primarily through his ministry. This is also however a pretty sobering lesson, that someone who is solidly sound can at the drop of a hat, depart from the truth. Sad, sad, sad.

News Item9/28/18 11:24 PM
Gospel | USA  Find all comments by Gospel
Thus saith the LORD: Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD"
(Jeremiah 17:5) AV.

News Item9/28/18 3:32 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
"Afflictions work for good—as they conform us to Christ. God's rod is a pencil to draw Christ's image more lively upon us. It is good that there should be symmetry and proportion between the Head and the members. Would we be parts of Christ's mystical body, and not like Him? His life, as Calvin says, was a series of sufferings, "a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief" (Isaiah 53:3). He wept, and bled. Was His head crowned with thorns, and do we think to be crowned with roses? It is good to be like Christ, though it be by sufferings. Jesus Christ drank a bitter cup, it made Him sweat drops of blood to think of it; and, though He drank the poison in the cup (the wrath of God) yet there is some wormwood in the cup left, which the saints must drink: only here is the difference between Christ's sufferings and ours; His were atoning, ours are only chastening." (Thomas Watson)(All Things for Good)

News Item9/28/18 5:13 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
was used by God to turn it round from a “modern” church made that way by a previous young and inexperienced pastor, from a solid and sound church which it had been historically, which had lost its own building, now meeting in a community centre back to a solid doctrinal Reformed Baptist Church, of which he later became pastor. I listen to some of his sermons on SA, (Chalan Hetherington), and they are a great blessing.

News Item9/28/18 5:08 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
One other thing that marked out Mr Camping other than the date setting was his heresy that all the evangelical church was totally apostate.

Yes, I can partly agree that much of what goes under the name of “evangelical” indeed is apostate or is fast going that way, but there ialways will be a true and faithful remnant.

With the power of prayer also, things can sometimes be reversed.

When Dr Peter Masters, a fairly young pastor came as newly appointed senior pastor to Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (C H Spurgeon’s church) in the late 1970’s, it was dying on its feet, with a few elderly “parishioners” in its huge building, a previous ecumenical pastor had joined it again to the very Baptist Union that Spurgeon had taken it out of in the Downgrade Controversy and doctrinally it was rather weak.

Within a few years, he had completely turned it round, got out of the Baptist Union, and established it as the foremost Reformed Baptist Church in the country, non-ecumenical, solid preaching, teaching and traditional congregational worship only, and the huge auditorium is packed every Sunday, and its theological seminary and annual School of Theology has had a tremendous influence.

I have heard similarly of a much smaller church in the South Midlands, where a faithful deacon


News Item9/28/18 4:14 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Good riddance.

News Item9/28/18 4:08 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
This radio station was not known very well in this country except for those who accessed it on the Internet, as in Britain we do not have direct access to Christian radio stations, except Premier Christian Radio from London, and UCB, which are unfortunately ecumenical and often stuffed with CCM rock type music.

However, the reputation of Harold Camping, and his date setting did get over here, and this amongst some other things is why the end times and the 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is not preached about very much in British evangelical pulpits, or if it is, it is all allegorised and spiritualised.

It is rather ironic that the late Harold Camping has now just been posthumously sacked by his own radio station that he founded and ran for so long!!! Let us hope that Family Radio really becomes a good solid doctrinal truly evangelical Christian family radio service, and I also further pray that it keeps ecumenism, rock style CCM and other dubious forms of “Christian” entertainment off its airwaves!!


News Item9/28/18 2:18 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
The strange part is that it has taken five years for Camping to disappear from Family Radio. Family Radio remained popular amongst the most conservative Christians due to the music that it played and some of the secondary speakers, some IFB churches we know even advertised it.

Five years is too long to continue what should have never started. My wife and I have met families who were still recovering, decades later, for believing Camping's first prediction. Certainly, shame on them for listening to a heretic. But shame on the heretic and shame on Family Radio for continuing the heretic for five years after his death.


News Item9/28/18 1:33 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
"Family Radio has come out of self-imposed isolation and we've repented from many of our former positions, date-setting the end of the world and all that, as well as the condemnation of the church."---Tom Evans, from the article

I see that they will soon have the programs of John MacArthur on their radio stations

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