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FRONT PAGE  |  11/15/2019
SATURDAY, AUG 11, 2018  |  38 comments
Blue light from electronics leading to blindness

A dark room at the University of Toledo is where researchers have found blue light, specifically, leads to macular degeneration.

"Macular Degeneration is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States and all around the world," said assistant professor in the UT Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ajith Karunarathne.

That's right.

According to this new research, blue light can makes us blind.

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News Item8/18/18 10:05 AM
Plain Old Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Plain Old Tim
This from a fellow who thinks the fifth book of the New Testament should be The Arguments of the Apostles.

News Item8/17/18 10:49 PM
Connor7  Find all comments by Connor7
@Neil, Dr. Tim doesn't take a lot of things seriously, thus making it hard to have a serious conversation with him. His question
directed towards you is full of assumptions, thus I wonder if that question is a safe question to ask.

Because I can get a Mormon to affirm it, to say that he has repented of his sins, that Jesus is the only begotten son of God, that the prophets testified of Him, etc.

But I know that I have never seen him use his hard earned doctorate to elevate himself. I believe it is respectful to say, "Dr. Tim" but I think I know Tim enough to say that he doesn't take offense to someone just calling him Tim.


News Item8/14/18 4:56 PM
Peter Keller | Iowa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Peter Keller

News Item8/14/18 1:30 PM
spiritualblindnessleasdtoRome  Find all comments by spiritualblindnessleasdtoRome
John Yurich USA wrote:
I try to avoid prolong exposure to blue light.

Dark sun shades and your RC tin foil hat?


News Item8/14/18 1:16 PM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Is that why you run when you see a police car, JY?

News Item8/14/18 12:44 PM
Peter Keller | Iowa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Peter Keller
Well some things might be true👍😤💁

News Item8/14/18 12:02 PM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
I try to avoid prolong exposure to blue light.

News Item8/14/18 12:26 AM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Jim, if Satan himself said something critical of Trump, you would believe every word.

News Item8/13/18 7:29 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
UPS you must been reading the New York Times.
Patricia Cohen wrote:
...The same gauges that illustrate this administration’s economic successes also make clear that they are built on the achievements of the previous one, and that the economy is following the upward trajectory begun under President Barack Obama....
--[URL=]]] (An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump’s to Tout)[/URL]👍

A much more well-known Nebraskan than me has some comments about the Don's tariffs. [URL=]]] (GOP senator on Trump tariffs: He is making America '1929 again') [/URL]👎


News Item8/13/18 5:29 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
The economy was in the tank for pretty much all of the Obama years and it was Bush’s fault. Massive onerous regulations from Obama were removed and a tax cut that brought back billions into the economy has no effect because we are now benefiting from failed Obama policies???

Must be the smoke drifting over from Colorado having an adverse affect


News Item8/13/18 3:16 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Tim, we both have President Obama to thank for a healthy economy it is benefiting a lot of people. As far as the tax cut is concerned:
Mark Shields wrote:
I look at it, Judy, that Donald Trump is capable of convincing people of just about anything.

I mean, recall, if you will, November 2016, when he got elected, he convinced enough voters that the country was at the brink of desolation and destruction. We, at that point, had — were in a point of 89 consecutive months of economic growth, of 80 months, an historic high in the country, of job growth consecutively....

...When he was elected in November 2016.

He somehow was able, at a time when longevity was an all-time high, graduation rates were at an all-time high, pollution, other than greenhouse gases, were at an all-time low — I mean, it was — it was really a good era. And yet he was able to say, this is the worst time in America, it’s the darkest moment.

--[URL=]]] (Shields and Brooks on Trump’s role in the economy, Michael Cohen and the Russia probe)[/URL]
..I would say, in a media age like we’re in now, the Trump way of winning elections is a better way than the Koch way."---D. Brooks

News Item8/13/18 6:44 AM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
"The good of others" does not appear to be altogether lacking in Mr. Trump's presidency, Jimbo. Thanks to his tax cut, my wife and I, who are far, far from wealthy, are able to give more to the church for mission outreach and to other individuals to help meet their needs. Multiply that by millions of people who are able to do likewise, and I'd say there has been considerable progress towards the good of others. As my wife and I drive to church, we pass construction sites where new houses, apartments, and places of business are going up, and many, many businesses have "Now Hiring" signs on the front door. This did not happen under the kind, caring, compassionate Demoncratic administration that preceded the current one. Instead, Obama and his minions drove the economy into the ground, endorsed gross sexual perversion, and did all in their power to spread mass murder worldwide. How did that contribute to "the good of others," Mr. Linkin?

News Item8/12/18 4:12 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Don, how do you know that was the only amount of money that he got? Mr. Trump is known for a very imaginative bookkeeping that is when you can get any records of it.
Michael W. Austin wrote:
Finally, Trump appears to be a narcissist. This might work for reality television or real estate deals, but it is not a desirable trait for the President of the United States. The most important moral principle, according to Jesus in the gospels, is to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. The Christian understanding of love is that it involves sacrifice, self-denial, and preferring the good of others over one’s own. It does not appear that Donald Trump understands this.

For these and many other reasons, Christians should oppose the candidacy of Donald Trump.

--[URL=]]] (A Christian Case Against Donald Trump)[/URL]

News Item8/12/18 4:08 PM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
I have a doctorate. If you died today, do you know for sure you'd go to heaven? I think it's safe to take any answer besides an unequivocal "yes" as a "no."

News Item8/12/18 3:42 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Dr. Tim wrote:
Neil, you asked if I really have a doctorate. A far more important question is this: If you died today, do you know for sure you'd go to heaven?
Fallacy of Distraction: You're trying to make *me* the question, rather than answering mine. And why do I ask? Because a little knowledge of your background might help me explain my objections better. I don't want to talk over heads, if I can help it.

People who have doctorates sometimes use their titles to open doors, though otherwise it could be a sign of mere vanity and pride. Hopefully, it's the former in your case. If you don't have one, then shame on you for False Witness.


News Item8/11/18 9:45 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
I think it is safe to say that all of us have much to mourn in our daily walk with God. We can all identify with Paul as he expresses O wretched man that I am. So to acknowledge we are all sinners is not only Biblical but a sad reality. We are what we are only by the grace of God.

Peter Keller assessment of Christianity seems to include those who call themselves Christians but are not born from above. Yes it is sad to see our precious Lord’s name and cause dragged down by false professers and careless Christians

Neil mentioned Jeremiah. We see his bitter complaints in Lamentations 3 but let us not forget he concludes by noting the daily freshness of God’s mercies and His great faithfulness He praises and extols God’s goodness not his grievances

In more than one spot believers are called to edify one another. By His grace and for His glory we should strive build each other up in the most holy faith.


News Item8/11/18 9:07 PM
Peter Keller | Iowa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Peter Keller
Amen Dr. Tim
Although I was kinda wondering the same🤓

News Item8/11/18 6:23 PM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Neil, you asked if I really have a doctorate. A far more important question is this: If you died today, do you know for sure you'd go to heaven?

News Item8/11/18 5:42 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
I have thoughts but not time. Will post more later the good Lord willing. Neil, I am sorry you’ve been hurt by those whom you had come to love and trust, thank you for your forthrightness in your response.

News Item8/11/18 4:42 PM
Just a Guy | Mississippi  Find all comments by Just a Guy
Neil said..
BTW, do you really have a doctorate?

He hasn't been around these parts very long...😉😆

There are a total of 38 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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